One Caring Adult
The power of one caring adult was a message that resonated throughout the State Convention. As I think of the greeting from State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria, heard Dr. Tiffany Tynes Curry encourage us to Seize the Moment: Be the Change! and listened to Dr. Mary Greiner tell us How Educators Can Transform the Lives of Foster Youth, I was impressed that these speakers saw such potential that we, Alpha Delta State members, can bring to the lives of children in our communities.
We know that relationships that are nurturing and protective, that foster trust and security are essential to brain development, to learning, to the courage to try, to the ability to do good things. Our efforts to develop those relationships with children, with educators, with our colleagues, and with our members is critical to their growth and success and to the success of DKG. We can be Lighting the Way. . . through our efforts and relationships. 

As we heard, 
"Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story." 
Let's accept the challenge 
to bring success to our communities.

"Education is the most powerful weapon 
which you can use to change the world."
  Nelson Mandela


State Convention by the Comments
Great planning, informative, professional and inspiring. . . Loved it! . . . Fantastic - so glad I came for the whole weekend. . . Loved that CEUS were offered. . . Great choice of keynote speakers. . . Cohesive and strong impactful theme. . . Breakout speakers were fantastic. . . A well organized and fun convention. . . Outstanding history and music coming together at the dessert reception. . . Quick and easy registration. . . I plan to come back. . . I'm looking forward to next year to see how amazing it will be.
A very special thank you to all who contributed 
to the success of the Conv ention!

State Convention by the Numbers
264           Registrations including 27 First Timers
76 of 88   Chapter Presidents
 Presented at the Presidents' Banquet
36            Gold Key Chapters
435          Attended the 18 Breakout Sessions
45            Members Recognized for DKG Anniversaries
80            Years for Alpha Delta State and Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta Chapters
55            Years for Gamma Pi and Gamma Rho celebrated
9 of 10     E. Strickland Student Teaching Grant Recipients  Present
7              Chapters Made Table Decor and Favors
4              Outstanding Key Note Addresses
3              Days of Genuine Spiritual Fellowship
1              Warm Welcome from State Superintendent of Public Instruction

~ Thank You From Meier ~
  • Sue Eades for creating an engaging convention and seeing that it all happened so seamlessly. Your attention to detail is fabulous.
  • Jane Houser for efficiently handling all the registration details.
  • Diana Haskell for accounting for all the income and expenditures and your many other contributionsroses
  • Katie Gantz for the program booklet
  • Karyn Kern Lazear and Katie Gantz for arriving early and being the Energizer bunnies
  • Superintendent Paola DeMaria, Dr. Tiffany Tynes Curry, Aggie Moynihan, Dr. Mary Greiner and Cheryl & Tom Popp for the information, encouragement, and challenges they brought us.
  • Cheryl Quay, Reba Barney, Lori Paul and ADS Chorus for their beautiful music
  • Alpha Chi, Alpha Tau, Beta Chi, Gamma Phi, and ADSOEF for decorations and favors
  • All of the Breakout Session Presenters - nothing but rave reviews of your sessions and an extra special thank you to Beta Gamma for underwriting Rosie the Riveter
  • Barb Zirke for overseeing the very first Chapter Showcase
  • Eileen McNally for all the photography and recreating the Convention on the website
  • ADSOEF for launching the educational foundation and their first Annual Meeting
  • All the volunteers who helped
  • All the chapter presidents who came to represent their chapters
  • All the members who came from all parts of the state to attend
  • And anyone else that I really should have thanked and inadvertently left off the list. (Please forgive me.)
By Diana Haskell, Treasurer
We are coming to the close of our fiscal year and for many chapters your final meeting will be held in May. I have a few reminders that I hope are helpful to membership chairmen and chapter treasurers.
  1. Initiates to your chapter-send completed initiate form, completed Form 18 and a chapter check for initiate fees of $5.00 no later than May 25, 2018
  2. Members paying late dues-send completed Form 18 and a chapter check for dues $53.00 active, $26.00 reserve and scholarship fees no later than May 25, 2018
  3. Reinstated former members-send completed reinstatement form(s) no later than May 25, 2018
  • Members initiated or reinstated on or after April 1 and before July 1 shall pay only the initiation fee at the time of initiation. 
  • Dues and scholarship fees for the ensuing year must be paid no later than October 31.

