Western Maryland Regional Library's Newsletter  --  September/October 2019

Washington County Free Library hosted its fifth annual Comic Con on August 2, with over 2,100 people attending - about 3 times a regular Saturday's visitor count.  Librarians Ann Shilling and Jay Trovato had help from numerous library staff and more than 20 student volunteers in planning and staffing the big day.  The event picked up on the summer reading themes of space exploration and heroes, to link the world of comics with the real world.  A talk by astronaut Don Thomas was especially well-received.  Thomas flew four space shuttle missions in his 20-year NASA career.  Visitors had the opportunity for lots of hands-on activity, from combat role-playing with foam swords, to Lego construction and fan art.  A life-size throne of books, built by WMRL staffer Jodi Akers, and WCFL staffer Joe Kelso, was raffled off, raising almost $200.

We'd like to give a shout out to our Western Maryland Library partners who are celebrating an Anniversary in September and October. Way to go! It is a pleasure to be able to honor your years of service with the Libraries of Western Maryland.  


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