Western Maryland Regional Library's Newsletter  --  January/February 2018

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John Frye Interview

John Frye has worked for the Washington County Free Library since January, 1968. He is the Curator for the John Clinton Frye Western Maryland Room (renamed in his honor when the building re-opened in October, 2013) at the Alice Virginia and David W. Fletcher Branch  of the Washington County Free Library. 

Celebrate his 50 years with the library as he recounts his fascinating experiences.

Tri-County Summit Preparations Have Begun!

It's that time again! Plans for the triennial staff development summit are underway as a fresh summit committee encourages you to "Aspire to Inspire."

What's New with Polaris?

Check out all the updates and upgrades to Polaris, and learn some new tips, courtesy of WMRL's Bill Taylor.

Kudos to Tracy Carroll!

RELIB and WMRL would like to give a shout out to Tracy Carroll for her diligent efforts creating Ruth Enlow's new website. She came, she saw, she conquered. Thank you Tracy!

WMRL Welcomes Rachel Babylon!

A new face has joined the WMRL family. Rachel Babylon, also of WCFL, has entered the fold as a Library Assistant to ILL/Deposit Collections. We're happy to have her!

Happy Anniversary banner

We'd like to give a shout out to our Western Maryland Library partners who are celebrating an Anniversary in January and February.  Way to go! It is a pleasure to be able to honor your years of service with the Libraries of Western Maryland.

Celebrating in January:
  • John Frye, Western Maryland Room (WCFL) - ** 50 years!!**
  • Lisa Bivens, County Services - Hancock (WCFL) - 21 years
  • Sally Hull, Resources Associate/Cataloging (WMRL) - 21 years
  • John Taube, Administration (ACLS) - 18 years
  • Nora Drake, LaVale (ACLS) - 17 years
  • Ruth-Ann Valentine, County Services - Hancock (WCFL) - 17 years
  • Suzanne Bonser, Circulation (RELGC) - 16 years
  • Sandy Shoop, Circulation (WCFL) - 13 years
  • Elizabeth Sell, Washington Street (ACLS) - 12 years
  • Peggy Keller, County Services (WCFL) - 10 years
  • Deana Usary, County Services - Keedysville/BNS (WCFL) - 10 years
  • Cathy Robey, South Cumberland (ACLS) - 6 years
  • Julie Aruna, Circulation (WCFL) - 4 years
  • Maureen Caupp, System (ACLS) - 2 years
  • Alison Cline, Washington Street (ACLS) - 1 year
Celebrating in February:
  • Darlene Reimond, ILL Supervisor/Collection Dev (WMRL) - 42 years
  • Maryland Appel, Material Services (ACLS) - 26 years
  • Lisa McKenney, Material Services (ACLS) - 19 years
  • Teresa White, Tech Processing (RELGC) - 19 years
  • Frances Lockley, Administration (WCFL & WMRL) -14 years
  • Renee Mason, Programming (ACLS) - 4 years
  • Mary M. Lachemann, Circulation (WCFL) - 4 years

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