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Executive_CornerExecutive Corner
Reflecting on the Year and Looking Ahead
Over the past year, HCAOA has taken extraordinary steps to address critical needs of the home care industry, in particular to serve HCAOA members like you. With your membership and continued support, we have achieved a number of accomplishments, yet there is still much to do as we turn the page on this year and move on to 2017 .
Public Awareness
Among our achievements, HCAOA published Caring for America's Seniors: The Value of Home Care, the seminal report on the growing and critical role of private duty home care in the United States. Incorporating industry facts, existing data from credible and trusted sources, and stories directly from caregivers and the families they serve, the report clearly articulates how home care benefits seniors, their families, the health care system, and the U.S. economy. We distributed letters to "influencer groups" from business, academia, non-profit and social service organizations that are considered leaders in promoting aging policy issues. This is part of our continued efforts to promote the report and outreach to these organizations with a specific intent to gauge interest and consider the opportunity to explore areas of mutual interest.
Chapter Development
The HCAOA Board of Directors enacted a policy change focused on enabling our chapters to function more efficiently. The goal of the new policy is to help chapters across the country better streamline required, often-burdensome administrative tasks. Under the previous structure, chapters were established as separate, non-profit corporations affiliated under the HCAOA. Unfortunately, this method caused undue administrative burden on chapter leaders. As part of the new policy moving forward, every chapter will be structured as a committee of the HCAOA. A new Committee on Chapters has been established that will focus on chapter growth and development.  (Please see related article in Member News section in this issue)
Annual Leadership Conference
In September HCAOA sponsored its Annual Leadership Conference held in Anaheim, CA with the theme, Leading Together: Create, Innovate, Inspire. The Conference featured a one of a kind keynote presentation given by internationally acclaimed speaker and national bestselling author, John O'Leary.  John delivered the keynote address, "ON FIRE: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life," to an enthusiastic crowd of more than 300 people at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel in Anaheim, CA.
The conference also featured first ever HCAOA Technology Showcase. The session, led by Laurie Orlov, Founder, Aging in Place Technology Watch, featured the topic: Technology in the Home: What's New and What's Next? During this session, Orlov educated attendees about how the professional caregiving market and tech-enabled home care companies are working together to allow the senior population to age in place at home.  The showcase included breakout sessions that provided attendees insight on a variety of home care innovations from companies including SOTI, ClearCare, and Philips Lifeline. HCAOA would like to again thank all of the attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers for making the conference such an overwhelming success.
Planning for the 2017 Annual Leadership Conference
Please save the date for the 2017 Annual Leadership Conference that will be held at the Renaissance Austin Hotel, October 8-11, 2017 in Austin, TX!

Attention Vendors:  To secure early bird rates and be first in line to select your booth location in 2017, please register for your exhibit HERE for the 2017 Annual Leadership Conference. These special discounted exhibitor rates expire on December 31! 
*Associate Members:  Don't forget to use your discount code when registering for an additional discount!
More Relevant Membership Benefits
Over the past year, HCAOA has made a concerted effort to add a number of new membership benefits of which you can take advantage including many discounts targeted to your specific needs, not available anywhere else! These discounts include savings on caregiver education & training, staff competency assessments, company apparel, fuel discounts and much more! (Please see detailed article in Member News in this issue)
Continuing to Serve as Your Advocate on Legislative and Regulatory Issues
HCAOA continues to serves as your advocate on legislative and regulatory issues at the federal, state and local level, protecting the specific interests of private duty home care providers like you!  No other organization in the home care industry is structured to meet your specific needs as a private duty home care provider. We appreciate your continued support as we build strength in numbers so that policymakers understand the value of the private duty home care industry.
The outcome of the historical November elections surprised many and will have a significant impact on federal policy for years to come and may create some opportunities for HCAOA to advance some of our priority issues.
In This Issue
Highlighted in this issue of The Voice is our feature article that discusses a recent thought leader roundtable convened by HCAOA entitled Senior Care and the Workplace and a discussion on HCAOA public awareness activities planned in 2017. As mentioned, in our Members News section, we feature an article focusing on our newly developed membership benefits that offer a complete benefits tool kit for our members and an update on our progress in developing HCAOA chapters under our newly developed chapter governance structure. In addition, you will also find the latest information on HCAOA's public policy news in our Public Policy/Advocacy News section.
On behalf of the HCAOA Board of Directors and staff, I want to wish you a safe, health, and happy holiday season! 

