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Greetings from Washington, DC! Spring has officially 
kicked off here, ma rked by the cherry blossom trees in full bloom and the flocking crowds that come from  all over  the world to witness the true beauty of nature during this annual event. As the signs of spring sprout up in various ways across the country, HCAOA has begun to see the "buds" of our strategic efforts. In this issue of the Voice, we feature a story on implementation of the Public Awareness component of the HCAOA Strategic plan that HCAOA embarked upon over the past year.

Specifically, HCAOA is making available a series of fact sheets and related public awareness collateral materials to assist HCAOA members to reach our targeted audiences - the general public, policymakers and others - to more clearly and concisely define HCAOA, as well as the overall home care industry.

We continue to provide up to date information on the public policy issues that affect the home care industry in our Public Policy Advocacy news section, including the latest on the U.S. Supreme Court petition in HCAOA v. Weil. In addition, we invite you represent your interests and those of the home care industry in Washington at our annual HCAOA Congressional Fly-in scheduled for May 17-18 here in our offices in Washington, DC. As a sign of our continuous growth, HCAOA welcomes Laura Smothers as our new Director of Membership. As Director of Membership, Laura will be responsible for supervising HCAOA membership operations including membership recruitment and retention efforts.  To read more about Laura, please see a story in the Members News section in this issue of the Voice. Finally, we welcome all of our new members that have signed up since the beginning of year.
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HCAOA Public Awareness Collateral Messaging Now Available to Members
As you may be aware, public awareness was considered a key strategic pillar identified in HCAOA's recent strategic planning process.  In an effort to move forward on this public awareness initiative, HCAOA has been working over the last year with High Lantern Group (HLG), a public relations firm that specializes in representing trade associations, and a specific focus on aging-related issues.
As a result of this collaboration, we are pleased to officially release to members the following fact sheets and related public awareness collateral materials.  With this new messaging, our hope is to help HCAOA members better reach our targeted audiences - the general public, policymakers and others - to more clearly and concisely define HCAOA, as well as the overall home care industry.
Here is a breakdown of the awareness materials now available:

HCAOA Profile 

Focuses on the HCAOA organization. Provides in-depth details about how the organization helps protect America's seniors through education, awareness, and advocacy/public policy and training tools.

Home Care Benefits Seniors Fact Sheet

Details why the need for home care is greater than ever, as well as why home care promotes better health outcomes for seniors. Features the latest statistics and trends about the importance of allowing seniors to live where they want to, safely and securely.

Home Care Benefits Employers Fact Sheet

Features statistics from recent studies about how the stress of caregiving can reduce worker productivity, which comes at a cost to employers. Includes key messaging about how home care eases this responsibility and enables workers to remain productive while on the job.
HCAOA Members: Protecting Employees and Consumers Fact Sheet 

Highlights key differences between employer-based care and registry models. Provides reasons why home care jobs should equip workers with vital skills and the training, support and safe working environment needed to develop and advance in their careers
HCAOA Fast Facts 

Includes statistics about the home care industry, one of America's fastest-growing sectors. For example, as life expectancy increases, the number of U.S. seniors is growing much faster than other segments of the population. Today, there are about seven people (family, friends or others) aged 45-64 to care for each person over the age of 80. By 2050, this caregiver ratio will be less than 3:1.

HCAOA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Provides a detailed description of the main differences between home care and home health care. Points out why everyone should care about home care, even if they are not currently a caregiver (i.e., how it affects our nation's healthcare system).  Also provides detailed, fast facts about HCAOA, as well as critical policy issues affecting the home care industry.

To view the  awareness materials above please click HERE .

Please note that these awareness materials can only be accessed by current full Voting members.  For any questions, please contact Laura Smothers, Director of Membership, at 202-508-3874 or You can also contact LeAndrea Cunningham, Manager of Membership & Chapter Services, at
Public_PolicyPublic Policy/Advocacy News

DOL Lawsuit Update
Supreme Court Reschedules Conference to Consider Certiorari Petition
The United States Supreme Court has rescheduled a review for our certiorari petition that was originally scheduled for Friday, March 25. The Court will now review the petition on April 1. We may hear a response as early as that same day or later on Monday, April 4 as to whether they will grant the petition for hearing. For further details, please click HERE We will update members as soon as we receive the decision from the Supreme Court.

Register for the HCAOA Congressional Fly-in May 17-18, 2016
HCAOA invites you to participate in the upcoming 2016 Congressional Lobby Day scheduled for May 17-18, 2016. The program will begin on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 17. The schedule will include briefings on important federal and state issues impacting the home care industry, and   presentations from HCAOA staff and consultants on how to discuss home care industry concerns with members of Congress. Meetings with your elected Representative and Senators on Capitol Hill will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 18.
We cannot emphasize enough the value of having HCAOA members participate in this annual event. This activity is vital to our overall advocacy efforts and will assist us   as we work to address state and federal advocacy issues impacting the home care industry.
We will be preparing materials for you to discuss and leave behind with your Senators and Representative related to   issues impacting the home care industry. We will also provide guidance to assist HCAOA members with scheduling Hill visits with lawmakers.

