Western Maryland Regional Library's Newsletter  --  November/December 2017

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Virtual Student Cards
Did you know that Student Cards are available to checkout resources at all Western Maryland Libraries?

Find out more about these virtual student cards!

Groundbreaking News from Hancock Library
The shovels are out. The dirt is moved. The project is officially underway! Click the link below for details and to celebrate this exciting endeavor with the western Maryland crew!

South Cumberland Block Party

Party in Allegany County
To celebrate their official re-opening, the South Cumberland branch held a community block party to welcome people back to the library. 

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Happy Anniversary banner

We'd like to give a shout out to our Western Maryland Library partners who are celebrating an Anniversary in November and December.  Way to go!  It is a pleasure to be able to honor your years of service with the Libraries of Western Maryland.

Celebrating in November:
  • Beth Cosey, Circulation (WCFL) - 35 years
  • Roger Tichinel, Maintenance (RELGC) - 27 years
  • Ian Seibert, Information Technology (WCFL) - 17 years
  • Sherri Uhl, George's Creek (ACLS) - 17 years
  • Patricia Wishard, Administration (WCFL) - 16 years
  • Carl Emerick, LaVale (ACLS) - 15 years
  • Barbara Twigg, County Services - Sharpsburg (WCFL) - 12 years
  • Sherry Dickens, Westernport (ACLS) - 11 years
  • Jennifer Spriggs, Programming (ACLS) - 8 years
  • Michelle Evitts, Adult Services (WCFL) - 8 years
  • Laura Schnackenberg, Bookmobile (WCFL) - 7 years
  • Laura Gross, County Services - Smithsburg (WCFL) - 7 years 
Celebrating in December:
  • Larry VanMeter, Administration (ACLS) - 18 years
  • Shannon Kraushaar, Adult Services (WCFL) - 11 years
  • Marcella Whitmore, County Services - Clear Spring (WCFL) - 10 yrs
  • Rachel Birkby, Grantsville (RELGC) - 3 years
  • Rachel Babylon, Circulation (WCFL) - 2 years
  • Connie Heim, Circulation (WCFL) - 2 years
  • Rachel Hardy, County Services - Boonsboro (WCFL) - 1 year

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