Featured_ArticleFeature Article

HCAOA Hosts "Senior Care and the Workplace" Thought Leader Roundtable
Looking Ahead to Continued HCAOA Public Awareness Efforts in 2017
On December 6, HCAOA convened a group of preeminent thinkers on aging, health and caregiving for a roundtable titled "Senior Care and the Workplace" at our headquarters office in Washington, DC. The discussion was led by HCAOA President Peter Ross and moderated by Global Coalition on Aging CEO Michael Hodin. The discussion led to the identification of best practices, models and solutions on issues related to the growing trend of senior care and its impact on employers, of which home care is a critical part of the solution. 
Drawing from leaders with a wide variety of expertise across sectors and disciplines - from corporations to non-profits, from health care to financial services, and from human resources to government affairs - the roundtable participants addressed a number of important issues related to the employer's role in helping to meet the needs of caregiving employees - both for overall health and wellness and also for the purposes of helping to retain best talent. The group reached consensus on three main topics and will be working with HCAOA to identify a set of actions to help move our efforts forward in 2017.
1. Helping working caregivers starts with building trust in the workplace.  
What employers can do:
  • Foster a "culture of care," that allows employees to be comfortable with the topic of senior care even before it becomes a problem.
  • Engage with employees to help them understand what family caregiving is and what kinds of benefits are available to them - from the time any new employee starts with the company.
  • Educate the C-Suite and frontline managers to make sure a sympathetic   workplace community replaces a culture of fear around caregiving.
  • Creating this "culture of care" will help lead to caregiver self-identification, an uptake in caregiving resource utilization and a more open and productive work environment.
2. Solutions for caregivers will vary based on needs and workplace and family situations - there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach.
What employers can do:
  • Offer a range of solutions from which employees can choose - from flextime to emergency back-up care and from caregiver supports in employer wellness programs to referrals for home care services -  allowing employees to utilize the services that work best for their unique circumstances.
  • View success not only by utilization rates of these services, but the value employees are receiving and the contribution to the "culture of care."
  • Make the benefits tangible (e.g., a discount, a membership card, or even a service they have to pay into).
3. Public policy needs to keep up - and consider solutions that empower both the family caregiver and the workplace - to be supportive to caregiver needs.
What employers can do:
  • Advocate to adjust existing policies and savings mechanisms to include health and caregiving for seniors as qualified expenses to alleviate this growing burden on American families.
  • Support policies that overlap with caregiving such as home modification   credits, that might give caregiving families further respite.
  • Investigate the types of public policies that will incentivize employers of all   sizes to provide caregiving benefits.
Looking Ahead to Continued HCAOA Public Awareness Efforts in 2017
HCAOA generated strong momentum with the release of The Value of Home Care report in 2016. Now, we are taking the next step in defining the home care industry by investing in a strategic communications campaign focused on elevating professional and family caregivers - their dedication, compassion and the extraordinary value they bring to the jobs they fill and families they serve. Given the success of HCAOA's caregiver and client testimonials on Capitol Hill, The Faces of Caregiving campaign is a chance to reposition the industry by presenting powerful stories of home care. Through this campaign, HCAOA will plan to reach policymakers, home care workers, family caregivers and their loved ones. As the leading voice of the industry, we believe sharing these powerful stories will further demonstrate home care's value to policymakers, employees and families.
In addition, HCAOA will be rolling out its new website in early 2017 along with a plan to develop an active social media presence essential to helping HCAOA engage with current and potential members and partners, policy staff and media, like-minded organizations, professional caregivers, and seniors and their families. Such a plan will help HCAOA focus on the following:
  1. Elevate the status of home care and ensure its recognition as a valuable part of the care continuum among policymakers, older adults and their families;
  2. Prove that the employer-based model is the only model that consistently    provides a high level of quality care; and
  3. Show that home care provides high-quality jobs and is a driver of    economic growth.
We will also follow up with the participants of our recently held thought leader roundtable to fortify partnerships with organizations also concerned about how senior care will be provided for the millions of Americans requiring it now and in the future. Further, HCAOA will convene at least one new roundtable in 2017 on a different subject matter related to home care. The roundtable will provide another opportunity for HCAOA to engage with a diverse group of thought leaders and increase awareness about home care and HCAOA.

