How right and good it is to join as the Body of Christ for worship. During Phase Two, we’re so excited to offer the opportunity to gather for worship in person. Required registration is now open for those wishing to join in person worship. 

Please carefully review these vital guidelines so you may be comfortable with our health and safety precautions as we live into Christ’s teaching to love our neighbors as ourselves.

With the return of worship in person, we’re dedicated to offering the full weekly worship livestream for those who are more comfortable worshipping from home. 
Our Body of Christ is committed throughout this pandemic to offer everyone the deep peace, abundant grace and genuine freedom to make the best and healthiest choice as we grow in faith.  

Whenever and wherever we gather in Jesus’ name,
we join the praise and prayer of the people of God
in every time and place.
– from the Directory for Worship of the PC(USA)