Dear Neighbor,

Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors returned for a full day of in-person committee meetings. We covered a wide range of topics, including collective bargaining for county employees, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and a task force to consider renaming Lee Highway.

We also received a presentation from Police Chief Kevin Davis outlining his 100-day plan and a revised policy for vehicle pursuits. High-speed vehicle pursuits put officers and community members at risk and should be conducted only in extremely limited circumstances. As Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, former Supervisor John Cook correctly raised this issue. I'm pleased that in just a few weeks on the job, Chief Davis is already moving forward on a needed reform that will save lives.
I couldn't be happier about the success of this week's Braddock Hall Vaccination Clinic! Dozens of our neighbors stopped by and, in just 30 minutes, had their vaccine administered by our amazing Health Department staff. If you or someone you know has not yet been vaccinated, make sure to register for an appointment for tomorrow, Friday, May 28. While tomorrow is the last day of the Braddock Hall Vaccination Clinic, there are many other locations and clinics across Fairfax County. You can search for additional options using or VAMS. We've included more information below.
Supervisor Walkinshaw and Fairfax County Health Department Workers
during the Braddock Hall Vaccination Clinic
Memorial Day is coming up -- a day to honor those who have died serving in the U.S. Military. Recently I had the opportunity to honor six young soldiers who died while serving right here in the Braddock District. On June 1, 1967, they were part of the 77th Engineer Port Construction Company stationed at Fort Belvoir and were volunteering to help build an athletic complex for local children. They died when a flagpole they were erecting was hit by a gust of wind and contacted a high voltage power line.

In honor of their service, June 1, 2021, will be recognized as Soldiers of Howrey Field Park Day in Fairfax County.
Watch the Board Matter for the Howrey Field Soldiers Above
Continue reading below for information on:

  • Braddock Hall Vaccination Clinic
  • National Trails Day Celebration with Smokewood Park Pedestrian Bridge Ribbon Cutting
  • Survey on a New Design for the Wakefield Skatepark
  • Updated COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard Live
  • Additional Early Voting Locations Open
  • Four Green and Yellow Line Stations Close May 29 for Platform Reconstruction
  • Local Bear Sighting
Yours in service,
Supervisor James Walkinshaw
Braddock Hall Vaccination Clinic
Along with the Fairfax County Health Department, we will continue hosting a vaccine clinic in Braddock Hall (9002 Burke Lake Road, Burke, VA 22015) tomorrow, Friday, May 28 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you haven't yet received a vaccine, please make an appointment online or by calling (703) 324-7404. You can also drop by as there will be walk-in appointments available. You do not need health insurance or identification to get vaccinated. We also have transportation resources available if you need a safe and reliable ride to and from your appointment.

If you are already vaccinated, please help us by spreading the word. At this clinic, the Health Department will be administering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to those 18 years or older. Please remember that the vaccine is available at no cost to you and there are no residency or citizenship requirements. I hope to see you there!

If you need to get vaccinated and are unable to attend the Braddock Hall Clinic -- no worries. There are many local opportunities for both walk-in and pre-registered vaccinations. You can search for additional options using or VAMS.

En Español:

La oficina del Supervisor James Walkinshaw (Fairfax) va tener una clínica de vacunas en Braddock Hall (9002 Burke Lake Road, Burke, VA 22015). Por favor hagan una cita en el Registro de Invitados. Sin embargo, también habrá servicio el mismo día si no se registra. También puede llamar (703) 324-7404 para registrarse en Español. Si ya está vacunado, por favor informe a su familia y amigos. La clínica estará abierta el viernes 28 de mayo, de 9:00 am a 4:00 pm los tres días. USTED NO necesita seguro médico o identificación para vacunarse.

Será la vacuna Johnson y Johnson y disponible para todos los mayores de 18 años. Recuerde que la vacuna está disponible sin costo para usted y no hay requisitos de residencia. ¿Necesitas transportacion? Tenemos recursos de transporte comunitario. ¡Espero verle allí!

Si necesita vacunarse y no puede asistir a la clínica, no se preocupe. Hay muchas oportunidades locales tanto para las vacunas walk-in como para las pre-registradas. Puede buscar opciones adicionales utilizando o VAMS.
Memorial Day Weekend: Balancing Opportunities and Cautions Amid Declining COVID-19 Case Numbers
Last year, we experienced the cancellation of Memorial Day events and other first rites of summer activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, Memorial Day balances opportunity and caution.

Fully vaccinated residents can finally look forward to a holiday weekend filled with gatherings and celebrations – a much anticipated move that brings many one step closer to “getting back to normal.

At the same time, for those not yet vaccinated, the need for caution remains as infections continue to occur in our community.
Declining COVID-19 Case Counts

At the height of the pandemic, case counts in the Fairfax Health District numbered more than 700 a day and more than one in every seven CVOID-19 tests were positive. Today, we are seeing the lowest number of cases in more than year, an average of about 28 cases per day, and only one in over 70 tests is reported as positive. The primary reason for the decline in disease is the impact of vaccination.

Pool COVID-19 Guidance and Healthy Swimming Reminders

As pools begin to open this weekend, make sure to read the latest COVID-19 guidance (And Other Healthy Swimming Reminders).
National Trails Day with Smokewood Park Pedestrian Bridge Dedication
Supervisor Walkinshaw and the Fairfax County Park Authority will celebrate National Trails Day on June 5, 2021, with a ceremony to mark the opening of the new pedestrian bridge along a trail in Smokewood Park, south of Whitacre Road in the Olde Creek section of the Braddock District.

