Volume 13, Issue 36
May 27, 2021
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Mr. Perry joined Lakehill as a part-time coach and teacher in August, 1975. In January 1975, he became full time Assistant to the Headmaster and was responsible for scheduling and discipline. Then in February, 1983, he became the Headmaster. 

Mr. Perry has always done what is best for students and has made sure they have had opportunities to learn in many different ways. Some of Lakehill's traditions include opportunities to enjoy learning outside the classroom from the Roman Banquet that debuted in 1987 and Mark Twain Day that started in 2000. In addition to activities based on academics, Mr. Perry also made sure students had opportunities to grow socially and to create memories. He sponsored trips for the 8th grade to Mo Ranch and for Upper School students to ski in Colorado and New Mexico. These adventures inspired our annual Middle School Adventure Week trips and the Middle School Fall Day Out.  

Mr. Perry has a heart for service and sets the example for the students. From Lakehill’s early years and continuing to today, students have had opportunities to reach out to those in need in our community. Service has never been a requirement - it is a part of who we are. Each year, our entire school participates in the Holiday Luncheon. This has become a treasured tradition for our guests as well as the students and faculty. Our early service activities revolved around helping those who reached out to us for a hand. Today, our students are involved in many service activities helping our neighborhood, our community, and those that can’t help themselves.

In 2000, because of Mr. Perry’s vision for the school, the auditorium, the Upper School Wing and the Upper School Commons were built. Mr. Perry asked Buster Corley, owner of Dave and Buster's and parent of alumna Kate Corley, if he had a pool table the school could have. Mr. Corley delivered a beautiful pool table that has been in the commons for many to enjoy. Since 2000, Mr. Perry has played – and quite honestly – won – many, many pool games and is definitely Lakehill’s Pool Champion!

In October of 2003, Mr. Perry and the PFC cut the ribbon on Lakehill’s Lower School playground. Kids love to blast down the slides that jut off in every direction and enjoy having plenty of space to hang, swing, run, and play. Who knows how many games of “groundies” have been played over the past 18 years.

The gym was built in 1982 and had a rubber floor. The locker rooms were added in 1985 and the rubber floor was replaced with a new wood floor in the 90’s. Then in March of 2009, the gym burned and everything inside was lost. Thanks to the leadership of Mr. Perry, by August, only five months later, the entire gym was rebuilt and updated with what we have today.

The Roger L. Perry Campus has become an integral part of the students’ Lakehill experience. After more than 30 years as the road team, Warrior fans celebrated the first true “Home Game” in 2003 in our football stadium. Our baseball field and field house with locker rooms, weight room, and even room for a batting cage inside was completed in 2003. The softball field was added in 2006 and tennis courts in 2009. Also in 2009, the incredible Environmental Science Center was completed. The entire RLP campus is a beautiful place where students of all ages can enjoy the outdoors, learn about their environment, and just enjoy being with friends and family. All of this happened because of Mr. Perry’s passion for kids and his dedication to giving students unique opportunities and experiences. We certainly would not have the RLP Campus without his vision and drive to make it happen.

Mr. Perry, thank you for everything you have done over the past 45 years. Thank you for always putting the students first and treating them as if we were your own.
The Class of 2021 stands at the threshold of new beginnings and opportunities, looking forward to the new challenges ahead.
This year’s Valedictorian is Asher Akiva Chamoy. Asher plans to attend Harvard University in the fall of 2021. He will study History and music, and plans to perform in Harvard's musical theatre productions. Asher will continue film and tv acting on the side.
The Salutatorian is Keegan Riley Clendenin. Keegan will be attending the University of South Carolina’s Honors College in the Fall. He was one of 24 students accepted into the International Business cohort program at the Darla Moore School of Business. Keegan plans to spend three semesters at the University of South Carolina and then spend a year studying International Business and French in Cergy, France.
Members of the Senior Class have just completed their two-week internships as part of their graduation requirements and presented a summary of their work to a faculty committee. They will take their final walk across the Lakehill stage on Friday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m., in Lakehill's Forty-Eighth Commencement Ceremony.

