Issue: 60
June, 2014
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Euro Net Privacy Calls Brokers to Action
Technology Self Audit For Real Estate Companies
A New Way for MLSs to look at Mobile
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Euro Net Privacy Calls Brokers to Action
By Victor Lund

I have often been heard shouting about consumer privacy in real estate. Brokers and agents toss listing content onto the web with little care for their ability to take it down. If you ask a seller if they want their home advertised online with a dozen or a hundred photos of every quaint nook and cranny of their home - they shout a jubilant YES! If you ask a home-
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By Mike Audet

If you are a mega broker, with thousands of agents, you will have an IT department that watches over your software and technology infrastructure.  If you are a small or medium size broker, that chore usually falls to you, much like it does for us, in our consulting company.  We watch real estate technology on a daily basis and advise some of the best technology companies in the business on - 

By Marilyn Wilson
Mobile MLS The real estate industry suffers from what I call the "lowest common denominator" phenomenon. Every one of the business models in the industry - associations, MLSs and brokerages are built on attracting and retaining as many agents as possible.   Many real estate entities collect monies every month from every participant - regardless of their productivity.  While these models each have their own reasons to exist, they have created a major problem in my view.  Real estate organizations are so busy attracting sales professionals that many ignore the needs of the most important group - the customer. -