Member_NewsMember News

Member Benefits: Did You Know?

HCAOA is ready to partner with you on all aspects of running your home care company.  In addition to being your voice nationally and locally, we can help you every step of the way when running your business.  We give you the tools to 1) hire the best employees, 2) test their competency, 3) choose the best apparel to reflect your brand and 4) provide all of your employees with training, all to prepare them in accomplishing the most important job of all - providing care for your clients.  We also have discounts for your day-to-day business operations.
Fast & Accurate Background Checks
In our highly regulated industry with constantly changing policies, restrictions and requirements, the wrong hire in home care could have drastic consequences. A comprehensive background check will produce a thorough understanding of your candidates. Sterling Backcheck, HCAOA's exclusive background check company, will effectively guide you through those strict government regulations and issues to set up best practice policies for your organization. Check out our special HCAOA member discounts from Sterling Backcheck  HERE , for more information visit their website .

Identify Champion Employees
Ensure the highest quality caregivers. Recruit with confidence.  Identify employees with the behavioral and cognitive literacy skills needed to meet the unique demands of caregiving that requires caring and compassion along with responsibility and resilience. Cultivate a rewarding and engaging workplace with committed care givers. Use the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Home Care WorkFORCE Solution in your recruiting, skill gap analysis, and training process. Check out our special HCAOA member discounts from ETS  HERE . For more information about ETS, click HERE .

Clothes Make the Brand: Importance of Uniforms and Apparel to Your Image
How your team is outfitted makes a huge difference in the way customers think of your business and how your staff works. Uniforms are an extension of your brand image and speak volumes when it comes to the quality of your products, your people and your service. It is important to display a consistent and professional image that reflects your brand at all times. HCAOA is proud to call Cintas our exclusive uniform company.  Sign up today to enhance your brand! For more information about Cintas, click HERE

Cost-Effective Online Training
Encouraging quality care and leadership are important for your success.  Raising the standard of care for individuals is at the center of your company's mission, and providing engaging courses for compliance will position you among the most competitive home care providers. The Institute of Professional Care Education (IPCed) is happy to provide HCAOA members with special discounts.  Find out more about our discounts  HERE . To read more about IPCed click HERE .
Save on the Bottom Line for Your Everyday Expenses
Your time is important.  In addition to time spent, we also know how much money you spend on gas for transportation, ordering office supplies, and other business operation needs. Through Business AdvantEdge, excusively from HCAOA, you can get discounts through 18 companies providing a variety of services, including FedEx, UPS, Staples, Office Depot, Exxon/Mobil, and more all in one place!  Please check  HERE for discounts specifically for HCAOA members.
Get Money Back from Uncle Sam
You have an opportunity to get money back from the US government.  HCAOA recently brought in TC Services USA as a member benefit to assist HCAOA members in taking advantage of the Work Opportunities Tax Credit (WOTC) program. The company has an acclaimed team of tax professionals, technology, and accounting executives, committed to delivering the best tax credit consulting and processing to companies of all sizes. TC Services USA enables a company's new hires to complete the required form online which gives employers great flexibility in submitting the required tax credit forms. For more information about discounts for HCAOA members check HERE , (see detailed article on the WOTC program below)
How HCAOA Can Assist You to Take Advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), a federal program for employers to receive a tax credit for hiring employees in certain target groups, was expanded this past year to include qualified long-term unemployment recipients. Employers may receive this tax credit from $1,200 to $9,600 by hiring and retaining qualified employees from specified target groups that have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.
President Obama signed into law the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (the PATH Act) that extends and modifies the WOTC program. Coming up on its one-year anniversary, the act retroactively reauthorized the original WOTC target groups for a five-year period, from Jan. 1, 2015 - Dec. 31, 2019, and adds qualified long-term unemployment individuals to the list. Home care companies may receive a WOTC certification tax credit for hiring qualified individuals from these specified target groups. Among the target groups include the following:
  • Veterans
  • Long-term temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) recipient
  • Qualified short-term temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) recipient
  • Qualified Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients
  • Qualified designated community residents
  • Qualified vocational rehabilitation referrals
  • Qualified supplemental security income recipients
  • Qualified long-term unemployment individuals
HCAOA recently brought in TC Services USA services as a member benefit to assist HCAOA members in taking advantage of the WOTC program. The company has an acclaimed team of tax professionals, technology, and accounting executives, committed to delivering the best tax credit consulting and processing to companies of all sizes. TC Services USA organization is also the owner of, which enables a company's new hires to complete the required form online giving HCAOA members greater flexibility in submitting the required tax credit forms. As part of our membership benefit, HCAOA members can enroll in the WOTC Program free of charge, and they don't pay anything until they receive the actual tax credits or refunds.
"TC Services USA offers countless benefits to home care companies", Michael Markowitz, VP of the company says.  Markowitz attributed its success to TC Services USA's commitment to great customer service, and its strategies in maximizing each client's tax credit dollars.
Click  HERE to learn how you can take advantage of this HCAOA member benefit today!
Chapter Update

