New Venue, Great Atmosphere for ABI Legislative Briefing and Reception
Thank you to the more than 500 people who attended the ABI Legislative Briefing and Reception on Wednesday. More than 400 ABI members networked with Gov. Kim Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg, the bipartisan legislative leadership team, legislators and state administration officials.

The excitement in the room from ABI members and legislators was unmistakable. Thank you to ABI's public policy and legislative reception sponsors who helped make the event possible. We look forward to the continued excitement of ABI members through the legislative session.
Legislative News
First ABI Legislative Conference Call is Jan. 19
The first legislative conference call of 2018 will be held next Friday, Jan. 19, at 8 a.m. It's your opportunity to receive the most up-to-date legislative information from the ABI public policy team. There is no cost to register. RSVP to Michelle Vollstedt .

Gov. Reynolds Delivers Bold First State Address
Gov. Kim Reynolds gave her first State of the State address to a full chamber and galleries in the Iowa House. You can read her full speech here A few of the highlights include water quality, workforce, tax reform and addressing health care challenges in Iowa. 

Most notably, Gov. Reynolds proposed eliminating federal deductibility for individuals in middle-class families and small businesses. Due to federal tax reform, there is a risk that if something isn't done on the state level, Iowans will see a tax increase. Gov. Reynolds would like to see a multi-year approach to tax reform with the second year focused on corporate tax reform. She also proposed additional funding for apprenticeship programs and work-based learning. 

Gov. Reynolds spent a good portion of her remarks talking about the importance of hard work and opportunities for Iowans to get skilled and into the workforce. The speech was well-received by both parties, and Gov. Reynolds had many standing ovations on her policy proposals. ABI looks forward to working with Gov. Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature to advance pro-growth initiatives. Read more coverage of Gov. Reynolds' remarks.

Senate Leader: Expect Another Big and Bold Agenda
Iowa Senate legislative leaders kicked off the 2018 legislative session on Monday with their opening remarks, which talked about goals and issues they are focused on for this year. 

Senate President Jack Whitver (R-Ankeny) said the Senate needs to work together to address issues such as improving water quality, enhancing Iowa's mental health care system, developing a skilled workforce and revitalizing rural Iowa. He also emphasized the need for tax reform and lower rates to continue growth. Majority Leader Bill Dix (R-Shell Rock) talked about some of the Republican successes from last session. He also said to expect another big and bold agenda from Senate Republicans. 

Minority Leader Janet Petersen (D-Des Moines) said Senate Democrats will work to increase family incomes and help more Iowans get better paying jobs. She also talked about her caucus's support for public education, affordable healthcare and renewable energy. Read their remarks.

House Opening Remarks Focus on Workforce, Tax Reform
The Iowa House convened at 10 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 8. The new members of the Legislature were sworn in and committees were appointed to notify the Governor and Senate about upcoming joint sessions of the Legislature. 

After formal business was conducted, Majority Leader Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) was recognized for his opening remarks. He focused on budget management, putting dollars back into the pockets of Iowans and training Iowa workers. Speaker Upmeyer also focused on workforce, tax reform that ensures Iowans don't see a tax increase because of the federal reform, and challenges to health care. 

Minority Leader Smith, like the other two leaders, talked about the importance of a skilled workforce. Rep. Smith also talked about mental health, Medicaid, higher education and water quality. 

The remarks were absent specific policy proposals, but it's clear the Republican leadership in the House wants to waste no time getting to work. Read their remarks and read more from opening day.

Administrative Rules Advance
Last Friday, ABI attended the Administrative Rules Review Committee to follow rules that affect members. A packed agenda included workers compensation rules to implement HF518, ABI's work comp reform priority bill that passed last session.  In addition, the Secretary of State presented an amendment to the fee increase rule previously filed. With the rule amendment, language ABI worked for that was omitted from one section of the fee rule--ensuring the new fees go to improve business technology and the fees sunset when the technology fund sunsets in 2022--is applied to every fee increase section. Keep reading.
Sioux City Members: Special Election TUESDAY
Next Tuesday, Jan. 16, voters in Iowa House District 6 will go to the polls. The candidates have had extremely cold weather and the holidays to contend with while trying to introduce themselves to voters in the district. Turnout for a special election is typically low, and a winter special election could be even more of a challenge. If you live in Sioux City, make sure you're registered to vote and plan to vote on Tuesday! If you aren't sure what district you live in, click here for more information. 

DNR Seeks Input for Water Quality Goals
The Department of Natural Resources is inviting Iowans to participate in public forums to provide input and recommendations on how water quality can be improved in the state of Iowa. The triennial review is required by the Clean Water Act and allows for Iowans to have a say in water quality standards. The review also ensures the standards set are up to date. If you would like to attend one of the meetings,  click here  for more information. 

Federal Spotlight: Sens. Grassley and Ernst Announce 99-County Tours
Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst recently announced the first stops on their annual 99-county tours of Iowa. It's become a staple of Iowa politics for statewide candidates to complete "the full Grassley" and visit all 99 counties throughout the year. Sen. Grassley has held meetings in all 99 counties since he was first elected to the Senate in 1980. Sen. Ernst has done the same since she was first elected in 2014. You can click click here to see Sen. Grassley's currently scheduled town hall meetings. You can click here  for a list of Senator Ernst's open meetings. Attending these meetings is a great opportunity to speak one-on-one with your federal delegation while they are in Iowa about issues affecting your business. If you plan to attend a meeting and would like information about pending federal issues, please contact Brad Hartkopf .
From the Desk of...
Guide to Expensing Roofing Costs: Expense vs. Capitalized 

Mitch Estling
Bergan KDV
It's clear that roofing costs can be a significant expense to a business. For tax purposes, a decision must be made as to whether the costs can be deducted immediately as a repair or must be capitalized. Since an incorrect conclusion can lead to a substantial overpayment of tax liability, we've outlined a series of questions to consider when evaluating roof repair costs. Keep reading.
ABI Board, President Recognized in Book of Lists
The Des Moines Business Record's Book of Lists is out, and you'll find ABI and its members well represented.  The ABI board of directors was named the #14 most influential board in central Iowa. In addition, ABI President Mike Ralston was listed among 63 business leaders you should know.
Thank you to the Business Record's readers and editorial team for the recognition. And thank you to our board members for their extraordinary service; your accolades are well deserved.
Published annually in January, the Book of Lists is a resource guide for business professionals in central Iowa.  Find out how you can get a copy of the Book of Lists .
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