November 13, 2020
In preparation for worship,
we encourage you to read the Scripture passage
and reflect on what God’s word might be to you.

Scripture: Psalm 90
Message: "From DIY to DIT"

JOIN us for WORSHIP from your HOME or in the SANCTUARY.
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on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

If you will be joining us for worship in-person
so you may be comfortable with our health and safety precautions
as we live into Christ’s teaching to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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(Note on above image: November’s Stewardship Focus on the third aspect
of our congregation’s mission "Sharing Christ’s Love with All."
See the article in “Ministry News” for more information.)
Ministry News and Upcoming Events
And Here We Are…Pledge Sunday Approaches!
Our journey of generosity is not yet complete as we approach Pledge Sunday, November 15, which marks the end of the formal campaign. The good news is that your pledge of support for 2021 can still be made in time for budget preparations for the coming year. The campaign which began back in October was approached with much concern as our world was dominated by the pandemic. While COVID-19 persists, the generosity of our congregation has not waivered. We have effectively maintained our dedication to God’s work and look forward to a positive future ahead. Your pledge confirms your commitment to making that happen.

We are encouraged with the response of pledges received. We look forward to those pledges still to come. And we joyfully anticipate the promise of a new year as God activates our gifts.

Appreciatively, The 2021 Stewardship Team 
Cultivating Our Spiritual Life in Christ
This fall, Adult Christian Education is offering a small group focused on two 20th century classics that call us to an ever deepening spiritual life in Christ - Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen.

This Sunday after worship, we will be meeting for a fellowship-oriented discussion on the unique insights Bonhoeffer provides on connecting to the transforming love of Jesus Christ. In Life Together, Bonhoeffer provides a bridge from individual discipleship through the faith community to the greater world that God so loves. Simply contact Pastor Lawrence for more details.
November Stewardship Focus on “Sharing Christ’s Love with All”
In 2019, a team from OPC journeyed to our sister church in Zlatoust, Russia for a week of mission, worship and fellowship. In 2020, we hosted our Russian Mission Partnership representative, Igor Maksakov and presented him with gifts raised for the renovation of the church facility in Zlatoust. These Mission Journeys transform lives as we share Christ’s Love with All. 
New Member Sunday on November 22!

Our New Member Experience continues directly following worship this week, and we will be welcoming our new members during worship on Sunday, November 22!
Confirmation Class on Monday, November 30th @ 7:45 PM! 
Confirmation will be taking a short break over the Thanksgiving holiday and will be back on Monday, November 30 at 7:45 P.M. Pastor Marc will be leading a lesson on the sacraments. Meeting location TBA (pending weather). Check your e-mail over the next few weeks for more details. If you would like to be added to the confirmation class e-mail list, please contact, Pastor Marc.
You Can Help Change Lives
Since, 1888, the Thank Offering has been changing peoples’ lives. The offering was started as an annual Thank offering to our Lord, expressing gratitude for special blessings. Since its inception, 26 million dollars have been given to nearly 1700 causes worldwide. This life-changing offering makes a difference. Please show your gratitude and share your blessings by giving as generously as possible and writing a check to Oxford Presbyterian Women (note Thank Offering on check). Send your check to OPC, 101 N. Main, Oxford, OH 45056 or to Debbie Davidson, OPW Treasurer, 6027 Vereker Dr., Oxford, OH 45056, or give electronically by clicking on GIVING on the church web page at and selecting Thank Offering.

Look for your special mailing with a Thank Offering envelope and more information.

Nancy Moeckel and Jean O’Connell for Oxford Presbyterian Women Coordinating Committee. 
Stories Needed for the December Newsletter
We all know how much Pastor Lawrence loves to hear peoples’ stories. Do you have a Christmas story you can share? Do you have a fun family tradition or a sentimental one? Does your family ALWAYS do that, or eat that? Do you always tell that one story each year? Share a story for the December newsletter. Send your stories to Nancy Moeckel by November 20.

Christmas will be different this COVID-19 year, but we still have our loving traditions and memories to hold on to and to pass on.
Card Shower

Betty Barnhart will be celebrating her 100th Birthday on November 26th (please note correction). If you wish to join in a shower of Christian love, please contact the church office for details.
Special Music Fund and Poinsettias Fundraiser
The Worship and Music Committee of Session hopes to make each of the worship services as meaningful as possible. Congregational participation is a crucial ingredient in that effort. One example of participation is seen in the enthusiastic response to the opportunities to honor or memorialize others with the purchase of flowers to enhance the beauty of the sanctuary throughout the year, particularly at Christmas and Easter. It has been suggested that opportunity be given to honor or memorialize others with a gift to the Special Music Fund in lieu of, or in addition to the purchase of flowers. The Special Music Fund is for the express purpose of providing a small honorarium for guest soloists or instrumentalists or musical events not included in the regular worship and music budget. Contributions to this special fund will be welcome at any time, but members and friends of the church are invited to make contributions during the Christmas and Easter seasons. One may designate a person or persons to be memorialized or honored. Such gifts will be noted in the church bulletin.
Please use the form below to order a flower or contribute to the special music fund. Checks should be marked for flowers or the Special Music Fund. The cost of the poinsettias this year will be $16.50
The last day to order is Sunday, December 6, 2020.


Payment can be mailed to Nick Fears (Financial Secretary) at the church or placed in the offering plate. Please make your checks payable to Oxford Presbyterian Church and note Poinsettia and/or Special Music Fund on the memo line.
Mitten and Shoe Tree
Due to the pandemic, our annual Mitten and Shoe Tree will not be on display. However, that doesn't mean we are not collecting monetary donations. Your gift of $40-$50 will bring a gift at Christmas time to a local child. A gift of $12 will bring new shoes to an orphaned child in Russia. Please don't let this annual giving die out. Note on your check payable to our church, "mittens," shoes, or both.

