Volume 13, Issue 34
May 13, 2021
After 39 years of greeting children and shaking their hands as they enter the school building, the Lakehill community had the opportunity to return the gesture.

Thanks to the Lakehill community for coming out last weekend to celebrate Mr. Perry's tenure, retirement, and commitment to the Warrior family!
Honoring Roger L. Perry
Lakehill Headmaster for 39 years.
The PFC is excited to announce that Lakehillopoly
is available for order!
This one-of-a-kind version of the classic board game is completely customized for our very own Lakehill community.
Your kids will love playing a game with the people, places, and events that make up their school life.

Since this is the alternative to our usual PFC auction fundraiser, ordering your game is a fabulous way to support Lakehill after a year that has been like no other, with all proceeds going to the school.
Only $50 per game—please order today
The last PFC meeting of the year is Friday,
May 14th at 8:30 am.

You don't want to miss this!!
New PFC Officers for the 2021-22 school year, as well as the PFC's annual gift to the school, will be announced.

All parents and guardians are invited to be a part of the fun!

Meeting ID: 957 103 5105
Passcode: LPS
NJHS Presents
The Class of 2021, Senior Spotlights
James Pinchot
James Pinchot has attended Lakehill for three years and made the most of his time as a Warrior. He has played tennis at Lakehill and spends his time outside of school coding, gaming, and running. James’ interests fueled his involvement in computer science classes at Lakehill, which he notes as his favorite subject.

Among James’ favorite memories is The Addams Family musical in November of 2018 in which he played the iconic character Lurch. 

James plans to attend the University of Alabama next year and major in Computer Science. His advice to younger Warriors is, “You are going to make it! Just keep pushing!”
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
by: Elizabeth Schmitt, Middle School English Teacher

Students in eighth grade recently completed their unit on Shakespeare’s  Julius Caesar. Rather than assign one summative assessment, students had a choice of eight different projects ranging from presentations on the Roman world to drawing, animating or performing a scene to creating a board game. The most popular choice was creating a news broadcast reporting Caesar’s assassination. Some students used classmates to act out the parts, while Beckett Friesen played all the roles and utilized a green screen to change scenes.Others used their pets. Emma Costa Almeida’s cat made an aloof Julius Caesar, while Austin Sander’s dog portrayed a police officer at the senate while he played all the other characters. Davis Reid and Sabina Chamoy each created a Julius Caesar board game. Davis based his game on LIFE, complete with Roman coins for money, chariots, and jobs such as augerer, senator, or conspirator. Sabina’s game included ghosts who could possess another player and come back to life! Harper Kuhn persuasively connected events and themes in the play to current events. Three students, Gray Henegar, Connor Sullivan, and Skylar Lambert, used Minecraft to build Roman villas, the senate, and even the Globe Theatre. One project did stand out: Matthew Hjertstedt painstakingly created a 90 second animation of the moments leading to the assassination of Caesar. The short film took over 20 hours to produce. Each and every project demonstrated an understanding of the play as well as revealing aspects of their creative personalities.
Sports Update
TTFCA Meet of Champions
Avery Owen
3200m State Champion
1600m Second Place State Medalist
Cullen McCaleb
3200m State Champion
1600m State Champion
800m State Champion
The 5th Annual TTFCA Meet of Champions takes place this weekend and Lakehill has two athletes competing.

On May 14-15, 2021, many of Texas' best track & field athletes will compete in San Antonio in the season's first post-season meet. If you're a state champion from any Texas conference, you automatically qualify, regardless of time or mark. If you meet any of the Qualifying Standards, you also may enter the meet. These are the only two ways in which one may compete.

Avery Owen and Cullen McCaleb have qualified and will be representing Lakehill. Congratulations, Warriors and best of luck!
#TogetherWeCan help Lakehill students move forward on the path to accomplishing their dreams. Support the Warrior Fund – text GIVE to 469-393-7038 or donate here. Monthly donations allow you to budget your gift – consider making a recurring contribution.

The only gift too small is no gift at all!
Looking Ahead
May 14
General PFC Meeting
The final PFC meeting of the year will begin at 8:30 am via Zoom.

May 16
Alumni Cookout
In honor of Mr. Roger L. Perry. Join us!

May 19
Lower School Awards
Lower School Awards Ceremony begins at 2:00 pm. Live streaming will be available.

May 20
Middle School Awards
Middle School Awards Ceremony begins at 2:00 pm. Live streaming will be available.
Upper School Athletics Celebration
Upper School Athletes and their parents are invited to the gym at 7:00 pm to celebrate Lakehill Athletics.

May 21
Last Day of School for K-6
Lower School Field Day
Field Day is from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
Upper School Awards
Upper School Awards Ceremony begins at 11:00 am. Live streaming will be available.
Upper School Celebration
Upper School Celebration begins at 12:30 pm.

May 23
Baccalaureate will begin at 2:00 pm in the Charles J. Wyly Jr. Auditorium.

May 28
Commencement Ceremony
The Class of 2021 Commencement Ceremony will begin at 7:30 pm at the Roger L. Perry Campus.
COVID-19: Lakehill Preparatory School
Visit the Lakehill Website to read Lakehill's Plan for Reopening.

Please review our “what if” scenarios regarding notification and returning to school after an illness that may be helpful in clarifying situations we may encounter: COVID-19 What Ifs.
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