A damaged steel bridge was removed earlier this year to allow for the installation of the new prefabricated fiberglass structure and related work. Braddock District Supervisor James Walkinshaw said, "As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we do so with a renewed appreciation for the parks and trails that have sustained us throughout this difficult time. That's why I'm so excited about the new Smokewood Park Bridge and appreciative of the partnership between the community, the Park Authority and my office that made it happen.”

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Smokewood Park Bridge will begin at 10:00 a.m.
Take the Survey on a New Design for the Wakefield Skatepark
The Park Authority is looking for feedback on a proposed new design for the Wakefield Skatepark in Annandale, Virginia. Members of the community are invited to complete a short survey to help guide the renovation process.

Wakefield Skatepark was originally built in 2004 with an expected lifespan of about 15 years. The wooden skatepark has been repaired several times, but due to the age and makeup of the facility, it is no longer feasible to try to extend the life of the original equipment. Planners are working on an updated design that incorporates newer styles of obstacles and features typical of today’s skateparks. Another goal is to create a better flow within the skatepark. The phased renovation would include a new layout, demolition of unsalvageable equipment, and installation of new equipment.

The survey will be available until May 28, 2021, and can be found on the Wakefield Skatepark project page. Park visitors can also find the survey by scanning the QR code printed on flyers at the park.
Updated COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard Now Live
To show vaccination progress in the Fairfax County Health District, the Health Department has launched an updated version of its COVID-19 vaccination dashboard.

The updates include:

  • Total doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered among Fairfax Health District residents;
  • Aggregate number of doses administered by date of vaccination;
  • Number and proportion of residents who’ve received at least one dose;
  • Number and proportion of residents who are fully vaccinated;
  • Vaccination progress by age group, including among adolescents; and
  • Race and ethnicity data among residents who’ve received at least one dose and scheduled/registered through the Vaccination Administration Management System (VAMS).

The second page (below) of the dashboard shows vaccination progress by age group and includes the number of residents who have received at least one dose of vaccine. Data includes 12-17-year-olds as one of the age groups, to show vaccination in the adolescent population as the Pfizer vaccine was recently authorized for use in children as young as 12 years of age.
The third page (below) provides a limited snapshot of race and ethnicity data that is reported through the Vaccination Administration Management System (VAMS), the online appointment scheduling system used by the Fairfax County Health Department and several partner clinics. While these data only include approximately 30 percent of all people vaccinated in the Fairfax Health District, we use the data to evaluate and inform the health department’s vaccine equity strategy.
Additional Early Voting Locations Open
On Saturday, May 29, Fairfax County will open additional early voting sites for the June 8 Democratic primary, offering 16 locations in total.

The move expands the number of early voting locations from the original three sites that were first opened in late April. The last day to vote early is Saturday, June 5 at 5:00 p.m., and any registered Fairfax County voter can cast their ballot early.

All 16 locations will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 29 and June 5. On weekdays, almost all voting sites will be open from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. — with the exception of the Fairfax County Government Center, Mount Vernon Governmental Center, and North County Governmental Center that offer longer hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All voting locations will be closed on Memorial Day, Monday, May 31.

List of Early Voting Locations:
Double-check voting hours before you cast your ballot any of these locations.

Four Green and Yellow Line Stations Close May 29 for
Platform Reconstruction
Customers are reminded that on Saturday, May 29, one week after Addison Road and Arlington Cemetery reopen, the next phase of the METRO Platform Improvement Project kicks off when four Green and Yellow line stations will close through September 6. Full details about the Platform Improvement Project, including shuttle bus information for the summer station closures, are listed below and available on WMATA's website.

Over the past two and a half years, Metro's Improvement Project has completely rebuilt 13 of the 20 outdoor stations in need of critical repairs, improving safety, accessibility, and communication for customers. When the stations are closed, crews work around the clock to complete the work as quickly as possible.
Local Bear Sighting
Bear activity has recently been reported by neighbors in the Fairfax, Fairfax Station, and Springfield areas of Fairfax County. 
While searching for food, a bear has traveled into residential areas within the vicinity of homes, in yards and on porches and decks. Most of the reports indicate that the bear is taking advantage of artificial food sources, including unsecured trash cans and bird feeders. 

We have shared information about bear activity several times in recent months through various sources, but many neighbors are not complying with instructions to remove food sources, resulting in this bear becoming more habituated and comfortable around people and homes. Human actions and lack of compliance are placing this bear in jeopardy and increasing the likelihood that conflicts will occur, which may result in this bear having to be removed if people do not stop feeding this bear.

With the Memorial Day holiday around the corner, many families will be enjoying the outdoors, including grilling out and having picnics. The holiday may also affect your regular trash collection schedule. Therefore, it is especially important to take preventative measures to remove food attractants to reduce the chance of a conflict with a bear in your community. Do not “reward” bears for coming into your yard. 

Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Remove bird feeders. Bird feeders are a primary bear attractant in Fairfax County.
  • Secure your garbage. Store garbage indoors, in a shed, garage, or in a bear-proof container. Put garbage out on the morning of pickup, not the night before, or take it to the dump frequently.
  • Pick up pet food. Feed pets only what they will eat in a single feeding or feed them indoors. Remove all uneaten food. Do not leave food out overnight.
  • Do not put meat scraps, grease, or bones in the compost pile. Keep compost away from house.
  • Pick up and remove ripe fruit from fruit trees and surrounding grounds.
  • Clean the grill after each use. Do not dump drippings in your yard. Run the grill an extra 5 minutes to burn off grease, fat, and food particles.
  • Do not store food, freezers, refrigerators, or trash on porches.
  • Tell your neighbors and share info on how to avoid bear conflicts.
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