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Megan, Michael, Donna, and Jess are all in New Orleans this week at the Vineyard Regional Conference, so I'm sure we can look forward to hearing what is happening in our movement and our region in the near future.

Remember if you are graduating this year, our church community would like to recognize you in our services on Sunday, June 24th. We just need to know that you'll be there and your accomplishment, so please register here.

We hope to see you Sunday as we continue our journey through Psalms. 
See you Sunday!  

Upcoming Events - 

Clicking "more info" will take you to our calendar where you can read a description of the class, register to attend, and also sign up for childcare (if provided).    
10 Worship Services (10 & 11:30am)
17 Worship Services& Father's Day (10 & 11:30am)
24 Worship Services & Graduate Recognition more info (10 & 11:30am)  
1 Worship Services & Communion (10 & 11:30am)
8 Worship Services (10 & 11:30am)
15 Worship Services (10 & 11:30am) Our new lead pastor, Josh Harder, begins!
21 Men's Breakfast (8:30am) more info  
21-25 Kid's Camp more info
22 Worship Services (10 & 11:30am)
29 Worship Services (10 & 11:30am) 

Education, Events, and Ministries!
Lecture by Scott Robinson
Debunking the Warfare Myth  
Saturday, June 9th,  9-11:30am  
First Presbyterian Church in the Museum District   
The myth that Christianity and science are at war is deeply embedded in American culture. Our very own Scott Robinson will briefly summarize the history of the myth and debunk its main components. He will offer some observations that can be helpful in your own life and conversations with others. Scott is a geologist who has worked at ExxonMobil for 32 years. Since Scott's conversion to Christianity 41 years ago, the Warfare Myth and science-faith issues have been a passion of his. Find out more here. 
Prayer for Sunday Services  
9:30am in 2nd floor break room! 
For twenty minutes before services start on Sunday morning, people meet in to pray for each service. Please join us!  
Do nuts for Dad 
Photo Booth in the Cafe
Father's Day - June 17th 
At the Vineyard, we thank God for the unique and important gifts that men bring to the Kingdo m of God. Whether you are a dad, a step-dad, uncle, grandpa, brother, mentor...we appreciate you! Join us as we honor the men of our church in both services
Graduate Recognition Sunday 
June 24th in both services
We want to celebrate with you if you are a graduate of elementary, middle school, high school, college, or higher education programs. Please sign up so we can honor you.   
Houston Welcomes Refugees Orientation - Houston Welcomes Refugees   
June 25th in 7pm - in the Cafe 
Refugees arrive in Houston with very little and have to quickly begin their lives all over again. The mission of Houston Welcomes Refugees (HWR) is to help ease the resettlement process by mobilizing caring volunteers. Those volunteers may provide Welcome Kits, be part of a Move-In Team or mentor a family for a year. This orientation is the first step to being a part of welcoming refugees to our city. Sign up here.  
Vineyard Artists Guild - Current exhibit coming down! 
Hope Rising Art Exhibit Ends This Sunday!  Our current exhibit is full of awesome art created for the women's conference that was held in April. If you would like to purchase one of the pieces in the show, please contact the artist directly. For more information, contact Penny Robinson here. 

We are currently preparing for our next exhibit, Transitions, that will open July 1st.
Next Generation  
For more information about the children's department, or to volunteer, please contact our children's pastor, Jill Lively 

Facebook page for parents, teachers, and guardians of Vineyard Church of Houston children!
We have created a closed group for those who want to keep up on what is happening in our nursery and children's department on Sunday. It is called Vineyard Church of Houston Kids. If you'd like to be added to the group, email Jill Lively 

This Sunday, we move into II Corinthians with a lesson on new creations!

  Our youth will go to their classes. 

From Melanie Petersen:
We are looking for a paid care and a mentoring attendant to work part-time, flexible hours with our 28 year old son who lives in our home. Hours may range from 5-10 hours per week, primarily on weekends. Duties include overseeing medication, meals, socialization and small outings. Our need is immediate.The rate of pay is $16 - $19.50/hour. Background check will be provided. Please inquire about details with David (713-203-2706) or Melanie  (713-933-7373).

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Family Classified  
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Networking help and prayer needed  
Please pray for the father of a beautiful refugee family that our Life Group has been in relationship with since April, 2017. The father needs a new job. His experience is in hospital sterilization equipment sales and Internet switch installation.  Contact Scott Robinson to get his resume. It would be great if God used someone in our church to get him his first real, full-time job here in the US and be a big help to their family. 

Saturday, June 9th, at 11:30am   
Niday Funeral Home
12440 Beamer Road
Houston, Texas 77089

You can read Averyl's obituary here. 
Friend of the Vineyard - Help needed
One of our neighbors and friend of our church has asked us to help find someone to care for her sister (suffered a stroke last year) in the evenings: feed her birds, water plants, help with her exercises, do laundry and generally hand her things that are out of her reach. This is approximately 20-30 hours a week and the pay is $10 an hour. If you are interested, please contact Sheryl at 832.244.4798. Thanks! 
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