TSGF SmartPlan is a Minimum Essential Coverage, ACA compliant health insurance program designed to provide low cost yet  high quality health care to low wage employees, when the Employer is on a specified budget for coverage cost and cannot provide full Minimum Value health insurance. 

The deadline to enroll is March 1, 2016 so don't delay!
Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Different
Wage Parity Strategy with TSGF Smartplan SM:
 1) Save Money
Every hour paid in a benefit program reduces payroll expenses by up to 20%. So, if you are providing 250,000 hours of MLTC service per year, you can save up to $100,000 or more.

2) Quality Benefit Program


Offer a quality benefit program to your Home Health Aides - TSGF SmartplanSM provides for all post-employment medical screening (i.e. PPD/QuantiFeron, Drug Screen, Health Review and Immunization), together with preventive health screening, allow your HHA to qualify their ability to continue servicing and early detection of potentially harmful diseases.


3) Urgent Care

Receive quality urgent care services from CityMD, the largest provider of store front urgent care in the NY Metro Area. They take the time to give you the right diagnosis, answer your questions, and set up the aftercare you need. All of this is included in the TSGF SmartplanSM so call us today and learn how to get started.

ACT NOW to learn how to save money and provide quality health care coverage for your low wage employees before the deadline - MARCH 1, 2016!