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June 30, 2016 
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July 17-21 , 2016

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Leadership Iowa University
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ABI Employment & Workforce Committee Meeting
ABI Office | Des Moines

ABI Environment Committee Meeting
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ABI Economic Growth Committee Meeting
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ABI Tax Committee Meeting
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To foster a favorable business, economic, governmental and social climate within the State of Iowa so that our citizens have the opportunity to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.


Legislative News

New laws take effect on July 1
Friday is July 1 - the beginning of the state's fiscal year and also the date when many laws passed during the 2016 legislative session will take effect. Most notably, Iowa manufacturers can now take advantage of a sales and use tax exemption for supplies consumed during the manufacturing process.  HF 2433  passed in March and included language to clarify the law related to Iowa's sales tax exemptions for manufacturers. ABI put together a frequently asked questions document about the legislation you can access  here . The Iowa Department of Revenue has also put together helpful information, which is available  here

Property Tax Credit Application due FRIDAY
If you have purchased commercial or industrial property you must file an application if you want to receive a property tax credit. If you have already filed for your property tax credit, you do not need to file again this year. The deadline is tomorrow, Friday, July 1. Click  here  for more information.

Election Day is less than 120 days away - show your support now
The countdown to Election Day is getting shorter and campaign activities are picking up speed. Economic Progress for Iowa Citizens (EPIC) completed interviews with open seat legislative candidates this week and the ABI PAC board will meet in late July to discuss potential endorsements in legislative races throughout the state. So far, ABI PAC investors have contributed more than $40,000 this year. Help IIPAC reach the $75,000 goal with a $71 contribution in recognition of new legislation taking effect on 7.1.2016. The next state filing deadline is less than three weeks away, and IIPAC needs your support.  Click here to make your personal IIPAC contribution today.

Antidegradation rulemaking update
This week, ABI Public Policy Director Jessica Harder testified at a DNR public hearing in support of the antidegradation notice of intended action DNR brought forward in response to ABI's petition for rulemaking. Individual ABI member companies also spoke and submitted comments in support of the rule changes. Environmental activist organizations spoke in opposition to the clarification. Keep reading...

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Did you enjoy Attitude Adjuster Steve Rizzo's message at the Taking Care of Business Conference earlier this month? Sign up now for his weekly Rizz-O-Gram, meant to motivate, inspire and make readers laugh. Click here to sign up now.

From the Desk of...Joe Kristan, Roth & Company P.C.

The possible dream of fixing Iowa's business taxes

There's a lot about Iowa for businesses to like. We have a highly-educated workforce, good schools, attractive employment laws, short commutes, good infrastructure, and reasonable housing prices.

Our business tax system, in contrast, is nothing to brag about. Iowa's business tax climate has been consistently ranked near the bottom in the Tax Foundation's  Business Tax Climate Index. Iowa has the highest corporation tax rate in the country. Because  the U.S. has the highest federal corporation tax rate in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), that means the combined federal and state corporate tax rate is the highest in the developed world.

The high rates have motivated industries to carve out their own special breaks, meaning the tax falls on those unlucky businesses without pull or lobbyists -- that is, most of them. Those businesses grow more slowly because they have competitors with lower tax costs. They move to more tax-friendly states, or they never move to Iowa in the first place. Keep reading...

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