Welcome to the Week of August 23, 2020
Dear Upper School Families,

Congratulations on a great first week! It was restorative for us all to see each others’ faces during this past week and begin the work of learning together as a community. 

Distance learning requires many adjustments, and we know that some may have proven difficult. We encourage you to persevere, and know that we are also working hard to improve distance learning instruction on our end. Below you will find some Distance Learning Tips, which will help you and your children.

We are making one particularly important adjustment this week in order to better gather attendance data for the State of Texas while distance learning. All students have been invited to and must join the "GHI US Daily Attendance" class in Google Classroom. This is where students will check in each day for attendance before proceeding to the other classes. Completing the daily attendance question is due by 9:05am every morning, just as our Official Attendance Taking Time for the State of Texas is 9:05am. For further details, please see below. 

Finally, please check your inbox for my first Letter from the Headmaster, which was sent out this past Friday.

We are all looking forward to another great week!
Yours in Partnership,
Michael Cowan
Headmaster, Upper School
Great Hearts Irving
At a Glance
August 24 - September 4 | 6-9th Grade MAP Growth Testing Online
August 27 | Distance Learning Meal Pick-Up (8:30-10:30am)
August 27 | Thursday Block Day Schedule
August 28 | Early Release - Friday Block Day Schedule
September 3 | Distance Learning Meal Pick-Up (8:30-10:30am)
September 7 | Labor Day Holiday
September 10 | M-W Class Schedule
September 11 | Full Day Friday (M-W Class Schedule)
September 31 | Distance Learning Meal Order Due for Weeks 4-9
A Closer Look
Attendance in Google Classroom

All students have been invited to and must join the “GHI US Daily Attendance” Google Classroom. For State Attendance, students should check in by 9:05am each day before proceeding to their other classes. It is imperative that we have an accurate attendance count so we are able to receive proper funding from the state in order to continue educating your students!
GHI Senator Applications

With a new year beginning, we look forward to welcoming a new group of Senators to lead our student body! Each year, two senators are selected from each House. Senators must be 9-12th grade students with a desire and willingness to lead their classmates for the 2020-21 school year.

Applications will be sent to parents of High School Families Wednesday, 8/26.
Distance Learning Meals

For families who will continue Distance Learning after September 8th, we are committed to providing meals for students. Throughout Distance Learning, families can order meal boxes containing 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches per student per week. Reach out to Patrick Malone (Patrick.Malone@GreatHeartsIrving.org) with questions.
Orders for Weeks 4-9 are due Monday 8/31.
First Block Schedule Week

This week will be our first school week with Thursday & Friday Block Schedule Classes. Monday through Wednesday, students will attend all their classes for 50 minutes. On Thursday, students will attend their 1st, 3rd, 7th, & 8th period classes for 80 minutes each. On Friday, students will attend their 2nd & 4th period classes for 80 minutes each.
Upper School Week Ahead

This year we are asking families to opt in to receive our weekly newsletter.

Beginning Sunday, September 6, only families who have signed up through the link below will receive the Upper School Week Ahead.
Distance Learning Aids

Week Schedules & Zoom Links in Google Classroom

Teachers will post a Week Schedule each Friday for the following week in both the "Stream" and "Classwork" tabs inside their Google Classroom. The Week Schedule will elaborate what days students will need to be on Zoom for class and what days students will be doing their classwork individually.

Teachers will post Zoom Links 10 minutes before class begins as its own post in the "Classwork" tab. This practice is for our students' safety.
UPDATED: Guide to Changing Your Zoom Name

For safety reasons, students will only be admitted into a Zoom meeting if the name shown is on the teacher's roster. Below are two ways students can set their Zoom name. Each suggestion is linked to a How-To Page:

Method 1: Using a provided link, join from your browser rather than from the application.

Method 2: Inside a Zoom account, change your name in the Profile.

We ask that students write their name as "Mr." or "Miss" followed by their Last Name.
General Zoom Reminders

In an effort to make our Zoom Classes imitate our in-person classrooms, we ask students

  • be in uniform.
  • be in a quiet space where they can unmute to contribute their ideas.
  • have their name written as "Mr." or "Miss" followed by their Last Name.
  • always have their camera turned on & showing shoulders up.
  • be in a well lit space with their device resting on a solid surface.
  • have their class materials handy and other materials set aside.
Upper School Online Schedule Overview

To help families organize their days and open avenues of communication between families and teachers, we have created a 6-12th Grade Online Schedule with teacher contact information. You can also find contact information for all faculty and staff on our website.
Tech Help

Great Hearts has a dedicated IT team tasked with helping families with computer and Google Classroom troubles. For help, complete the Great Hearts Family Help Form or call the Family Help Line at 480-781-4267.
Ways You Can Help

Substitute Teachers

Due to the current state of affairs, we anticipate an increased need for:
  1. Short and long-term substitutes
  2. Athenaeum teachers and assistants
  3. Teachers available to fill mid-year openings

If you or someone you know has interest in applying, please use the links above to complete an online application today!
Opportunities to Give

People like you help us do what we do best! During these uncertain times, we would like to thank all our parents, grandparents, and friends for their support of the Community Investment Campaign. Your continued generosity ensures our teachers and staff have everything they need to offer this amazing education. Your dollars fill financial gaps. Give what you can for your child. Every dollar makes a difference.

We also invite our entire community to participate in this year's North Texas Giving Day. Mark your calendar, give what you can, and make a lasting impact on your child’s education. 1 day, 18 hours, an outpouring of support for our wonderful school. Be part of the excitement!
For more information on Community Investment or North Texas Giving Day, please visit greatheartsirving.org/give or contact our Director of Academy Giving at Keo.Strull@greatheartsirving.org.