The Waldenstrom's Weekly
July 8, 2022
Volume 2, Issue 25
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- Special Announcement-
Alix Redmonde Joins IWMF Home Office Staff
We are happy to announce that Alix Redmonde has joined the IWMF Home Office Staff as Director, Development and Communications. Her responsibilities are to: increase and diversify IWMF sources of funding to support our mission, increase awareness about WM and the IWMF, promote IWMF programs (information, education, support and research) and their impact on WM patient’s lives and expand our social media and electronic footprint.

Alix brings a wealth of skills in media relations, health/medical reporting and leadership/management to her new role. Most recently, she served as Chief Executive Officer for Parkinson Place in Sarasota, FL., where she led their efforts to meet the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of those living with movement disorders through education, empowerment, support, and community resources. Alix can be reached at our home office by telephone at 941-927-4963 or email at: [email protected].
Please join us in welcoming Alix to the IWMF!
- Education -
Next Week!
Ed Forum Primer Series - Part III
Understanding Your Blood and
Bone Marrow Test Results:
Rebroadcast with NEW LIVE Q&A!

Wednesday, July 13th, 2022
1:30PM - 2:30PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time


Rafat Abonour, MD

Professor of Medicine, Pathology, and Laboratory Medicine

Indiana University


Bonnie Beckett, Ph.D.

IWMF Public Policy Liaison
About the Program:
The third in our Ed Forum Primer Series, this rebroadcast from the 2021 “Understanding Your Blood and Bone Marrow Test Results” session will describe the blood and bone marrow tests used to help diagnose WM, as well as explain and interpret the typical tests used by healthcare providers to monitor the disease status of their WM patients.

After the broadcast, Dr. Abonour will answer questions from the chat box LIVE!
Updated Articles on the IWMF Website!
Dr. Morie Gertz (Mayo Clinic) has updated two popular articles that we include in IWMF information packets for newly diagnosed patients. Click on the titles below to check them out!

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This is a paid clinical trial advertisement.  
The information about this clinical trial is intended to be helpful and educational, but it does not constitute an endorsement by the IWMF and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The IWMF strongly encourages discussions with their health care professionals about specific medical conditions, side effects, and treatments.  

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