Welcome to the April 2020 Crones Counsel Newsletter . Until further notice, celebrate Everything! (With social distancing, mask and gloves, of course!)

April 2020
Seasons: The Way of the Crone
By Win Fiandaca

Dear Readers, We did not receive any submissions for this month’s, “What Being a Crone Means to Me.” So I am taking the opportunity to re-publish an article I wrote for Buffalo Women’s Vision published by Marta Quest and Mahtowin Howe in their July/August 2000 magazine. I was 59.

Seasons: The Way of the Crone
As far as seasonal cycles go, many of us mature women are in Summer, the fullest cycle of life. Spring, with its budding has bloomed into summer. The gradual decline of fall and the death of winter are future events.

For me, physically, summer embraces the arid climate of Phoenix, Arizona. I wilt just a little more each day when temperatures rise into the high 110s. But spiritually, I feel quite comfortable in my personal summer. I am in the fullness of life. Read more about the way of the Crone.

Win Fiandaca is 79. She lives in the Phoenix area in winters and retreats to the tall pines at 7,000’ feet in summer. She is married for 43 years and has three children and four grandchildren.

If you would like to submit your version of, "What being a Crone Means to Me," please send to before May 5th.
We’re Still Crones and We Will Meet Again
By Maggie Fenton
Maggie Fenton
I had no idea when I agreed to be your Board Chair that our first major task, other than planning the Gatherings, would be to cancel for the first time since Crones Counsel began twenty-eight years ago. As I have written in emails and on our Facebook page, it was a decision that was both painful and easy. With the experts’ prognosis that this pandemic will continue for months, we knew we needed to do what we must to protect our constituency. It was also important to act early so we could potentially renegotiate contracts that were already in place. Meanwhile, we are still planning for 2021, hoping we can have it in Portland but time will tell whether that is possible. As soon as we know, you will know.

So .. how do we stay connected until then? We’re hoping to have some virtual gatherings. Our first will be June 20th (Summer Solstice) using the conference tool Zoom. “Zoom in June”  

What are you doing while staying isolated?
By Tricia Layden

Staying at home, reading, working on art projects, virtual visits with family and groups I belong to via FaceTime or Zoom. I order groceries from Fred Meyer and my husband and I pick them up. Sometimes it is a little frustrating since they don’t always have what I asked for and some of the substitutions are not acceptable, but we manage. We have a garage apartment on our property, and one of the inhabitants and I do exercise together three times a week, staying six feet apart. Read more.

By Rosemary Lucier
My husband and I have been in quarantine since March 13th when our daughter, a public health nurse, told us to stop our travels and get home. She has been shopping for us although others, including neighbors, have offered. We walk once or twice daily and go to areas where we can enjoy nature. We are fortunate to be near the coast and frequently walk on the beach and through the now empty campgrounds at the beach. The birds sing for us as we walk. We work outside weeding, trimming overgrown bushes and trees, and laying down barrier material, rocks and driftwood. I’ve filled up numerous pots by using two overgrown jade bushes. My daughter and a friend asked for masks so I used a sturdy cotton curtain and a Hawaiian print material to make masks. Read more.
Marsha Scarbrough

Today is a Good Day to Die
By Tim Ward

Tim is referring to our Crone Sister Marsha Scarbrough who moved to Spain several years ago.

A 73 -year-old American in Madrid tells it like it is.

My friend, author Marsha Scarbrough, wrote this article, which I am publishing with her permission:

As I boot up my computer this morning, the Internet tells me that Coronavirus has taken more than 7,000 lives in Spain. I’m in my 16th day of lock down in Madrid, the city hardest hit in the country. Although I feel fine, my thoughts turn toward death.

I think, “today is a good day to die.” Read more.
Colorado Crones Meet Via Zoom

Suzanne Gruba hosted the Colorado Crones for their annual tea party on April 18th via Zoom the video conferencing service. Colorado Crones brought our own tea and snacks and Suzanne didn't have to clean her house!
Colorado Crones Tea Party
Summer Solstice Virtual Gathering
Zoom in June
Saturday, June 20, 2020
More info coming soon!
What's Life Like in Spain During the Covid-19
Chants for Crones Counsel created by Tracy Schmidt
Articles Needed for Crone Times

Consider writing a short article for the next Crone Times issue. The topic is "FOREST." Pieces should be about 300 words in length and submitted to

And the People Stayed Home
by Kitty O'Meara

”And the people stayed home,
And read books, and listened,
And rested, and exercised,
And made art, and played games,
And learned new ways of being,
And were still.
And listened more deeply.
Some meditated, some prayed
And some danced.
Some met their shadows.
And the people began to think differently. Read more.
Poetry Corner
Conscious Aging thoughts as I look in the mirror during Sunday Morning Body Maintenance time:

Hair that once grew so thick on my head
Now sprouts unbidden from elsewhere instead!
And that’s not to mention what once grew down there
Has slowly but surely become quite rare!
Oh! there is an upside-don’t get me wrong-
I wouldn’t have to shave before donning a thong!
Though, why in the world would that be desired
When all those sweet parts are mostly retired?
Aaah! Isn’t it nice to laugh and be happy
And love how I look though everything’s flabby?
All that I see has performed faithfully its duty
And, doubtless, I’m just an 80-year-old cutie!

d’Estree Dockter 4/5/20

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