Issue: 56
February, 2014
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2014 WAV Group Broker Technology Adoption Survey
Hybrid Regionalization-Right for Your MLS?
Association Standards- It's definitely TIME!
Swanepoel Trends Report Book Review
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Invitation to Participate in the 2014 WAV Group Broker Technology Adoption Survey
By Victor Lund
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As real estate agents and brokers strive to develop process to improve every area of their trade, technology supports them. However, with so many solutions, it is difficult to understand what solutions count the most and to whom. The goal of the Broker Technology Adoption Survey is to understand who uses which tools and their satisfaction level with them. 

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Hybrid Regionalization - Right For Your MLS?
By Mike Audet

We all know there are too many MLSs in the US and over the years the real market areas have expanded forcing agents to belong to multiple MLSs in many areas.  This means more costs, data inefficiencies and often the need to learn and operate multiple MLS systems.  It isn't good for brokers, agents or consumers so why hasn't their been more consolidation of MLSs more quickly? 

By Marilyn Wilson

Jeremy Conaway, Dale Stinton, and Bob Moline used the Swanepoel Trends report to push the real estate elephant into the spotlight in America. There are simply too many REALTOR� Associations not providing adequate service and support to their members.  Today, 1100 of the 1400 REALTOR� Associations in America have fewer than 300 members. Many of these smaller organizations have a difficult time delivering the depth of services and training REALTORS� need to effectively serve the needs of their clients and stay relevant with all of the technology options available to today's demanding consumers.

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By Victor Lund

If you buy one book this year, make it the Swanepoel Trends Report. It is excellent. Swanepoel took a different approach to his annual report this year and its brilliant. Swanepoel outlines 10 topics and invites industry leaders to write a page or two about their impression. At the end of the chapter he wraps it all up into a summary.At the heart of any trend is change. And, change is coming to real estate faster and faster every year.

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