Dear Neighbor,

On Wednesday, December 6, the Braddock District Council and I will be hosting the annual Best of Braddock Awards Ceremony and Reception.

I invite you to join me, School Board Member Megan McLaughlin, and other community leaders as we come together to recognize individuals and organizations who have put in the work to make their neighborhood or broader community a great place to live, work, and play.

Heavy hors d'oeuvres and desserts will be available!

Best of Braddock Awards and Reception

December 6, 2023, 6:30 p.m.

9002 Burke Lake Rd.

Burke, VA 22015

School Board Approves New Name for Woodson High School

Woodson High School logo

The School Board unanimously approved a new name for W.T. Woodson High School on November 9. Beginning in the 2024-25 school year, the school will be named Carter G. Woodson High School.

Thank you to the students, family, employees, alumni, and community members who participated in the process and to School Board Member Megan McLaughlin for her leadership on this issue.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson was a nationally renowned scholar, author, educator, and journalist who is widely considered the “Father of Black History.” Visit the Woodson High School Renaming page to learn more.

Commission for Women Biennial Report

Commission for Women banner logo

For more than fifty years, the Commission for Women has been working to promote gender equality, eliminate violence against women, and honor women and girls in Fairfax.

Find out about the Commission's recent achievements and activities over the past two fiscal years by reading their latest report. I'm very proud of the Commission's work, which is as important today as ever.

Yours in service,

Supervisor James R. Walkinshaw

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  • Scouting for Food
  • Watch the 2023 History Conference
  • Rep. Connolly's 2023 Open Season Workshop
  • Kings Park West Cleanup
  • World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
  • Construction Contract Awarded for Fairfax County Pkwy and Popes Head Rd. Interchange
  • 10th Annual Victim Services Division Holiday Gift Card Drive
  • Autumn is Time for Planting Native Trees
  • Alternatives to Raking/Blowing Your Leaves
  • Building Permits 101 Class for Homeowners
  • Update on One University Housing Developments
  • VDOT's Annual Snow Season Preparation
  • Energy Conservation Assistance Program
  • Opportunities with the Clean Fairfax Council

Scouting for Food Continues

Scouts BSA/Boy Scouts of America kicked off the 37rd annual Scouting for Food last month. Scouting for Food is one of the largest annual food drives in the metropolitan area normally held every fall prior to Thanksgiving.

The Patriot District is partnering again this year with the Capital Area Food Bank and the Safeway Foundation. If you missed your chance to contribute in person, a new online virtual food drive campaign has been added to supplement their primary door-to-door collection. Access to the virtual food drive continues between now and December 16. Donors can order from anywhere, and all orders will be shipped directly to the Capital Area Food Bank.

Reminder: The Braddock District office publishes donation drives and more from local nonprofits and other organizations. If you'd like to submit an item for consideration, please use this online form.

Watch the 2023 History Conference

The Fairfax County History Commission's 19th Annual History Conference, “WE Are Fairfax County – Part III, “A County of Nations – Honoring our Muslim, Asian and Latino Neighbors,” took place earlier this month. The event will be broadcast on Channel 16 on Saturday, November 18 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, November 26 at 11:00 a.m. You can also stream the program anytime on Channel 16's website.

Rep. Connolly's 2023 Open Season Workshop

Congressman Connolly is hosting his annual Open Season Workshop for federal employees and retirees on Saturday, November 18, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Like last year, this year’s event will take place in-person at the Fairfax County Government Center: 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22035. 

The workshop will feature Mr. Walt Francis, Federal Employees Health Benefits expert, and Mr. Ed DeHarde, the Assistant Director of OPM who manages all Federal Employee Insurance Operations.

Open Season this year runs from November 13, 2023, to December 11, 2023.

Federal employees seeking further information about Federal Employee Health Benefits plans can visit OPM’s website. Information on dental and vision plans can be found here.

Kings Park West Cleanup

The Kings Park West "Road Raiders" are hosting another cleanup in the area of Commonwealth Boulevard and Pommeroy Drive. Volunteers are needed, especially those with rakes and snow shovels (to move clumps of leaves), garden gloves, and paper trash bags for leaf recycling.

Meet at the above intersection at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 18. Contact to sign up or with any questions.

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

WDoR2023_announcement_1200_675 image

November 19th is World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, a high-profile global day to remember the many millions who have been killed and seriously injured on the world’s roads and to acknowledge the suffering of all affected victims, families and communities.

