Western Maryland Regional Library's Newsletter  --  March/April 2020
Thank you to all of the front line and essential workers who continue to support and to meet the needs your communities daily!
You are greatly appreciated

Enjoy the great outdoors and meet us at Town Park West in Accident to discuss this year's One Maryland One Book theme-friendship-and the book The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See.
Date(s) - September 10, 2020
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Town Park West
Wood Street, Accident,Maryland, 21520, Garrett County
We are excited that we have secured $4,000,000 to complete the renovation and expansion of the LaVale Library. We are in the last phase of the design process for the renovation to begin in early fall 2020. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the LaVale Library will remain closed until the renovation is complete.
Window to Yesterday:
The Role of the Thursday Club in Founding the Washington County Free Library
By: Elizabeth Howe
Click HERE to read the article!

July ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chris Henry, ILL (WCFL) - 47 years (retired 7/23/20)
Delissa Key, Circulation (WCFL) - 43 years
Louise Snurr, Smithsburg (WCFL) - 35 years (retired 6/1/20)
Kim Lishia, Grantsville (RELGC) - 35 years
Michele Liston, Friendsville (RELGC) - 32 years
Joyce Higgins, Clear Spring (WCFL) - 19 years
Regina Spiker, George's Creek (ACLS) - 13 years
Adam Schoch, Oakland (RELGC) - 8 years
Jodi Akers, WMRL (WMRL) - 7 years
Michelle Richter, Oakland (RELGC) - 5 years
Shaun Bryan, Circulation (WCFL) - 5 years
Kim Cecil, Accident (RELGC) - 3 years
Laura Shelton, Frostburg (ACLS) - 3 years
Stacy Kelsh, Circulation (WCFL) - 2 years
Jerica Miller, Boonsboro (WCFL) - 2 years
Georgie Pingley, Administration (RELGC) - 37 years
Connie Wilson, Frostburg (ACLS) - 36 years
Ellen Torrington, Material Services (ACLS) - 16 years
Jason Armstrong, System Staff (ACLS) - 14 years
Merry Stinson, Circulation (WCFL) - 14 years
Bill Taylor, Tech Processing (WCFL/WMRL) - 12 years
Kate Metzger, Programming (ACLS) - 12 years
Tammy Fearon, Programming (ACLS) - 11 years
Shane Drake, Frostburg (ACLS) - 6 years
Sarah McGuire, South Cumberland (ACLS) - 6 years
Katelyn Morey, Adult Services (WCFL) - 4 years
Karen Kroll, Adult Services (WCFL) - 4 years
Charles Keller, County Services (WCFL) - 4 years
Tia Carpenter, Circulation (WCFL) - 4 years
Ann Shilling, Young Adult (WCFL) - 3 years
Carissa Holbruner, Circulation (WCFL) - 2 years

Diane Kisner, Kitzmiller (RELGC) - 33 years
Lori Bender, Grantsville (RELGC) - 30 years
Maria Smucker, Tech Processing (WCFL/WMRL) - 21 years
Joseph Berger, Adult Services (WCFL) - 20 years
Jill Craig, Digitization (WMRL) - 18 years
Allen Dunson, Information Technology (RELGC) - 18 years
Elizabeth Howe, Adult Services (WCFL) - 15 years
John Hart, Maintenance (WCFL) - 14 years
Telisa Wallace, Administration (WCFL) - 13 years
Rachel Elliott, Grantsville (RELGC) - 13 years
Stacy Winters, Programming (ACLS) - 7 years
Hannah Byler, Children's  (RELGC) - 6 years
Pamela Mann, Hancock (WCFL) - 4 years
Lisa Mandell, Washington Street (ACLS) - 4 years
Leigh Snyder, Clear Spring (WCFL) - 4 years
Paula Summerfield, System (ACLS) - 4 years
Amy Bittinger, Oakland (RELGC) - 4 years

We'd like to give a shout out to our Western Maryland Library partners who are celebrating an Anniversary in July, August, & September. Way to go! It is a pleasure to be able to honor your years of service with the Libraries of Western Maryland.  


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