All ongoing groups and programs are always open to new participants. Take a look and join us!
Dear Senior Center Members,

Once again, I hope this email finds you all well!

This is a last reminder to those individuals who would like to join this months monthly Senior Advisory Council Meeting. Please email me and I will send you the link.

It is on Thursday, November 6th at 10:30 am. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about all the wonderful services and programs we offer to keep you connected to us. It's also an opportunity to voice ideas, concerns and ask questions or just listen in. Join us!
It's been two months since we started having outdoor fitness classes in the park. Of course it isn't the same as being inside our wonderful gym, but we're glad we've been able to continue to adapt our services to the current situation.

As the weather turns colder, we want to make sure you have plenty of opportunities to stay healthy even as you remain at home. We are adding live (virtual) classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please look at the calendar (link at the top of this email) for dates and times.

Please note that in order to participate in these live classes, you will need to access them from your computer, or have Internet available on your TV. You do NOT need a webcam to join us -- only the instructor will be onscreen.

Please call us or email us for the link. You will have to do this for each class as the access code will change weekly. Please do not share the link with others as this is only for our senior center community. Our very own JillAnn also will be offering Now and Zen weekly on Wednesdays. Please email her for the link as well.

If this is not enough fitness for you, if you have cable TV you can also go on to SBTV (Verizon channel 45/Comcast channel 26) for the following daily classes:

12 Noon- BollyX
1PM Sittersize
2PM Regular Senior Exercises
3PM Advanced Fitness

The live classes will be recorded and when they are available on SBTV I will let everyone know what time they will show. I will also put them on our senior center website to access at your leisure.

I hope your are all hanging in there and are able to find something meaningful and fun to keep you connected to us.
My Best,
732.329.4000 x 7682
As you open the November calendar, please note a few additions:

Food, Glorious Food! Monday at 1 PM [email Caryl for the link]
A discussion of foods that comfort us, recipes that have been passed down from family or friends, new foods that we love, healthy food, indulgences, restaurants that we love, local food sales, perhaps a demonstration and more.

The Origins of Everyday Things - Monday at 10 AM [email JillAnn for the Link]
Have you ever wondered just where things originated from??? Well then this program’s for you! Attention all lovers of facts, students of popular culture, history buffs, and science enthusiasts, here’s the fascinating stories behind 500 everyday items, expressions, and customs--from Kleenex to steak sauce, Barbie Dolls to honeymoons.

Podcast Cafe - Wednesday at 2 PM [email Dawn for the phone in number]
A weekly call where we listen to a podcast independently and then discuss it together. Topics range from history, food, mysteries and biographies of successful people and so on! This week, the group will be listening to and discussing "Why do we have so much stuff?" Make sure to listen here and join us on Wednesday!

Name That Tune- Friday at 11 AM [Email JillAnn for the link]
Join JillAnn in this ol time favorite game, test your musical knowledge. Extra points if you can name the artist too!!

POKENO Starts Thursday November 12th at 11:30 AM. Please call us ASAP so we can mail a Pokeno board and chips to you in time for you to join us. Pokeno is similar to BINGO so if you love BINGO you are sure to LOVE POKENO. You don NOT need a computer to enjoy this -- we will give you a phone number to call for our games.
NEW Holiday Support Group
Please call our social worker Dawn Neglia at 732.329.4000 X 7212 to see if this group is right for you.

Holidays can be a tough time and this year presents additional new challenges with our current restrictions. We will be hosting twice-monthly support sessions in November and December to help one another during this difficult time.

Each session will last approximately one hour and you can join in as you wish. We will share stories of holidays past, reflect on traditions and discuss ways to cope with our present situation. 
Something to look forward to when things are back to normal!

We were gifted a beautiful, baby grand piano that offers such a sweet, wonderful sound.

Our piano recitals and music-based programs will be awesome!
Eagle Scout Project
Aditya Chidambaram (South Brunswick Troop 10) built this Mini Free Library at our office-side entrance!

We are so happy to be the beneficiary of this. The mini-library is not active yet -- we will let you know when books will be added.