Welcome to the Week of September 27, 2020
Thank you! Thank you for your incredible generosity on North Texas Giving Day! As a special thank you, we would like to share a performance of "Mischievous" by Nikolai Rakov recorded by our 3rd-5th Grade Music Teacher Mr. Beck. We hope you will find its beauty an expression of our gratitude.

Thank you for your support as we returned to in-person learning. The return of students in the building has been filled with joy and thoughtful conversations. Thank you also to our families who are continuing to support and guide their distance learners from home.

We are delighted that carline and our new dismissal system CurbSmart are working well. You can help afternoon pick up go even smoother and more efficiently by helping your child to recognize the color and type of your car.

To help safeguard the health and well-being of students and teachers, it is vital that parents monitor their students for any symptoms associated with COVID-19 at home. Please use Great Hearts’ Student Home Screening Form for guidance on symptoms to look out for. Once students have returned to school in person, they will not return to Distance Learning should they become ill or need to stay home. When in-person students cannot come to school, their teacher will set aside their work for them to complete when they return. Families may opt at any time to return to Distance Learning, but once you have done so it will be necessary for your child(ren) to remain in Distance Learning for the rest of the quarter.

If you plan for your student to return to school in person for Quarter 2, please let Ms. Finn know via email as soon as possible, and by October 16 at the latest.
At a Glance
October 7 | ESL Night
October 12 | Student Holiday
October 16 | End of Quarter 1
October 19-23 | Fall Break
Visit greatheartsirving.org for the most up-to-date information and much more.
A Closer Look
ESL Night
Our ESL program is a crucial part of our mission to provide a classical, liberal arts education in pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. Families of English Language Learners are invited to join us virtually on October 7 from 5 to 6pm.

Our student uniform is an essential part of who we are and what we do. The uniform serves to unify our students as one community of learners and signifies our common purpose and identity. Visit greatheartsirving.org/uniforms for details about our Uniform Policy and how to purchase uniform items.

Breakfast and Lunch
We are delighted to be able to provide two healthy and delicious meals for all our students, both in person and distance, every day. Visit greatheartsirving.org/breakfastandlunch for more details.

Athenaeum and Homework Club
The Athenaeum after-school program will resume this week along with in-person learning. Click here for more information and to register your scholars.

On the Horizon
Fall Break
The sudden chill in the morning air tells us that Fall has finally arrived. Our scholars will get a much-needed respite from their diligent studiousness during this year's Fall Break which will run from October 19 through 23. We hope all our families find the time restful and rejuvenating.