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Spring/Summer 2018
HappeningsHappenings at the Association of Iowa Workforce Partners
  • The 2018 AIWP Annual Conference April 18-20, 2018 was a great success! Well over 100 workforce professionals gathered in Des Moines to learn from presenters and one another on topics ranging from youth leadership to unconscious bias. Check out our website for more information on this annual event.
  • The Association of Iowa Workforce Partners co-hosted the 2018 One Door Many Paths Summit on May 21, 2018.

ResourcesResources Worthy of Your Attention
  • Purple VRI. Once the app is open it connects with a live ASL interpreter. The app can be used at any time to provide services to someone who uses ASL to communicate.  
  • Sono Flex turns iPads into an augmentative communication device using pictures. It turns symbols into clear speech and provides language to nonverbal users who are not yet in full control of literacy.
  • The Voice Dream Reader turns the iPad into a reading tool by loading documents onto iPad and opening through this app. It helps by proofreading your writing with TTS (text- to-speech).
  • Verbally Premium turns the iPad into a communication device using text. It is for speaking unique thoughts and feelings. It is designed to minimize keystrokes and maximize ease and speed.  
  • Notability records audio while you takes notes, sketches, marks photos and organizes info.
  • Talking Scientific Calculator has large colorful buttons with voice over support. 
CaseStudiesCase Studies in Collaboration
The "Partnership Plus" concept is based in the idea that local Employment Networks (ENs) and Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) can partner successfully to serve common customers under the Federal Ticket to Work Program.  Together, IVRS and local ENs can guide a Social Security beneficiary (Ticket Holder) through the various stages of employment to ultimately transition off of Social Security benefits (SSDI or SSI.)
Under Ticket to Work regulations, Partnership Plus paves the way for ENs and IVRS to collaborate, rather than compete when serving Social Security beneficiaries.  Partnership Plus allows a beneficiary to receive IVRS services to meet his or her intensive up-front service needs and, after the VR case is closed, continue to work with a local EN to receive job retention services (preferably through a warm hand off/or referral.) The goal of this partnership is to increase employment retention, provide a continuum of services, and promote the highest level of self-sufficiency possible.
Partnership Plus agreements in Iowa establish the basis for providing the Ticket Holder with a coordinated and seamless service transition between IVRS and the local ENs.  It also ensures that best practices and standards are maintained, providing job seekers readily available support through integrated resource teams, and that the person's rights and choices are respected.
When IVRS and an EN partner like this, the Ticket Holder can receive continual employment services, IVRS can receive Cost Reimbursement for helping the beneficiary acquire skills and obtain employment, and the local EN can receive Ticket incentives for providing ongoing supports to the Ticket Holder. If you would like more information on creating Partnership Plus, contact IVRS Resource Manager Lee Ann Russo at .
TranslatingWIOATranslating WIOA
Ever feel like you don't hear enough about how workforce is actually working towards the vision of WIOA? This article from the Washington Post may help you see that what you do matters and is helping to realize the mission set forth in WIOA legislation: a more robust economy with more people working, focusing on those with the highest barriers to employment.
DearBobDear Bob
How do pre-apprenticeship participants obtain employment in a registered apprenticeship?

The following explanation follows Amy Beller's work process directive. All offices should be following at least a modified version of her direction:

Congratulations, you have completed pre-apprenticeship training! Employment as a registered apprentice (RA) will allow you to earn a recognized training credential as you gain hands on experience through paid employment.  
Now to connect with an employer that values your efforts and is hiring in an RA your field. IowaWORKS  can help you find that employer. To get started contact your nearest IowaWORKS office and express your goal, you may already be working with an IowaWORKS Career Planner. The staff at IowaWORKS will pass your name, interest and contact information to the Registered Apprenticeship Point of Contact (POS). You will hear from the POS in the next day or two.  
A meeting will be arranged and the two of you will discuss your skills and the skills that you would like to build. After understanding your needs the POS will consult with the IowaWORKS business team to identify businesses with openings that would be a good fit for you. After consultation the POS will work with you in writing a resume, interviewing tips and other activities that help make your job application a success.  
Once you are ready to put your best foot forward the business team will contact businesses to advocate an your behalf. Doors will be open and you will apply for registered apprenticeship openings with confidence. Soon an employer will recognize your hard work and choose you to fill their opening.  
UpcomingEventsUpcoming Events
  • NAWDP 2018 Youth Symposium; December 12-14, 2018 in Chicago, IL. Learn more about the Symposium online here.
  • National Skills Coalition: 2019 Skills Summit; February 5-7, 2019 in Washington, D.C. Learn more about the Summit here.
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