The above policy does not apply to a member who appears on your membership roster and Form 18. If she is to remain a member of your chapter, her dues and scholarship fees must be paid. Prior to June 1, 2018 I am required to drop from membership those who have not paid dues and scholarship fees.

Please note: 
The Ohio membership database is removed from my computer on June 1, 2018. I cannot make chapter membership changes after that date. 

Thanks so much for your cooperation with these new end-of-year dates.


It was indeed an Alpha Delta State honor to initiate Dr. Mary Greiner as a State Honorary Member during the Saturday evening Presidents' Banquet. Dr. Greiner is Medical Director, CHECK Foster Care Center, at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Her academic record includes graduation from the Medical College of Virginia, Pediatric Residency at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, and Fellowship in Child Abuse through Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center resulting in specialities in foster care health and child abuse pediatrics.
In addition to the medical care that she provides, Dr. Greiner is actively involved in research in health issues for youth in foster care - examining health and behavioral issues, piloting and studying interventions, and studying knowledge of healthcare systems and self-management of health for foster youth preparing to age out of foster care. As impressive as these credentials are, Dr. Greiner's overwhelming concern and tireless work for the children and families in foster- and kinship care programs is what wins the hearts and efforts of those who meet her.
Those of us at the banquet enjoyed seeing both Drs. Greiner arrive at the hotel with their three boys still in their athletic uniforms and then seeing the cleaned up boys being most mannerly and absorbed in watching their mother receive the award of Honorary State Membership and delivering a talk with facts about child abuse and neglect and the ways that we as members can contribute to an improved outcome. It was a moving and very special part of the convention.
Dr. Greiner sees the potential that we as educators, working educators and retired educators, can bring to the ever-growing plight of children in need of mentors, services, and daily living items. 

She stated that 
"Educators are uniquely qualified to be mentors to children in foster care due to expertise in child development and commitment to child welfare."

 Let us each, in our own communities, live up to that expectation.    

Debby Canter, Educational Excellence Chair
Alpha Delta State Educational Excellence Committee:  
Providing assistance to children in Ohio's Foster Care System (EEC Goals 1,2,3)

Educational Excellence Committee Report - April 14, 2018
In working with the Educational Excellence Committee the past ten months, I see the committee as an umbrella with many committees, programs, and projects. For this report, I will highlight three.

Schools for Africa
According to the ADS Gold Key Reports, twenty-four chapters made monetary donations to the program. Upon reading the annual chapter reports, I noted that a few chapters held programs that were directly related to the effort.

Support for Early Career Educators
According to the annual chapter reports:
  • many scholarships were awarded to college students majoring in education
  • some chapters supplied goody bags to new teachers
  • one chapter supplied gift cards to new teachers along with information about their chapter
  • many chapters provided grants for classroom supplies, professional development, and classroom projects
Foster Care Initiative
According to the annual chapter reports:
  • Meeting topics included the importance of foster care and how to meet the needs of those involved; the opioid epidemic effects on family dynamics and children in foster care
  • Donations included backpacks, luggage, hygiene items, books, blankets, clothing, new shoes, socks, and underwear, purchased yarn and donated it to a crochet club that makes afghans for foster homes
  • Donated money and/or supplies to the following organizations: a crisis center that works on prevention of foster care; a ranch for girls that have been placed by the court system - girls must care for a miniature donkey to foster emotional growth and learning; an organization that promotes family preservation to keep children out of foster care; an organization that houses those that have aged out of foster care and have nowhere else to go; a program that works on positive youth development and getting children to enjoy life!
As I read through the chapter reports, I was overwhelmed by the generosity and caring of the members of Alpha Delta State. This was true not just for the foster care initiative, but for all of the service projects that were reported.