Thank you from the children!
Connecting as the Beloved Community
News of OPC members will be shared to help keep us connected during this pandemic time. If you have something to share please contact Judy Fisher (523-3489). Otherwise she may be contacting you!

Jo Bogard - is recovering well at home after a bad fall. Ken has stepped up in the kitchen and is providing healthy meals. Jo is very appreciative of the care and concern from the OPC congregation, and the livestream worship services.

Rich and Sandy Drewes - are in Alaska, visiting their daughter, Beth, and family. “Alaska has strict testing requirements and we just received our second negative results. Can finally get hugs and kisses from 2 year old Charlotte. We are in awe of the gorgeous sunsets over Cook Inlet and the beauty of 10 inches of snow. We are taking daily hikes or drives (with studded snow tires) and have been sledding with Charlotte. We watched the service live on Sunday, at 6:00 a.m. - comforting to see a bit of home. It is a simple life full of many blessings.”

Joy Russell - has been making masks for first graders at Marshall School, where here daughter, Danette teaches. Joy’s son has recently taken a trip to Rhode Island to see a rare bird, the cuckoo, who ordinarily is seen only in Europe. Obviously an avid birder.
"Called to Life!" - Eradicating Systemic Poverty
The Eradicating Systemic Poverty Team has met several times this fall via zoom. We have read about causes and consequences of poverty and homelessness, including challenges facing those who are significantly affected by the COVID crisis. ESP Team members have maintained contacts with Oxford agencies that serve the poor to learn more about how we (OPC) might better assist both agencies and clients. Nancy Parkinson and her students continue their work with TOPSS. Sandy Drewes has made contact with a school social worker and has determined there may be ways we can serve those we might classify as “near poor” (poor—but not poor enough to receive government benefits). Pat Gifford is a member of the Needs Awareness group that meets bimonthly and shares information of all area agencies that work with those in need. FRC (Family Resource Center) recently received a large CARES grant from the City of Oxford (indirectly from the federal government) to lease a cold shelter and 2 transitional housing units for a one year pilot program, which, if successful in meeting community needs, may be renewed. The cold shelter actually is 6 motel rooms, 2 of which are now occupied. The transitional units are apartments that people will live in as they transition from one living situation to another. For these, furniture and small appliances are needed. One of the units needs a washer and dryer. All of the people that will enter these living quarters will need winter coats, hats, gloves, according to Brad Hoblitzell, Director of FRC. Other household items and blankets also may be needed. For both the cold shelter units and the transitional units, FRC will handle case management for those who occupy these facilities. Individuals and families will receive assistance in securing employment or training for employment as well as accessing health care and returning to school. Clients will be aware they are time-limited for their stay and thus must give evidence they want to move beyond their current status.

If you have furniture, small appliances, or household items (such as lamps) that you’d like to donate, let Anne Bailey know at, Brad from FRC will pick these items up at your home. For winter coats, hats, and gloves that you want to donate, please leave these items at the church. Be sure donated items are clean and in good condition. Thanks on behalf of recipients.

During this time of a significant pandemic, political challenge and change, and insecurity about what lies ahead, we find ourselves (ESP Team) focusing on helping others survive the NOW. Maybe soon we can begin the task of “eradicating”!

ESP Team
Community Blood Drive
McCullough-Hyde Community Blood Drive
Wednesday, December 2 from 9am – 4:30pm at the Oxford Presbyterian Seminary Building on the corner of Church and Poplar streets.
Blood donation is critical for saving lives and it is safe to donate. All temperatures will be checked BEFORE donors enter the blood drive. People with any fever, cough or cold symptoms should not come to a blood drive. CBC has increased social distancing and infection control measures to ensure safety of donors. Will you act now and be the change?
All donors must have an appointment.
Call 937-461-3450 or click HERE to schedule your appointment.
Creating a Healthy Oxford Community
Butler Behavioral Health

We are here to listen and provide some simple tips to ensure you and your family are mentally well during this challenging time.

Our Oxford Office has appointments every day for you.

Thanks to the City of Oxford, there is no cost to you for this consultation (through 12/24/2020)

We can consult with you via Telehealth options or in person at our office at 10 N. Locust St., Suite C-1

Please call today 513-896-7887
Your Stewardship Matters
I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all.
But whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.
-  Martin Luther

Your generous stewardship during this time of pandemic has truly impacted the lives of many people far beyond our congregation. We’ve increased mission support of our community partners, we’re now offering a much improved worship experience via livestream, and we are seeking to faithfully connect in new and creative ways. We cannot engage this ministry to which we are called without you. 

If you are worshipping with us via the livestream, in lieu of a contribution to the physical offering plate, we would encourage you to mail your pledge/tithe to the church office or give through one of these digital avenues. To give online both conveniently and securely, you may access our online giving opportunity from your computer at
To give via QR code, scan the code in the image below with your phone and follow the brief prompts. View a video tutorial here on giving through QR code.
To give via text message, text opc1825 and your designated amount to 73256. For example, text "opc1825 25" to 73256 for an offering of $25 and follow the prompt. View a video tutorial here on giving via text message.
Questions? Contact office -
Living Into Hope

When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left,
and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’

-  Erma Bombeck
Oxford Presbyterian Church | 101 N. Main Street, Oxford OH 45056