Representatives from the state chapters participated in the first Committee on Chapters meeting which was held during the Annual Leadership Conference in Anaheim. At that meeting, chapter committee leaders shared challenges and best practices as part of the discussion. Since the meeting, the HCAOA Board of Directors approved appointments for the chapters listed HERE .
All the chapter committees are planning for a successful 2017. Many chapters held successful meetings this Fall, with some chapters inviting representatives from different state agencies. HCAOA has launched our newest chapter in Massachusetts and has contracted the services of  former Rep. Bill Delahunt to assist with legislative issues in that state. HCAOA is also launching new chapters in Kansas and Pennsylvania. Want to get involved? Contact Nataly Schwartz, Manager of Chapter Services at or 202-508-3872

Public_PolicyPublic Policy/Advocacy News

Credit for Caring Act in the New Congress
HCAOA recently met with representatives from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) to discuss plans to work together to promote the Credit for Caring Act early in the new 115th Congress. The Credit for Caring Act would provide a nonrefundable credit for working family caregivers. HCAOA promoted this legislation during this 114th Congress as the tax credit could be utilized for expenses relating to services offered by home care providers.
HCAOA discussed the early introduction of the Credit for Caring Act legislation, which was sponsored in the current Congress by Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) and Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) in the House, and by Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) in the Senate.
Donald Trump is President-Elect
Donald Trump, elected 45th U.S. president in a stunning upset of Hillary Clinton, says "it is time for us to come together as one united people." The billionaire businessman who never before held elected office shocked America - and the world - defeating Hillary Clinton in an extraordinary rebuke to the nation's political class after a contentious race that will go down as the most dramatic upsets in U.S. history.
Trump did so decisively, winning across the electoral map with wins in the four biggest battleground states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. He defied the polls and pundits, and the Republican establishment.
What is unclear is how President-Elect Trump will govern. He will have a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and Senate, but Republicans lost seats in both chambers in this election. What is clear is that the balance of power in Washington, DC, has had a major shift as a result of the November 8 elections.
HCAOA Positions for New Administration and 115th Congress
Now that President-Elect Donald Trump has formed his transition team, HCAOA is beginning its work to prepare for the new Trump Administration and the new 115th Congress. HCAOA staff recognizes that HCAOA members will be interested in understanding what impact the new Trump Administration and Republican control of Congress will have on the home care industry and our public policy priorities. HCAOA staff are reviewing those issues closely will provide an analysis as the transition to a new administration begins and a new Congress is installed in January. While campaigns can be divisive, HCAOA as an association will continue to work to unite the home care industry in demonstrating our value to the families and seniors that we serve.
In particular, HCAOA is watching closely to see who will fill key positions in the new Trump Administration. President-Elect Trump has sent a strong signal with his choice of Andrew Puzder to serve as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). We are still waiting (as of this writing) who will be named the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division. These - and other appointments - will signal whether opportunities exist for revisiting key issues HCAOA advocated on during the Obama Administration. Issues include the Fair Labor Standards Act's (FLSA) companion care exemption, the FLSA "White Collar" overtime rule, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) joint employer decision, changes to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and efforts to address worker misclassification. It is clear that DOL changes will require new rulemaking or congressional action to address.
HCAOA is also communicating with Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the Congress to see what opportunities might exist to legislate on key issues including the FLSA companion care exemption, tax credits for family caregivers and for modifications made to the home to allow individuals to age in place, home care workforce concerns, and worker misclassification in the home care industry. Congress is likely to legislate to reform the Affordable Care Act but it is unclear what form it will take.

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