Legislative News
Iowa Democratic Senate Leadership Change
In a surprise move by the Iowa Senate Democrats on Sunday, a closed-door caucus resulted in a leadership change. Senator Janet Petersen (D-Des Moines) was selected to replace Senator Rob Hogg (D-Cedar Rapids) as Minority Leader. The mid-cycle change in leadership shows Iowa Senate Democrats want a change in direction approaching the 2018 election. Keep reading...
State Revenue Estimates Revised Downward
The state revenue estimating conference (REC), the three-member panel that meets to project state revenues available for the budgeting process, met last Thursday. It  downgraded its March revenue estimate by about $130 million from about $7.36 billion to a little more than $7.23 billion. Keep reading...
Work Comp Rules Proposed
Rules to implement the 2017 workers' compensation reform legislation championed by ABI have been noticed by the Iowa Workers' Compensation Division and are open for public comment. ABI gave initial input into the rule draft. The rule includes rule provisions intended to implement the new vocational training and education program for employees determined to have a career-ending shoulder injury. The program allows these employees to have an employer fund up to $15,000 in education costs at a community college for retraining to return to the workforce in a different career. If you have comments or questions about the rules, please contact Jessica Hyland at jhyland@iowaabi.org by November 6.
IIPAC Last Call
Many of you have received emails the past two weeks talking about ABI's political action committee, IIPAC. IIPAC has supported pro-jobs candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, for more than four decades. We need your continued support to protect candidates who took strong stands for Iowa employers and the policies that help bring jobs to Iowa in the last legislative session. Please consider giving $100 to IIPAC this year. Not only will your contribution help candidates directly, you will also be recognized in the Business Resource Guide and at the ABI Legislative Briefing and Reception as an IIPAC investor. Donate today .
Iowa Withdraws Stopgap Insurance Measure
Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa Insurance Division Commissioner Doug Ommen announced Monday the state would withdraw its proposed stopgap plan meant to shore up the individual health insurance market in Iowa. The measure, officially known as a Section 1332 Waiver, sought to provide flexibility for the state as it administers Obamacare and also to provide relief and affordable options for those who buy their insurance through the individual marketplace. The Trump Administration was still several weeks away from figuring out how much federal money Iowa would receive under the measure. During Monday's press conference, Governor Reynolds reiterated her call for Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare, calling the law unsustainable, unaffordable and unworkable. Read the full press release .     
Federal Spotlight: Tax Reform Advances
The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate both passed 2018 budget resolutions this month, which is the first step in the process of passing comprehensive tax reform. The House passed their budget resolution on a vote of 219-206. Their budget calls for any kind of tax reform to be revenue neutral. Senate Republicans passed their resolution on a 51-49 vote. Their budget allows for tax cuts to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years. The next steps are for a joint budget to be approved, which means the House could simply accept the Senate's budget or both chambers could go to a conference committee to hash out their differences. Right now, the House is set to vote on the Senate budget resolution as early as Thursday. Once a budget is passed, it will unlock the reconciliation process, which allows for a simple majority vote in the Senate to pass a tax bill. The Trump Administration and other Republican leaders have said that at the latest they would like to have tax reform passed and signed into law by the end of this year. 
Webinar: Supporting Family Caregivers in the Workplace
Six out of 10 family caregivers are employed full-time and may also spend 20 to 40 additional hours per week on caregiving tasks for their loved ones. Their dual roles can adversely affect business if the burden leads to greater absenteeism, diminished productivity, declining morale and requests to reduce work hours.
AARP Iowa is collaborating with ABI to help employers understand and support employees who also serve as unpaid family caregivers. You're invited to join a webinar, "Supporting Family Caregivers in the Workplace," on Nov. 14 from 12-1 p.m. The webinar's goal is to identify practical tips and resources for employers to create a caregiving-friendly culture. Learn more and register online.
From the Desk of...
Calming Your Nerves

Alexandra Johnston, Ph.D.
Integrity Communications

"I get so nervous before I give a presentation! How can I manage my anxiety?" - Program participant, Fundamentals of Communication

It might be your first presentation or your 500th. You get that unsettled feeling in your stomach. Your heart rate speeds up. You're jittery, maybe even light-headed. Sweat? It happens.

Even experienced presenters face public speaking situations with anxiety or heightened anticipation. The first thing to do is to accept it. Sit with that feeling. Recognize that this is your body's way of telling you that something matters to you.

A lot of anxiety stems from a sense of being out of control or facing the unexpected. What if I forget what I was going to say? What if someone asks me something I don't know? What if I just keel over and faint? So focus your energy on controlling, preventing and anticipating what you can and you'll naturally decrease your stress level. Keep reading...
Top News
46th Annual Iowa Governor's Health and Safety Conference is November 2-3
Join occupational safety and health professionals from around Iowa for two days of conversation on how to best protect Iowa workers. Network with colleagues, make new contacts and continue your growth as an OESH professional. The Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Council is hosting the event.  Learn more.  

Connecting Statewide Leaders Program is November 2 in Jefferson
Join ABI members, Leadership Iowa alumni, community leaders and the Leadership Iowa class for an engaging conversation about economic development and manufacturing. Plan to stay for our networking lunch and industry tours following the presentation. Learn more.
CITY Laundering Breaks Ground on New Polk City Facility
CITY Laundering broke ground Oct. 23 on a new operations depot in Polk City. The 10,800-square-foot facility will help CITY better serve its expanding Des Moines area customer base. Construction is scheduled for completion in spring 2018. Regularly scheduled deliveries of clean uniforms and mats, as well as safety and facility services products, will be serviced from this new facility to customers in the following counties: Polk, Dallas, Madison, Warren, Marion, Jasper, Boone, Story, Marshall, Webster, Hamilton, Hardin, Humboldt, Wright, and Franklin. Read more .
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