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February 18, 2016 
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To foster a favorable business, economic, governmental and social climate within the State of Iowa so that our citizens have the opportunity to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.


Legislative News

Funnel week complete
The legislature's first attempt at winnowing the number of bills eligible for discussion during the rest of legislative session wrapped up Thursday afternoon. The "funnel" refers to the date when a bill must be through a committee of one chamber to remain alive for the session. There are exceptions to the rule: appropriations, ways and means (tax), government oversight proposals are all exempt from the deadline, and amendments proposed on the floor can always resurrect a dead bill. ABI has registered on more than 160 bills already this session. Below are a few of the key issues we are watching. Some bills have been amended from their original form, causing some to improve and others to become more onerous.

For more information about the issues below, please contact a member of the ABI public policy team. You can also learn more at the monthly ABI legislative conference call tomorrow (Fri., Feb., 19) at 9 a.m. Email Michelle Vollstedt ( TODAY to RSVP. 

Key Bills
HSB 620 - Modernizes career and technical education programs
HF 2288/ SSB 3001- Provides renewable chemical production tax credit
HF 2260 - Extends statewide penny sales tax for school infrastructure and addresses funding inequities
SF 84 - Ban the Box: Prevents employers from inquiring about an applicant's criminal background on an application
SF 2193 -  Establishes onerous provisions related to employer communications with employees
SF 313 - Requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant and new mothers
SF 2097 - Requires employers to provide paid time for prenatal care
SF 398 - Supports outreach and education for wage payment claims, requires written payroll information
HSB 574 - Levels playing field for micro-distillers
SF 2204 - Requires health insurance plans to cover eating disorder treatment
SF 2072 - Requires employer health insurance plans with more than 50 employees to cover autism treatment
HSB 601 - Gov. Terry Branstad's proposal to extend the statewide penny sales tax and designate a portion of the revenue for water quality
SSB 3094/ HSB 634 - Creates an enhance Iowa program to increase investment in quality of life initiatives
SF 2127 - Outlines a process for debarment of contracts with state
HF 2310 - Requires carbon monoxide alarms in multi-residential dwellings
HSB 617 - Provides exemption from Iowa income tax when companies bring employees to state to work on disaster recovery efforts.
SF 410 - As amended, mandates coverage of abuse-deterrent opioids at same cost as generics
HF 2340 - Addresses nutrient load and water quality initiatives
HSB 638 - Changes underground storage tank funding
SF 2179 - Provides tax credit under high quality jobs for companies who hire contractors with apprenticeship programs

SF 2121 - Establishes database at utilities board to track proprietary energy usage and make available to local governments, entities and individuals doing energy research
SF 2034 - Establishes a minimum solar energy purchasing standard
HF 2246 - Mandates paid sick and safe time for employees
HF 2150 - Allows rural opportunity zones to help encourage people to move to Iowa, specifically rural areas
HSB 576 - Provides adoption leave for employees
HSB 507, 508, 509, 510 - All relate to Iowa's bottle deposit law
SSB 3098 - Provides for transparency in health insurance contracts
HF 2227 - Increases regulations for scrap metal dealers

To read online and access links to individual bills click here.
Career and Technical Education moves forward
The House Education Committee on Thursday passed  HSB 620 , which modernizes the state's career and technical education (CTE) programs. Keep reading...

Governor's water quality initiative moves forward
HSB601, Gov. Terry Branstad's priority bill on water quality and school funding moved out of the House Agriculture Committee Wednesday with an amendment.  Keep reading...

Senate Labor Committee advances anti-employer bills
The Senate Labor Committee this week advanced two bills that would create a burden on employers.  Keep reading...

Federal Spotlight: Mobile workforce taxation
States currently have inconsistent standards and requirements for employees to file personal income tax returns when traveling to a nonresident state for temporary work periods, and for employers to withhold income tax on employees who travel outside their state of residence for temporary work periods. In Iowa, according to the Mobile Workforce Coalition, an employee's tax liability begins on the first day of travel within the  state . Keep reading...
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