Register  HERE  for the 2016 HCAOA Congressional Lobby Day!
HCAOA Members Respond to Survey on Key Issues
HCAOA members recently had the opportunity to respond to an HCAOA survey relating to key federal and state legislative issues. Your responses indicate that HCAOA has identified well the key issues members want the Association to address in 2016. 
The primary concerns of the members continue to be:
  1. The Affordable Care Act
  2. Local, State and Federal Minimum Wage Laws
  3. Worker Misclassification
  4. The FLSA Companion Care Exemption
  5. Shortages of Workers.
Also of interest, 70 percent of the members surveyed indicated they believed legislation similar to that enacted in the State of Georgia last year (HB 183) to require all home care workers to be employees and eliminate the use of registries was of importance to their state,   as well.
Any state interested in pursuing this type of legislation should contact Patrick Cooney at . He is working with members of HCAOA's Taskforce for Consumer Protection that will be pursuing this type of legislation. 
This information will help inform HCAOA's efforts at the state and federal level this year. Thank you to those members who completed the survey.  Keep your eye out for a Membership survey in the coming months assessing your overall HCAOA membership experience and how it can be improved.

Urge Congress to Cosponsor FLSA Reforms on Companion Care Exemption
HCAOA asks for your continued advocacy for legislation to address recent regulatory changes to the companion care exemption of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lawmakers need to understand the impact this regulation will have on access to and affordability of in home personal care services. 
Click  HERE  to take action now to support the Ensuring Access to Affordable and Quality Home Care for Seniors and People with Disabilities Act (H.R.3860/S.2221). This legislation addresses the availability of the exemption to third-party employers and restores the definition of companion care services.  

Organization Representing Workers Targets Worker Misclassification as Key Issue
Kaiser Health News recently reported on an interview with representatives of the National Employment Law Project (NELP) relating to home care regulation. NELP advocates for greater regulation of home care providers, with a particular focus on registries that hold their works out as independent contractors. The representative stated that a worker may not benefit from the updated federal minimum wage and overtime regulations if identified as an independent contractor, a classification traditionally not covered by employment laws, and if no enforcement agency questions the designation. NELP has expressed support for state and federal efforts to address worker misclassification in home care.
Other recommendations include paying workers $15 per hour and ending government contracts with agencies that have a record of labor violations. NELP also recommends that home care agencies be required to produce wage and hour reports on employees.
HHS Launches Test Program for Non-Health Needs
The Obama administration recently announced a new pilot program to test whether helping people with issues such as housing and food can save Medicare money and improve health outcomes.
The program will provide $157 million in funding for "bridge organizations" that will work in certain communities to identify social needs of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries,   and help connect them to existing aid programs. For example, if someone cannot afford to heat their home, which in turn could contribute to health problems, the bridge organization could help connect the person to existing programs to help pay for heating oil.
The program, called the  Accountable Health Communities Model , eventually could be expanded if the test results show it is helping to reduce healthcare spending and cut down on emergency room visits and hospital admissions.
Member_NewsMember News
2016 HCAOA Conference Call for Speakers 
Leading Together: Create, Innovate, Inspire
The 2016 HCAOA Annual Leadership Conference will take place in Anaheim, California, September 25-28. The HCAOA is encouraging our members to attend the conference this year, with the theme Leading Together: Create, Innovate, Inspire. We invite you to share your knowledge, experience and expertise with fellow members. Our conference provides sessions that appeal to the seasoned home care business professional as well as those new to the industry. 
Presenters will receive one complimentary night at the hotel and registration to the conference including all meals provided with the conference registration. Please click HERE to learn more about the content of the 2016 Conference as well as the submission process.
If you know of a colleague or speaker/presenter that may be interested in submitting a proposal, please feel free to share this information as you see fit. All proposals must be submitted to the HCAOA no, later than Friday, April 1. Proposals will be reviewed by our Conference Committee and presenters will be notified of their presentation status by June 17. Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your proposal!

HCAOA Welcomes New Director of Membership:  Laura Smothers

HCAOA is excited to announce our new Director of Membership, Laura Smothers. She started her position here on March 1, and most recently served as the Manager of Operations for Membership & Development at the Council on Foundations. With a master's degree in nonprofit management, Laura has worked in the nonprofit management field for the past eight years.
As Director of Membership, Laura will be responsible for directing all HCAOA membership operations including membership recruitment and retention efforts.  She will help develop, coordinate and implement initiatives that attract new members, retain current members, enhance member benefits, and foster member engagement.  Laura will also work with the Executive Director to strategize new and fresh ideas and analyze program effectiveness. Please feel free to email her at or call at 202-508-3874 to introduce yourself and/or ask any questions you may have.
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