On this day, we remember those we have lost and those who have been impacted by roadway crashes, including drivers and passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, and we recommit ourselves to safe streets for all.

Construction Contract Awarded for Fairfax County Pkwy and Popes Head Rd. Interchange

Triple_Roundabouts image

News from VDOT: The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) has awarded a $49 million construction contract to Branch Civil, Inc. of Roanoke for the project to replace the Fairfax County Parkway (Route 286) and Popes Head Road (Route 654) traffic signal with an interchange. At the intersection, Fairfax County Parkway averages about 64,000 vehicles a day and Popes Head Road averages about 3,200.


The interchange will feature triple roundabouts that will allow traffic to flow freely via two new bridges over Fairfax County Parkway.


The Fairfax County Parkway and Popes Head Road Interchange Project also includes:


  • Building a short segment of the future Shirley Gate Road extension that will provide pedestrian and vehicle access to the future Patriot Park (Fairfax County is designing the rest of the Shirley Gate Road extension)
  • Constructing a shared-use path linking the Fairfax County Parkway Trail to the future Patriot Park
  • Reconstructing the Fairfax County Parkway Trail 
  • Installing a sidewalk along the north side of Popes Head Road 
  • Extending Ladues End Lane to the new roundabout at Popes Head Road
  • Adding an acceleration lane for drivers turning from Nomes Court onto northbound Fairfax County Parkway


Construction activities are expected to begin in December and a “Pardon Our Dust” information meeting for residents and travelers is being planned in January. Construction is expected to be complete in late 2026.


The project is financed with federal, state (including Smart Scale), Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and Fairfax County funding.


View this release online.

10th Annual Victim Services Division Holiday Gift Card Drive

The Fairfax County Police Department's Victim Services Division is dedicated to assisting child victims and witnesses of domestic and sexual violence, as well as those who have lost a loved one to homicide. Many of these children are unable to enjoy the holiday celebrations due to the financial strain on their families resulting from being victims of crime. In the genuine spirit of the season, they invite you to join them in bringing holiday cheer to these resilient children by participating in the 10th Annual Gift Card drive.

From now until Saturday, December 16, 2023, they are actively seeking gift cards for young and teenage child victims. These cards can be for establishments such as Giant, Amazon, Safeway, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Target, Kohl’s, local restaurants, and clothing stores. Gift cards empower parents and guardians to actively engage in purchasing gifts and essential items for each child that they might otherwise go without.

Each child selected for the holiday gift card drive has been vetted by their assigned Victim Specialist and has been personally affected by crime. Every family they choose truly represents those in need. Some will use the gift cards to buy toys and other gifts, while others will invest them in winter clothing for the children or use them to buy food for their holiday meals.

Victim Services sincerely appreciates your support. Your generosity will illuminate the eyes and hearts of child victims, bringing immense joy, and, most importantly, making a positive impact this holiday season.

Drop off or send gift cards to Saly Fayez, Victim Services Section, 12099 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA, 22035.

Autumn is Time for Planting Native Trees

Now through early December is the best time for native tree planting in Virginia, frosty weather permitting. When you plant native trees and plants, they have a higher chance of thriving because they are highly adapted to local soil and weather conditions, easy to maintain, generally need less water, and require zero fertilizer. Native trees and plants also support local pollinators and other insects which in turn become food for birds and small animals. In a nutshell, native trees and shrubs support a healthy food web here in Virginia.

To find stores that sell native trees and shrubs, please click here. And for details on how to properly plant a tree or woody shrub, download the Fairfax Tree Commission’s Tree Basics booklet. 

Alternatives to Raking/Blowing Your Leaves

This autumn season, we would like to remind residents of the alternatives to raking or blowing your leaves, bagging them up, and having them trucked away. Leafcycling and grasscycling provide great benefits to the health of your lawn.

You can consider a shift to backyard composting or using a mulching mower to chop leaves and return their nutrients to the soil. Both grass clippings and leaves contain nitrogen, which is the active ingredient in most lawn fertilizers. So leaving grass clippings and chopped leaves on your lawn can save time and money while making your lawn healthier. The Virginia Cooperative Extension has a useful guide here

Leafcycling simply means that you leave your fallen leaves on your lawn. These small acts have great benefits, allowing the natural fertilizers to do their jobs. Committing to cycling can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers by up to 50%, reduce run-off and improve water retention, and put less physical strain on you from heavy lifting. These practices save time and money, and help preserve our ecosystem. 

autumn-leaves-falling-clip-art-wallpaper-3 image

Fallen leaves form a layer of material on the ground that can provide shelter, food, and nesting materials to a variety of creatures such as turtles, toads, birds, small mammals, and invertebrates. Many moth and butterfly caterpillars refuge overwinter in fallen leaves, while bees lay their eggs in the fallen stalks. You can ensure leaves are spread evenly throughout your yard, to prevent smothering one section. Read more in Fall Cleanup in Two Easy Steps by Plant NOVA Natives.

