Take Time and Do ...
for YOU!

*This was a frequently heard lesson shared by our founder, Jean Otte. Take time for yourself.
Please be sure to read further down to learn about a very special event that you are invited to attend as we remember this amazing woman and leader.
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Women are incredibly giving of their time and energy. And, as a result, we are often stretched. Women care a lot , we give 110% and we often feel that we aren't owning up. To that end, WOMEN Unlimited wants to remind you of some sage advice often shared by leaders who have been there and have learned to overcome the trap of doing too much.

Cut yourself some slack. You have probably done that for others many times. As we come to the close of a summer (that flew by) ... a reminder. Take Two.

#1 Speak kindly to yourself and about yourself. Need help hearing a more positive script in your head? Read how to flip the script. Read how here.

#2 Allow yourself space. That means not filling up every moment with 'must do's.' Since women are multitaskers - doing 2 to 3 things at the same time - and are not alway mindful of the fallout of doing so much - it can become our achilles heel. When is the down time? The recharge moment? The time to reflect on all that you do? And what you really need ? Give yourself permission to disconnect ... and simply reflect.

The Italian culture has it right. It's called La Dolce Far Niente - which means the sweetness of doing nothing . In a Psychology Today article on the art of doing nothing, psychologist Dr. Long asks a powerful question:

How different would your life be if you made time throughout the day to experience la dolce far niente? We aren't talking about needing to always unplug for hours - just minutes here and there - to steal away and recharge.

It's also what you don't do that counts!
We all have a long list of things to get done. Some are commitments - doing things that we choose to do for someone or something important to us. Other things on our 'To Do' list are obligations. Obligations can zap you of time, focus and energy. That's a big deal! So explore what you feel are obligations and determine if you, explicitly, must do it. If not, delegate it to someone wants to learn something new or earn money for doing it!

Start a "Do NOT Do" List . Find others who would love to learn a task that you don't care for - or get paid to do it for you.

Think about what your time is worth. If you were to put a monetary figure on each hour that you trade off (recharging vs. doing something), what would it be? Your time is your most valuable commodity. What's it worth? Would you rather be cleaning than getting out in the fresh air with your family? Or would you rather be attending every meeting that you're invited to vs. allowing someone to represent your team, giving them visibility and allowing them to bring back any valuable information?

Practice the art of doing nothing . How can that happen? Start small - commit to a 10 minute meditation, sitting in a park and simply take in what's around you where you are - without checking your phone. It's hard! But, oh, the ROI! Read more on why we need to do nothing sometimes:

A Leadership Legacy Event in Tribute to Jean M. Otte
Celebrating Connections: Changing Our World
Since WOMEN Unlimited's founder, Jean Otte's passing this May, both those whom she touched directly and those who know of her impact have asked for a way to pay tribute to her. In response, we invite you to spend time with us at one of the Leadership Legacy events held across the country this fall to honor this amazing architect of change.

To further honor Jean’s memory, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. has partnered with Dress for Success for all of our Legacy Events. Like Jean and WOMEN Unlimited, Dress for Success believes in the power of change through action. A donation drive will take place during our event.

Mark Your Calendar! The WUN Webinar:
Friday, October 5th, 12 Noon ET
Join us as author and former head of global executive talent for Cisco Systems, Cassandra Frangos, shares her research and insights for cracking the C- suite code. Cassandra will outline the four core paths to reach the C-suite and will discuss accelerators and derailers - based on her work with top leaders from Microsoft, Google, Cisco, General Electric, and other global organizations. This 'playbook' is meant for anyone who aspires to a top spot or wants to explore that option!