Western Maryland Regional Library's Newsletter  --  March/April 2017

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See who your colleagues nominated!

In our last issue, we gave a shout out to some of your colleagues who were nominated for going above and beyond. Check out this issue's staff spotlight to help congratulate your colleagues for their hard work and dedication. 
Help us continue by nominating your co-workers.

Program Highlight

 Western Maryland Regional Library is pleased to offer this training opportunity based on the bestseller
Master Your Workday Now! by productivity expert Michael Linenberger. Mary Ann Kmetyk of Vibrancy Training Group will be working with attendees on time management techniques and practices that can be applied to the varied demands of the library work day.

Spring Things

To celebrate the change in seasons, enjoy some fun facts and a quick quiz about some "spring" things!

Happy Anniversary banner

We'd like to give a shout out to our Western Maryland Library partners who are celebrating an Anniversary in May and June.  Way to go!  It is a pleasure to be able to honor your years of service with the Libraries of Western Maryland.

Celebrating in May:
  • Jacalyn Price, Circulation (WCFL) - 37 years
  • Abigail Andrews, Children's Services (WCFL) - 9 years
  • Linda Julien, South Cumberland (ACLS) - 7 years
  • Holly Elliott, Bookmobile (WCFL) - 4 years
  • Ashley Swinford, LaVale (ACLS) - 3 years
  • Sarah Hall, Young Adult (WCFL) - 2 years
  • Aimee Rutt, County Services - Smithsburg (WCFL) - 2 years
Celebrating in June:
  • Janlee Viands, County Services (WCFL) - 41 years
  • Venessa Stacy, Oakland (RELGC) - 27 years
  • Jim Widmyer, Maintenance (WCFL) - 19 years
  • Connie Savage, Accident (RELGC) - 11 years
  • David Johnson, Maintenance (WCFL) - 10 years
  • Wendy Crosco, Circulation (RELGC) - 9 years
  • Anna Sauder, Oakland (RELGC) - 5 years
  • Vickie Herman, Circulation (WCFL) - 5 years
  • Beau Bradley, County Services - Williamsport (WCFL) - 3 years
  • Jennifer Ross, County Services - Boonsboro (WCFL) - 3 years
  • Wesley Mixter, Maintenance (WCFL) - 3 years
  • Arthur LaRue, Adult Services (WCFL) - 3 years
  • Bert Fernandez, Maintenance (WCFL) - 3 years
  • Brenda Berry, County Services - Keedysville (WCFL) - 2 years
  • Carol Richardson-Heft, LaVale (ACLS) - 2 years
  • Katharine Ware, Staff Development (WMRL) - 1 year

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