Lakehill's Forty-Eighth Commencement Ceremony
Location: Charles J. Wyly, Jr. Auditorium
Time: 7:30 pm, Live Stream Available
Lower School Enjoys Field Day
In Lakehill's Lower School, it doesn't get much better than Field Day. Despite the rainy weather, excitement was high last Friday. 
Dressed in class shirts proudly displaying their team names, students started the event with their class cheers. The games were officially called to order by fourth grader Aidan Deason, the 2021 Field Day Grand Marshal, a highly desirable honor offered each year at Lakehill's Benefit Auction.The afternoon was full of fun games, including torch relays, discus toss, and an obstacle course. Most of all, the children enjoyed having fun with their friends in a capstone event to end the school year with cheers and celebration.
Thanks to organizers Carrie Booth and Amanda Dickstein and their team of teachers and staff volunteers who ran the events, the day was a complete success. 
Athletics Celebration
It was a time of celebration for the Athletic Department as Lakehill's Upper School teams wrapped up the year with their annual Awards Banquet on May 20th.
Sponsored by the PFC, the event allowed each athletic team the opportunity to be recognized and also gave coaches, students, and supporters the perfect opportunity to celebrate the season's successes and build momentum for the coming year.
The Fighting Heart Award, selected by the coaches, is given to two student-athletes who lead by example, display pride, and put the team first, embodying the true spirit of a Lakehill athlete. This year's honorees were Ryan Henry and Maddie Cerda. Athletic Director Bob Yttredahl also named Colleen McCall and Roger L. Perry honorary award winners for embodying the true spirit of Lakehill during their respective years serving the school.
“It is with great pleasure that The Fighting Heart Award is renamed the Roger L. Perry Fighting Heart Award,” said Coach Yttredahl. “It is difficult to find a way to honor Mr. Perry after all he has given to Lakehill. The Fighting Heart Award encompasses everything Mr. Perry embodies. Mr. Perry is the true spirit of Lakehill.”
Congratulations and thanks to all the Lakehill athletes and coaches who dedicate their time and talents to these programs. A special thanks to PFC Athletics Chair Michelle Crow and her committee for organizing this event. 
Baccalaureate Brings Reflection, Thanks
Lakehill's Baccalaureate Ceremony was held on Sunday, May 23, in Lakehill's Charles J. Wyly Jr. Auditorium. 
A time-honored Lakehill tradition, the ceremony provides an opportunity for each member of the graduating class to publicly thank the people who made it possible for them to get to this moment of achievement in their lives. The afternoon of thoughtful reflection and heartfelt emotion provided a more intimate opportunity to pause and reflect on this rite of passage.
Texas Time Machine Adventure 2021
Thanks to the generosity of Lakehill's incredible donors, for the second year in a row the Warrior Fund has reached its goal! Your gifts make an impact for students and teachers every day.

A special thanks goes to Chair of the Warrior Fund Ambassadors, Jonathan Neerman, and all of the Ambassadors who helped make the Warrior Fund a success this year. We appreciate your dedication to keeping the Warrior community strong. 
A Special Thanks

As the school year comes to a close, I would like to take the time to honor and give thanks to the wonderful community that makes up Lakehill. The 2020-2021 school year was a time that will be remembered by all as a result of the difficulties COVID-19 presented, but what will be remembered most is the team of Warriors that worked side by side, behind the scenes to make for a successful year.
Please join me in thanking the team behind the Warrior Weekly. Their hard work, encouragement, and support made publication of the newsletter possible each week! If you see any of these Warriors - please express your gratitude for a job well done!
Writing, Editing, and Reviewing: 
Susanne Seitz, Stacey Peacock, Patti Frullo, Heather Dondis.
Patrick Dunn, Edwin Neill, Tricia Neerman, Adam Jochelson, Dan Curtis.

-Jacqui Nickell
Lakehill Board of Directors 2021-2022 Officers

Chairman: James Perry
Vice-Chairman: Hardmon Williams
Secretary: Brent Walker
Treasurer: Bradley Bartholow
Lakehillopoly is here!!!
The PFC is thrilled to announce that Lakehillopoly is here!!!

Lakehillopoly pick up will be next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm in the vestibule.
2021-2022 PFC OFFICERS
Lakehill's Parent Faculty Club (PFC) gathered on May 14 for their final General Meeting of the year, chaired by outgoing PFC President Lydia Perry.
The new PFC Executive Committee was announced. Members of the 2020-2021 Executive Committee are as follows:

President: Shelley Shook
Vice-President: Brooke Scruggs
Treasurer: Marni Andreason
Secretary: Kellie Armentrout
Parliamentarian: Angela Degeyter
Many thanks to the PFC and all its members who do so much for Lakehill.
May 28
Commencement Ceremony
The Class of 2021 Commencement Ceremony will begin at 7:30 pm in the Charles J. Wyly, Jr. Auditorium. Live stream available.
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