March 2022
Volunteer Spotlight: C.P. Payne
This month we highlight volunteer C.P. Payne. He has volunteered with the Department for 8 years and shares, “My goal for 2022 is to continue with as much volunteering as I can.” He is a member of the Senior Green Team where individuals age 60+ come together to help keep our parks nice and pretty. "We do clean up. We pick up trash and cut limbs along the trail,” said C.P. The group also volunteers at the Watkins Park Nature Center, and other facilities throughout the Department.  In addition to volunteering at the Department, C.P. enjoys running in our 5k and he's also a part of the new Cycling Seniors Club. C.P. says that the Department of Parks and Recreation offerings keep him moving. “It’s the best available in the area,” said C.P. When C.P. retired, he was searching for ways to stay active and fit.
That's when he got his membership at the Wayne Curry Sports & Learning Center. What started as just trying to stay active, turned into a lifestyle. C.P. began working out in groups, mostly walking and cycling with other seniors. “I know I can participate and do what I need to do for my body to stay healthy," said C.P. He gets up early and walks the trails of Watkins Park with a group. “I walk now almost every morning, at 6:30, for a couple hours,” said C.P. “You need to walk at least 2 or 3 miles a day," he continued. He also teaches yoga classes, where he encourages other seniors to stay fit. “I am 75 years old and I know that I have to keep moving, I don’t want to come in my house and sit down and do nothing for the rest of my life,” said C.P. As far as this year goes, C.P has no plans to quit. 
Happy Women's History Month
Are you between the ages of 14 and 22, looking to make some cash and gain career experience? We have an opportunity just for you! The Summer Youth Enrichment Program (SYEP) is offering Prince George’s County young adults hands-on, career development opportunities. These positions are designed to be constructive and enriching and give young adults insight on organizations around the community. Interested in getting a head start at a private sector or government agency? Sign up here!
Work with us! The Department is looking for eager and talented people to join the team! We have a number of openings in seasonal and part time positions across the Commission for various roles. Get your resumes ready, and sign up for a 15-minute opportunity to tell us about yourself, and why you’d be a great asset to our team! Register here!
Supporting Black Excellence
Have you been searching for opportunities to show your support to Black creators? Well here’s the perfect showcase for you! Come out and celebrate a night of Black art! We’ll be showing some of the finest artwork created by young talented Black artists from all over Prince George’s County. The event will feature a DJ, a silent auction, a live performance, drinks and light snacks. A portion of your money will go into workshops that support black artists. You don't want to miss this! Sign up here!
Cherry Blossom Festival Kite Giveaway
It’s Cherry Blossom season again! This year we are partnering with the National Cherry Blossom Festival to give away free kites at several locations around the county! Grab your kite and snap a few videos and pics for social media, using the hashtags #pgparkssteam, #experienceprincegeorges and #blossomkitefly. Participants with the best uploads get a shot at winning exclusive STEAM prize packs. See flyer for kite pick up locations.
Celebrating Our Seniors
Join us in celebrating county residents who are 100 years old and older. Prince George’s County residents born in 1922 or before may invite up to five guest to attend our Centenarian Celebration on May 13. For more information and to sign up for the event, click here.
Burn calories and make new friends! Cycling Seniors is a new club for our Prince George’s County seniors to come together and ride some of our most gorgeous bike trails! The club's very first ride is April 13 at Lake Artemesia. If this sounds like a club you’d like to join, click here for more information.
Did you know dinosaurs once stomped the grounds of Prince George’s County? Join us at M-NCPPC's Dinosaur Park to learn all you can about the dinos that lived here more than 100 million years ago! Dino Days will be held on April 9, April 23 and May 28. Call 301-627-1286 for more details.
Community Partner Organizations
Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance
Image by HCAA
This month's newsletter debuts a new feature highlighting the volunteer work of one of the Department's community partner organizations. The Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance (HCAA), founded in 1995 and currently boasting more than 65 local artists among its membership, brings art to the forefront of the Prince George’s County community. Denise Brown, president of the HCAA, stated that the non-profit gives artists in the community the opportunity to show their work. The HCCA is invited to exhibit art and helps to organize art spaces at various community events throughout the year, such as the Brentwood Art Exchange and the Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival. Through these free events, the HCAA exposes the community to local art, and provides a space for local artists to show and sell their works.
The HCAA also arranges bi-monthly art installations at the Prince George’s Plaza Community Center.
Members of the HCAA install the exhibits and organize an accompanying reception to give the artists space to discuss their work, and to give community members a venue to engage with local art.
"The partnership with Hyattsville Community Art Alliance has given Prince George's Plaza Community Center a great chance to not only display the art work in one of our meeting spaces/classrooms, but has allowed members of our community a chance to recreate as well as engage in art with other members of the community. We are grateful that we are able to designate a specific location in which the Art can be a topic of conversation and enjoyed by all," said Brian Lusby, Facility Director The pandemic stalled the group’s ability to display their normal installations, but the installations are up and running again this month. A group gallery and a solo wall exhibit have been on display at the Prince George’s Plaza Community Center since March 5. The spring installation, entitled “A Vision Awakens,” will be on display until May 14, and there will be a reception at the Prince George’s Plaza Community Center on April 24 to celebrate the group installation and to highlight the solo exhibit by Pete Pichaske.
If you have questions about community partnerships, contact Bailey Covington.
President's Volunteer Service Award
Are you eligible for the President's Volunteer Service Award? If you have provided 100+ hours (50+ hours for ages 13 to 15) of unpaid acts of volunteer service benefitting others within a 12-month period, you may be eligible to be nominated for the award. The award package includes a customized certificate, choice of the official pin, coin, or medallion and a congratulatory letter signed by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Contact Volunteer Services & Community Partnerships Manager Teresa Gardner-Williams at [email protected] or 301-446-3321 if you would like more information.

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