Many chapters noted in the annual reports that your programs were already set for this year before you learned of the foster care initiative, but you have made plans to include it in next year's programming. No worries because it's never too late to help others!


Submitted by Debby Canter, Educational Excellence Committee Chair


What can we do as members of Alpha Delta State? 
>>The first step is awareness <<

  • Talk to Jobs and Family Services in your county.
  • Have conversations at our chapter meetings. 
  • Next, come to a consensus as to the plan of action at the local level. 
By Diana Kirkpatrick, Membership Chair

Welcome to Alpha Delta State!

Congratulations for being selected and recognized as a key woman educator who has demonstrated leadership capabilities, inventiveness, commitment, enthusiasm and/or has proven to possess the potential for distinctive educational excellence. We look forward to working with each of you as a contributing member of Alpha Delta State.

New Initiates
Alpha Delta State Honorary Member - Dr. Mary Greiner; Lambda - Beverely A. Milheim; Alpha Eta - Nicol R. Robbin; Beta Eta - Debra S. Schimmoeller; Beta Kappa - Vicki D. Fulk and Karen E. McRill; Beta Iota - Karen L. Drongowski; Delta Lambda - Judy A. Schwan; Delta Upsilon - Allison E. Glick
Sigma - Jennifer A. Felker 
Beta Iota - Wilma Knapp

"Pass on the Gift of Membership"

Alpha Delta State would like to 
congratulate and 
recognize the following chapters for their participation (completed the Mini-Challenge Recognition Form) and efforts in initiating and/or reinstating 48 new chapter members during the recent membership mini challenge 
(July 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018):

8 pts. - Gamma Iota  
7 pts. - Alpha Alpha  
6 pts. - Zeta,  Alpha Xi,  Alpha Upsilon Delta Delta, 
             Delta Phi 
5 pts. - Alpha Delta Gamma Theta,  Gamma Phi  
3 pts. - Kappa,  Chi Delta Theta
2 pts. - Psi,  Alpha Nu Alpha Chi Alpha Psi
             Beta LambdaGamma Xi 
1 pt. -   Upsilon,   Beta Iota,  Beta Nu,    Gamma Sigma

In Honor of Our Alpha Delta Sisters

Mary M. Ulrich,  Beta Nu

" There are some who bring a light
So great to the world
That even after they have gone,
The illumination remains."
At Convention, we celebrated and remembered the "life" and "light" 
of our Alpha Delta State Sisters....
Gamma -Eileen Young; Epsilon -Margaret Kiene; Lambda - Virginia Brandt-Krichbaum, Patricia Ellis; Pi -Winifred A. Vaugh; Rho -Mary Lou Cleveland, Grace E. White-Ware;           Phi - Patricia Roennau, Ann Alexander Sperry; Chi - Janet S. Breeden;          Psi - Jane Louise King; Omega - Jan Stewart; Alpha Alpha - Gladys Bannister, Nancy Custard, Esther Edeburn; Alpha Delta -         Ruth Eltzroth; Alpha Theta - Lakalynn Arnold; Alpha Iota -Rose Casstiglioni; Lucille M. Possage; Alpha Mu -Sandra DeVore, Ruth Ann McLaughlin; Alpha Nu - Olive R. Woodyard; Alpha Sigma - Nan Elaine Hite;             Alpha Tau - Josephine Neff, Gloria Miller-Byerly; Alpha Phi - Winona Smith; Alpha Omega - Lynda Grove,             Lillie Johnson; Beta Delta - Kathleen Wallace; Beta Zeta - Roberta Schmunk;       Beta Nu - Martha Cass; Beta Xi - Harriet Waxman; Beta Pi - Jane Louise Saunders; Beta Psi - Patricia Eshbaugh; Gamma Alpha - Shirley Harper, Vicki Herbert; Gamma Delta - Carolyn Colwell; Gamma Theta - Eleanor L. Baker,             Marjorie E. Deak; Gamma Iota - Mildred Kahr; Gamma Lambda - Pamela J. Owens, Janice Thomas, Joan K. Spalding; Gamma Mu - Sharlene Shoup; Gamma Nu - Diann C. Colema; Gamma Xi - Janet Benhase; Gamma Pi - Dr. Dolores A Snyder; Gamma Upsilon - Ruth Paton; Delta Alpha - Vanessa Swain; Delta Zeta - Teresa Bok, Mary Reeves; Delta Kappa - Carol M. Gerhard, Sheila Campbell, Dr. Theresa A. Fechek; Delta Psi - Lily Ann DeMar; and Delta Omega - Barbara Seybold Scranton Musgrave.                                                      