Building Permits 101 Class for Homeowners

Planning a home renovation project that requires a Fairfax County building permit? Join Fairfax County Land Development Services Staff for Building Permits 101 for Homeowners at the Herrity Building, 12055 Government Center Parkway in Fairfax, on Wednesday, November 29, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Learn about the process and how to save time and money. Click here to register!

Update on One University Housing Developments

Update on The Main at One University Student Housing Development

The Main at One University

At the Main at One University, the student housing development at the northwest corner of Ox Road and University Drive, stone installation has begun in the main entry plaza. Exterior finishes are being installed along the north and west sides of the project as well as in the pool courtyard. Architectural panel installation has begun in the dog park area. Drywall work is underway in the common amenity areas at the main entry plaza, and cabinets and kitchen countertops are being installed in units in the central portion of the project.

The Main at One University

Public utility work continues along University Drive. This work is proceeding from west to east and is currently on schedule to be completed by the end of January. The lateral sanitary sewer connections to the buildings will then be installed. Following completion of the work along University Drive, and pending issuance of a VDOT permit, the proffered road improvements at the intersection of University Drive and Ox Road will begin. These include extending the no parking zone on the south side of University Drive and installing new “No Parking” signs, restriping University Drive eastbound to create a dedicated right-turn lane and a combined through/left lane at the intersection, and installation of pedestrian improvements, including restriping of crosswalks, new ADA ramps, new pedestrian push buttons and countdown equipment, and high-visibility pedestrian crossing signage. This work should be completed by May 30, 2024.

Update on One University Affordable Housing Development

Affordable Housing at One University

On the western portion of the One University site, installation of brick on the senior affordable housing building is complete and siding installation is underway. Drywall is being hung in the common corridors and plumbing accessories and electrical work in the units is ongoing. In the family building just to the east, brick installation is underway with siding to follow. Drywall and cabinet installation in the units is ongoing. Installation of insulation and ceiling grid is underway in the centrally located community building. Gas and water service are anticipated to be connected this month. These photos show the shared courtyard looking east, a typical unit kitchen, and the interior of the community building. 

Affordable Housing at One University

Affordable Housing at One University

Regular Land Use updates like these can be found in the Land Use section of the monthly Braddock Beacon newsletter.

VDOT's Annual Snow Season Preparation

As winter approaches, read VDOT's Frequently Asked Questions about how they prepare for and respond to winter storms.

Energy Conservation Assistance Program

Since 2016, Fairfax County’s Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP) has provided support to homeowners associations, nonprofits, and places of worship for the completion of energy efficiency projects. Through the program, qualifying organizations in the County can now apply for up to $15,000 each year in reimbursement grants for conducting energy audits, improving building efficiency, installing solar panels, and making many other energy efficiency upgrades. Organizations must demonstrate that they have participation from their community/organization and are able to match 50% of their project costs.

Do you think your organization could benefit from this program? Check your eligibility and apply here today. You may also send an email to or call (703) 324-7136 for more information.

ECAP is managed by the Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination (OEEC) with support from the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District (NVSWCD). 

Opportunities with the Clean Fairfax Council

Fall is a great time of year to organize a community cleanup around your school, neighborhood, office building, or any other area in need of beautification!

Clean Fairfax is here to support your cleanup efforts. They invite any individuals, schools, community groups, businesses, or others who want to help join them in cleaning up Fairfax County.

We encourage you to drive around your community to look for sites that might work for your group. Be sure to contact any property owners or managers to receive permission to clean up on their land, if necessary. If you choose a park, please get in touch with our friends at the Fairfax County Park Authority to receive permission!


Clean Fairfax will provide gloves, trash bags, and high-visibility vests as needed for cleanup volunteers. They will mail these supplies to your school or nearest District Center. If you are not sure where your local district office is, you can consult this map (the red dots are district offices). They also have trash grabbers that they can lend out for smaller groups, which must be picked up at the Government Center.


Visit the Clean Fairfax website for more information and to request your cleanup supplies. They would love to hear from you!

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