Join us for a discussion on Mental Health in the Workplace
According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, in 1998, $6.3 billion was spent on uninsured mental health services and time off work for depression and distress that was not treated by the health care system.

In addition, findings in a recent survey conducted by Morneau Shepell noted the following: one in three workers in Canada reported having, or having had, a mental condition such as depression or an anxiety disorder. In addition to the 33 per cent of employees who report a mental health condition, the survey found that another 27 per cent of employees report significant stress symptoms. 

Also, in an average week, mental health issues cause 500,000 Canadians to miss work, and 30% of disability claims, and 70% of disability costs are attributed to mental illness. If mental illness is left unmanaged, it can lead to other workplace-related risks such as increase in accidents, workers’ compensation claims, disability and workplace violence.  

This session will look to continue this discussion from an employer’s perspective, and assist with potential strategies to support employees and work through solutions.

Tuesday, January 29
11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. 
Lethbridge College, Garden Court
Members: $30
Non-members: $40
Data is now the engine of economic growth and prosperity. Countries that promote data’s availability for societal good and economic development will lead the fourth industrial revolution and give their citizens a better quality of life.
In this final edition of our three-part series, we lay out a prescription for keeping the innovation door open and recognize the need to rebuild trust in the online environment.
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Top 40 Under Forty: Madeline Gormley
Madeline Gormley is Manager, Information Services at Lethbridge Public Library

Madeline moved to Lethbridge in July 2017 to work at LPL. In her first management position, Madeline is grateful for the opportunities afforded her including being involved in the opening of the newly renovated Main Branch; leading the adult services team; and being able to contribute to the library service provided to Lethbridge.

Public libraries are Madeline’s career and passion. She looks to bring energy, positivity and enthusiasm to an already vital institution. She feels that to be able to contribute to the public library in any community is to create a warm and welcoming space for anyone who enters the building, and to have joined the team at LPL has been a pleasure for her.

Madeline earned her BA in History from the University of Victoria in 2008. However she found her passion later on.

In 2012, Madeline began her second undergraduate degree in Secondary Education at the University of Alberta and took on her first role in a public library. She was blown away by the incredible ability of the public library to be a positive force in individual patron’s lives and their impact on the community overall, and was inspired to complete her Master of Library and Information Science from the U of A, which she earned in 2016.

She has since worked in both academic and public libraries in Alberta and Ontario, and when searching for her first library management role was excited to accept the position of Manager, Information Services at Lethbridge Public Library. She believes in the Library’s role in transforming lives because she sees it every day.

Madeline has been lucky to have lived all over Canada. She has moved for school, for fun, and, more recently, to Lethbridge for opportunity! She is happy to become a part of the community, and appreciates that her job allows her a close working relationship with community organizations and members of the public.

For her dedication to the Lethbridge Public Library and improving our community through Library programs, the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and BDO are proud to recognize Madeline Gormley as one of Lethbridge’s Top 40 Under Forty !
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