The Food Drive Continues - the Truck's Open Every Day
8 am to 5 pm Outside the Jessen Office Building
The Way Hopeful Times
& Lotsa Other Good Stuff
Edition X
Mother's Day Worship
on the Screen on the Beach
• • • • •
Special Video "Tribute to Mothers" by Coach
Kraig Moreland and a group of wonderful church volunteers
• Music by Hannah Swoyer and Eva, Janel & Nora Sharman
• Children's Message by Fred and Teddi Koch
• Liturgy & Prayers by Rev. Zachary Hancock
• Sermon by Dr. Thomas Dickelman "The Middle School Love Tweet"
(the service will be emailed Sunday at 10:00 am to those on our mailing list - you can also find a link on the church website
Rev. Zachary Hancock & Family
Announce Move to Colorado
• • • • •
Most of you read our Wednesday announcement that Zach and Lydia Hancock and their children Henry and Frances will be wrapping up their time at the Community Church June 30th when they move back home to Colorado. Zach has served our church for 3.5 years, and the Hancocks will always be part of the Community Church family. Pam Campbell of our church is coordinating plans for our congregation to say "farewell" and thank you to Zach and the Hancock family. Please stay tuned!
Market House & Community Church Announce Joint Program Benefiting Beacon Place Families
• • • • • 
The Market House Restaurant in Lake Forest - which has re-opened serving carry out customers - has also quietly begun an extraordinary additional service. Beginning next Tuesday, the Community Church will pick up and deliver 200 meals per week prepared by Market House chefs for the families of Beacon Place on the southside of Waukegan. The Community Church is honored to play a small role in supporting this fantastic Market House program benefiting Beacon Place families!
GUESS WHAT? Matt's Dewar's Weekly Wellness
has changed times - it will now be offered
@ 7:00 p.m. on Monday below
Six-week Zoom Study on
Thomas Keating's Classic
Open Mind, Open Heart

C o-facilitated by Zach Hancock & Dave Andersen 

Keating was one of the world's foremost contemplatives who was also inspirational for me (Zach) in pursuing contemplative practice as a significant part of my life and ministry. Keating is also a major influencer and source for Dave's contemplative practice. 

For those who are curious about Open Mind, Open Heart but want to know more before you order a book and set aside time in your schedule—we are offering an informational/inspirational inquiry session that we're calling Session 0. 

If you don't know if you want to participate in Open Mind, Open Heart Session 0 will be helpful. If you think you know you want to participate in Open Mind, Open Heart Session 0 will be helpful. 
Session 0 will convene Wednesday May 13th at 7:30 PM and Friday May 15th at 9 AM (the same time and day Sessions 1-6 will be held).

To attend OMOH sessions use the same Zoom link or meeting number used for all Community Contemplation sessions: 

Meeting ID: 927 7895 1159
Password: hippo

OMOH   Session 1  begins Wednesday 5/20 at 7:30 PM (two sessions a week, Wednesday and Friday) and runs until 6/26. 

OMOH Schedule
Session 0 May 13 7:30 PM & May 15 9 AM
Session 1 May 20 7:30 PM & May 22 9 AM
Session 2 May 27 7:30 PM & May 29 9 AM
Session 3 June 3 7:30 PM & June 5 9 AM
Session 4 June 10 7:30 PM & June 12 9 AM
Session 5 June 17 7:30 PM & June 19 9 AM
Session 6 June 24 7:30 PM & June 26 9 AM

At the conclusion of  Open Mind, Open Heart  there will be an option for continuing two more weeks with  The Human Condition,  a 45 page short but rich lecture series delivered by Keating for the Harold M. Wit Lectures, Harvard University Divinity School. 

Please contact  Zach  or  Dave   for more information on all the above.
Tom's Weird Pictures of the Week
I looked out the 2nd floor office window in the tree and saw a squirrel scurrying up with something in it's mouth. I could not tell what the squirrel had until he dropped it to the ground.
I went out to see what it was - the squirrel was eating remnants from a can of Nutella. I figured the squirrel saw "Nut" on the can and assumed that it was something they'd like...
4th Annual Grateful Dead Service
"Grateful on the Screen" May 24
• • • • • 
Ken Hall is hard at work creating the 4th Annual Grateful Dead service, which will be presented on "Worship on the Screen" Sunday morning, May 24 @ 10:00 a m. He's got quite a collection of musicians, and as is our tradition "Dead" fan Zach Hancock will preach.
Also, join us for next Sunday's May 17th service when Tom preaches and Bobby Newman provides music.
Bob's Not-So-Weird, Beautiful Pics
Bob and Cindy Broten have spent the last few months in FL.
Bob was kind enough to send us a few pics.
We hope Bob brings his camera to the beach this summer!
Tom Speaks @
An Upcoming Program Which May Be Of Interest!
• • • • • 
On Tuesday, May 19 Tom will be the guest speaker for "The Impact Exchange" - a speaker series offered by Art Impact Project, a Lake Bluff based, charitable organization dedicated to enhancing emotional wellness through creative expression. The Zoom talk and following conversation is open to all and is free-of-charge. Just let them know so they can send you a link - click HERE . For more info on Art Impact Project, click ART IMPACT PROJECT . I hope to see you!
Tom's Hard-to-Believe Picture of the Week
This shot was taken yesterday about 30 yards south of the Shelter where we meet for Worship on the Beach. Obviously, you'll note the sand in that area which at times used to be 30' wide - has disappeared, and that you need to walk through ankle-deep water to get to the sand on the far end of the beach. We're still hoping to begin Worship on the Beach in June - stay tuned...
Return to Love Study Offered

Darrell Bloom and Dave Andersen will lead a discussion of Marianne Williamson’s book, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles, next week, Tuesday, May 12 th  at 7:00 PM. We will begin by reading the first 50 pages. It will be a soft beginning, so invite anyone to attend, even if they have not had a chance to get the book and read it. 
Here is the new Zoom number. There will not be a password and you should be able to access the meeting even if I am not there to start it. So no hanging out in the waiting. Just click on the zoom link in below, or go to zoom and enter the meeting ID listed in below. 
See you next week and prayers for everyone throughout the world in these challenging times.

Meeting ID: 830 6159 3592
Community Church Zoom Menu
(the links are underlined,  bold-faced,  &   italicized )

* Weekly Wellness With Matt Dewar. 7:00 pm.  This program has a NEW TIME! L INK

Meditation. 5:45 pm Ann Barbour & Venu  Community Contemplation

Meditation. 9:00 am. Zach Hancock  Community Contemplation

Course in Miracles. 9:00 am Darrell Bloom.  LINK
Virtual Bohemian School of Uke. 5:30 pm. Elliott Delman.  LINK

Meditation. 9:00 am. Dave Andersen.    Community Contemplation

Meditation. 9:00 am. Zach Hancock.  Community Contemplation

 if you use the Zoom app for  Community Contemplation  the Meeting
ID:927-7895-1159 and the Password: hippo
• if you use the Zoom app for  High School Group  the Meeting ID:
933 0136 4405 and the Password: peace
• if you use the Zoom app for Thursday morning  Course in Miracles  the Meeting ID: 996 069 420
• if you use the Zoom app for the  Virtual Bohemian School of Uke  the Meeting ID: 771 5775 2833
• if you use the Zoom app for  Weekly Wellness with Matt Dewar  the Meeting ID: 957 5163 9334
All you need to do to participate is click on the link next to the program. If you have questions, email  Elliott Delman   Darrell Bloom   or  Dave Andersen