AutoCAD Building Blocks Are Here For Our New Racking Platform
The wait is over, call your PanelClaw sales expert today or email us using the link below. AutoCAD building blocks and Specifications, Layout Rules and Design Guidelines are now available for you . Contact your PanelClaw sales expert or click on the "Request AutoCAD Blocks" button below to email your request for the "new product AutoCAD Blocks". Stay tuned for our next update in December about full engineering permit package support and order placement.
One Socket, One Bolt
A single bolt will connect all racking components to each other.
What Is My Superpower?
Because of me, you will need no tools when attaching modules to our new system. Two hands, nothing else.

It All Comes Together!
How can a simple part make such a big difference? Engineering at its best. Solving problems by removing components versus adding new ones. The true mark of high engineering.
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