Bylaws/Policies and Procedures

The Bylaws/Policies and Procedures Committee will be working to revise and simplify the documents so there is consistency using the International format. Any proposed changes to the Bylaws will be reviewed and put up for vote before the General Assembly at the Convention in April 2019. 

All proposed changes will need to be in to the committee by June 1, 2018 in order to be eligible for the voting process. Any and all input is welcome from members or committees.

Please send your input to:

Judy McClanahan, Chairman
159 South Huron Ave.
Columbus, OH 43204

or email:
Beverly Ellinger Donahey-Menrath, 
Alpha Xi Chapter,  was selected for the 
Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award  
This honor is reserved for Marquis Biographees who have achieved career longevity and demonstrated unwavering excellence in their chosen field.  Beverly worked in the field of education for 32 years receiving numerous awards.

Jennifer Keelor 
Beta Nu Chapter (Cincinnati),  received her doctorate degree. Congratulations!
Diane Brogan-Adams 
Delta Kappa Chapter (Dayton), received her doctorate degree. Congratulations!
Holly Buente 
Gamma Pi Chapter (Youngstown),  has received a Cornetet Individual Professional Development Award to attend the Career and Technical Teacher Education (CTTE) 56020 Curriculum Design & Application Conference.
Ilfa Zhulamanova 
Gamma Upsilon Chapter (Kent),  has received a Cornetet Individual Professional Development Award to attend the 2018 Conference on the Value of Play: The Many Faces of Play!
Barri Grande 
Beta Kappa Chapter (Sidney), has been elected to the 
Board of the Hardin Houston Local School District.  
Thank you for continuing your dedication to education.

By Dr. Norma Kirby, Chair


The Board of Directors of Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation thank all members and chapters who donated more than $3,800.00 to the Foundation during the Birthday Luncheon at the 2018 ADS Convention.

We are in awe and overwhelmed by your generosity. Your contributions will provide scholarships for advanced degrees for members, student teaching grants, fellowships, classroom project grants, and leadership training opportunities. These contributions will definitely impact the education of the students of Ohio. The complete accounting of how much was donated to each fund will be reported in the June issue of The Voice.

The generosity of Alpha Delta State continued throughout the convention. Raffle tickets were sold for an opportunity to win one of six beautiful baskets, overflowing with a wide variety of Ohio manufactured goods. The contents of the baskets were donated by ADSOEF Board members, and designed and assembled by Immediate Past State President, and ADSOEF Board member, Patricia Cermak. Six lucky winners were awarded their baskets at the Inspirational Brunch, and a total of $821.00 was donated. Members also had fun at the ADSOEF sponsored Photo Booth during the cocktail party prior to the Saturday banquet. 

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Betty Monahan, ADSOEF Finance Chairman  
The ADSOEF report distributed at the 2018 Convention is available to all members on the ADSOEF website at CLICK HERE! Directors welcome members' questions and suggestions. 

Your involvement and support are appreciated!


The Esther H. Strickland Student Teacher Grants are given to seniors in education during the semester in which they will be student teaching and who attend a  state-supported college or university or one of its branches. 

This year ten worthy recipients were selected to receive the $1,000.00 award. Nine of the ten recipients were in attendance and introduced at the Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation Annual Meeting and the Alpha Delta State Birthday Luncheon. 

