ABI Releases Results of Inaugural Quarterly Survey
New Survey Shows Iowa Businesses Expect 2018 Growth in Sales, Q1 Growth in Workforce and Capital Expenditures

ABI released the results of a new survey on Monday. It found most members expect sales to expand in 2018. In Q1, most members plan to make capital expenditures, and half of members plan to expand their workforce.

"This is great news for Iowa--for our businesses, for our workforce and for our economy," said Mike Ralston, ABI president. "2018 looks to be an outstanding year for our members and for Iowa businesses in general." Read the news release.

Here is some of the multi-state news coverage about the survey results:
Keep your eyes and ears out for more coverage. Several media outlets are saving the story for upcoming year-end or looking-ahead-to-2018 features.
Legislative News
Federal Spotlight: Federal Tax Reform Passed
This week the U.S. House and Senate approved the most sweeping reforms to the tax code in over 30 years. The Senate passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act by a vote of 51-48 on early Wednesday morning. The House voted in favor of the measure 224-201 on Wednesday afternoon. (Since the bill was passed under reconciliation rules, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act title had to be struck. The official bill title is much longer.) Reforming the tax code has been among the highest priorities of Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration for 2017. The bill lowers taxes for businesses and many individuals and simplifies the code by reducing deductions and streamlining the process. President Trump is expected to sign the bill in the next few weeks. You can read the entire text of the bill here and highlights of the major portions of the bill here and here . Keep reading.

Roundtables Wrap-up
The ABI public policy team has wrapped up a series of legislative roundtables in cities across the state. ABI facilitated meetings between members and key legislators to talk about issues important to them and their local businesses, as well as the state as a whole. Session is quickly approaching. The first day of the 2018 session is January 8.

Special Election Set
A special election in Iowa State House District 6  has been set by Gov. Reynolds for Tuesday, January 16, 2018. The election will fill the House seat recently vacated by the election of Jim Carlin to the Senate in District 3.

Upcoming Events - Sign Up Now
  • Legislative Briefing and Reception -- Almost 350 people have already signed up for the annual Legislative Reception. Join legislators, key executive department directors and guests, and hundreds of your fellow business peers to kick off the 2018 legislative session at the Iowa Tap Room in Des Moines on January 10. Register today!
  • Environmental Committee Meeting -- Region VII Administrator Jim Gulliford will speak on January 11 at 10 a.m. at CIPCO in Des Moines. Register here!
  • Business Day on the Hill -- Save the date, March 13th, for ABI's Business Day on the Hill! More information to come.
Gov. Reynolds Releases Economic Development Roadmap for Bioscience in Iowa
During the administration's weekly news conference, Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg released an economic development roadmap for Iowa's bioscience industry. Keep reading.

Federal Spotlight: Senate Committee Rejects Nominee to Lead Ex-Im Bank
The Senate Banking Committee declined to advance the nomination of Scott Garrett to lead the Export-Import Bank by a vote of 10-13 on Tuesday. Two Republicans ultimately joined all of the Democrats on the committee in opposing his nomination. Senators from both sides of aisle grilled Garrett during his hearing before the committee in November. Keep reading.
Holiday Office Hours
From the Desk of...
Multitasking's Effect on Your Physical Safety

Juli Jenkins, SCLA
LMC Insurance & Risk Management

Multitasking is defined as performing more than one task at a time, and it's valued in today's culture. Most of us believe we are effectively accomplishing two tasks at the same time. However, according to numerous studies and experts, such as author Cal Newport, human brains were not built to multitask. In his book, "Deep Work," Newport explains that people trying to do more than one thing at a time are actually just switching back and forth. In reality, multitasking is actually counterproductive--it increases our propensity to error, causes forgetfulness and increases our safety risk. Keep reading.
Top News
3M Plans $32 Million Expansion in Knoxville
The Journal Express reported: " 3M has approved a $32 million expansion to its Knoxville plant. The expansion, referred to as the AF7 project, will create about 30 jobs, said Knoxville City Manager Aaron Adams." Read the article.
Wells Enterprises Donating $50K to All-seasons Park in Sioux City
The Sioux City Journal reported: "
Wells Enterprises Inc., the maker of Blue Bunny ice cream, will be the sole provider of frozen treats at the concession area when Cone Park opens next week...Under the agreement, Wells will donate $50,000."  Read the article.
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