The Waldenstrom's Weekly
February 17, 2023
Volume 3, Issue 6
"WM is a part of my life now, but I won't allow it to define my life." -A.S.
- Education -
The 28th Annual IWMF Educational Forum will be a unique experience to learn from medical experts and WM community members around the world. 
AND DON'T FORGET! Register for this year's Ed Forum by Monday the 20th, and you will be included in a random drawing to choose three winners to receive an item of their choice from the IWMF shop, and one lucky winner to receive a complimentary registration to the 2024 Ed Forum in Renton, Washington!

We will have a live drawing next week on Facebook and will also announce the winners in the WM Weekly on February 24th. Be sure to register!

While you are at it, be sure to peruse the fabulous St. Louis Gateway Guide, which was created by our incredible Ed Forum Committee volunteers!

Although you can attend virtually, the Ed Forum is a unique opportunity to meet, IN PERSON, world-renowned WM clinicians and researchers and spend time with fellow patients and caregivers who are also experiencing the WM journey.

Please Note: Advance verification of COVID-19 vaccination will be required for all in-person attendees for their own safety, as well as the safety of others. In-person registered attendees will receive additional details on Ed Forum health and safety protocols. Be sure to consult with your healthcare team when deciding to attend physically. Your health is our priority. Masking is strongly recommended (but not required) for in-person attendees.
Video From Cancer Support Community
How to Eat Well with Cancer: The Role of an Oncology Dietician
From Cancer Support Community (CSC):

Cancer nutrition is one area where myths and misconceptions can create confusion and needless worry. Oncology dietitian Chelsey Schneider, of Savor Health, spoke with CSC Senior Director of Education and Outreach, Rachel Saks, about what people can do to eat healthy after a cancer diagnosis or treatment. Schneider also cleared up some common misconceptions about the impacts nutrition has for cancer patients.

Check out the video HERE.

- Support -
TODAY at 2:00PM U.S. Eastern Time
Sound Meditation for WM
Relax to the sound of Ann Grace's authentic Himalayan Singing bowls, with gentle verbal guidance to further calm the nervous system. According to sound healing traditions that have been passed down through both lineage and training, these bowls introduce a healing harmonic sound wave that helps dislodge stagnation on the cellular level, bringing the mind and body into perfect tune. 

Contact [email protected] ASAP to get the link before 2PM ET!
For Caregivers: Transcript Available from the LLS
Caregiving Over Coffee: Caring and Coping
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is pleased to offer you the video replay and written transcript with program slides from their program.

CLICK HERE to download the program, resource guide and written script.
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