The recipients include:
Cadelyn Bell, Ohio University Zanesville; Whitney Bobo, Ohio University Zanesville; Danielle Dunkel, Ohio University Lancaster/Pickerington; Amanda Fitz, Ohio University Zanesville; Bailee Hosey, Ohio University Zanesville; Helena King, University of Akron; Annika Lykins, Wright State University; Emily Mourer, Ohio University Zanesville; Abbigail Wise, University of Akron; and Vanessa Wooten, Ohio University Zanesville.
The Scholarship Committee challenged each of the recipients upon graduation and as they begin their first year of teaching to find a Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter in their area, become a member and get involved in the activities of our Society. The Committee also challenged ADS members to invite these beginning educators to membership in their chapters.
Thanks to Alpha Delta State members for supporting these student teachers with generous donations to the Esther H. Strickland Student Teacher Fund!
Each chapter president is being asked to complete the Chapter Officer's Report by May 15.  This report is to be sent to both President Meier Bauer and to International

~ Mark Your Calendar ~

Chapter Leadership Workshops 

These workshops have been scheduled for incoming presidents and their leadership teams.
  • Monday, June 11th at Ohio Northern University Conference Center in Ada
  • Tuesday, June 12th at the Amish Door in Wilmot
  • Thursday, June 28th at the Chillicothe Country Club
These were purposefully planned for different days of the week and a gap in time to avoid that day when you can never come or vacation schedules. You may attend any one of them that best fits your schedule.  These will be informative, fun, and a great start for your chapter's new biennium.  More information and registration will be coming but for now - place the date(s) on your calendar!

Fall Executive Board Meetings at Trinity United Methodist Church, Columbus
  • October 20, 2018
Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 5 - 7, 2019   
Austin, Texas
July 16 - 20, 2018

Please let President Meier Bauer know your views on Proposed Amendments and if you will be attending:

For talent and choral participation at the conventions please make the following contacts:

Please contact Virginia McChesney, Talent Coordinator: 
Please contact Sandra Yerby, Choral Director:


Does your chapter have a Facebook page?

Let's work together to BOOST your chapter's reach!

There are number of chapters in Ohio who have chosen to create a Facebook page. 
This is great for reaching your chapter members. 

However, there may be occasions that you might want your reach to extend to the entire state. Some of those occasions may even be a proclamation of great things going on in your chapter.

How can this be accomplished? 
First, send your chapter's Facebook URL to webmaster Eileen: 

The ADS Facebook account will "like" and "follow" your chapter's Facebook page. In turn, the person in charge of your Facebook page should "like" and "follow" the ADS Facebook page. 

Everyone wins!
The new and greatly improved DKG app is here. This app will quickly become your "go-to" source for information from International. Description and download information is available HERE.

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Debby Canter, Second Vice-President - Delta Epsilon P.O. Box 143 Oak Hill, OH 45656 (740)-688-1604, Email:

Diana Haskell, Treasurer -  Gamma Phi 8726 Redcloud Court Cincinnati, OH 45249-2317 Home: (513) 489-4069 Cell: (513) 607-3212,  

Karen S. Dombrowski, Recording Secretary and Gold Key Coordinator -  
Alpha Nu - 684 Manchester Circle N Pickerington, OH 43147 (614) 837-0891 (614) 563 -0495,  Email:

Ann M. Todd, Corresponding Secretary Zeta - 3621 Butler Rd. Wakeman, OH 44889 (440)839-2069 (440) 577-5228, 

Joyce Jones-Weinkam, Parliamentarian - Gamma Xi - E-mail: Email Joyce

Patricia Cermak, Immediate Past President - Gamma Rho - 9504 Greenhaven Parkway Brecksville, OH 44141-1607 (440) 526-8934, 

Eileen McNally, Webmaster - Beta Delta - 

Margaret Archangel, Editor - Gamma Phi 4754 Hirth Hill Rd. W Grove City, OH 43123  (513) 520-7910, Email: 

Your Editor...
All the best to all of you,
Margaret Archangel, Editor

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