A Note from Scott and Marsha
September 1, 2022
Hello September! Fall is starting to hit the Garden Center, Pumpkin Spice is officially at Starbucks, and some of the leaves are even starting to change colors. I have to say: we are here for it.

Goodbye summer. Goodbye humidity. Goodbye 100 degree temperatures when you sweat in places you just didn't know you could. Goodbye to fruity cocktails that you sip on the beach; ok, just kidding., you should never say goodbye to beach days!
You can say hello to Koa! No, he has not been added to the payroll as a therapy dog. Nope, that will never happen. Funny story about this dog. (But gross... you've been warned.)

Koa is my daughter's dog and Halle's best friend. While he may have a sweet face, he has to be one of the most mischievous dogs on the planet. This, of course, goes along with each of your dogs too because we all know we either have one or a friend has one.

Daniel and Erica are on a trip for a week. Scott and I are having a Week of Halle, babysitting at their house with their two dogs: Evie, who is a breeze, and Koa, who is not. Why, you ask?

He will eat Halle's food if I turn my back for a second and he whispers, "Rookie." He will surf the counter and grab anything he can and he whispers, "Rookie." He will nudge open the garbage can and eat anything he can find and he whispers, "Rookie." If his toy goes outside the fence, he will try to wiggle out between the rails or dig under the fence, all the while whispering, "Rookie." Let's just say keeping Halle has been a breeze.

This is the part where I reveal a certain mishap that Erica and Daniel don't even know about yet. We shall see if they actually take the time to read our newsletter. If they don't read this, then technically I don't have to tell them because it isn't my fault they didn't read it along with all our followers. Insert my shrug here.

Scott was going to grill a steak and some chicken for dinner Sunday evening. We were fixing dinner, listening to music, and enjoying time with Halle. All of the sudden, Scott yelled, "Marsha, what does Koa have?"

I turned around and grabbed him, trying to get out whatever he had in his mouth. Of course, he immediately swallowed it. What the heck did he have? I looked around and realized the little *&!)(%# swallowed the pad from the bottom of the meat container meant to soak up the juice. The meat pad, if you will. What the what.

After Googling (horrible idea), contacting two friends who also have mischievous dogs, and listening to Scott tell me he has eaten way worse, I made an executive decision: Peroxide and Greek yogurt. I had seen Daniel do this when Koa ate something he wasn't supposed to right after Halle was born, so technically I was an expert.

I put him outside with the plate and watched to make sure he lapped it all up. All the while telling him, "I'm really sorry but according to Google, if that thing you just ate absorbs any more liquid, you could be having emergency surgery, and I am not paying for that, nor am I calling your mother and ruining her vacation. So barf it up. And I'm sorry."

Twenty minutes later, said meat pad was barfed and all was right with the world again. Scott said, "Good job, babe. I don't think I would have had the nerve to give him the peroxide."

Seriously though, I don't know how Erica and Daniel do this every day with a baby. I'm thinking a cute little dog house in the backyard with a 12' fence would be adorable. But that is just me. Daniel and Erica, you're welcome for keeping him alive. It's been work on my part!

We have two more days before they return. Babysitting plants is much easier. They sit still and they don't eat things. This is why plants should be number one on your list and number one in your heart. Koa is currently sitting at number 8,543 in mine.
Meet Shawn!

Role: Landscape Project Manager
Started at FGS: August 2022
Favorite Plant: Bleeding Hearts, Clematis, and Dahlia
Favorite Snack: Buffalo Chicken Dip
Currently Watching: Paranoid
Favorite Local Restaurant: Thai 55
This year, I'm looking forward to: Spending a week in Colorado snowboarding during the holidays!
Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia: Don't eat the yellow snow!


Yes, we know, it's not quite the end of summer. But with fall plants rolling in, the fall events and classes calendar about to hit the website, and the cooler weather inspiring us, we thought we would sweeten the deal even more with a Rare Houseplants Sale!

Have you been eyeing a rare plant but haven't made the jump to becoming a rare plant owner? Looking for a sign that you *should* buy that one plant? Well here's your sign!

Now through the actual end of summer, you'll be able to snag select rare houseplants for 30% off.

All plants included in this sale will be clearly marked with a red sale price.
Monday, September 5, 2022

Our staff will be spending the day with their families! Please plan to do your holiday weekend shopping Saturday or Sunday; it's looking like the perfect weather to shop, sip a drink from The Potting Shed, and say hi to the goats! We will all be resting on Monday.
Sansevieria, also known as Snake Plants, are one of the best choices for houseplant beginners. They are one of the easiest-care plants out there! They can thrive in lower light to bright, direct sun, which means they can live almost anywhere. They don't mind drying out a bit and actually prefer to be watered every two weeks or so. You can even propagate them, although be aware that it can take a while before you see growth from cuttings.

The only drawback to these friends is that they are toxic to humans and pets when ingested, so make sure to "set it" in a safe place before you "forget it"!

Have you seen any Monarch butterflies in your garden yet? They are starting to arrive in North Carolina for their southern migration and we are spotting them at the Garden Center! Did you know they are on the endangered species list? Monarch butterflies need Milkweed in order to lay their eggs. Planting milkweed is the best way to help bring back the Monarch butterfly population.

Milkweed is relatively easy to care for! It prefers full sun, well-draining soil, and tolerates dry conditions; in fact, overwatering can result in fungus, so wait for the top 2" of soil to feel dry before watering again. It doesn't require any sort of special fertilizer either. Helping the Monarch population grow by planting Milkweed is a piece of cake!


Truly one-of-a-kind, the Chocolate Fountain Mimosa Tree is a dramatic deciduous tree with deep purple coloring. It has beautiful pink flowers in the summer and drapes into a weeping fountain form. Preferring full sun, this tree can grow up to 20 ft tall, but could stay smaller if grown in a container. It offers great curb appeal and stunning backdrops with its unique look!

Saturday, September 3, 10AM-11AM
Location: The Potting Shed

Fall is almost here! Is your front porch ready?

If not, you can spend the morning with us and create a gorgeous autumn wreath (sunflowers optional) that welcomes the change of the seasons right at your front door! Bring your creativity and your fall spirit for this fun workshop.

Fee is $50/person; includes all necessary materials and supplies, a mimosa, and light snacks.

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach

Saturday, September 10, 10AM-11AM
Location: The Potting Shed

The seasons are changing once again and fall colors have started to appear in the great outdoors! Join us at the Garden Center for a creativity-filled hour where you’ll learn design techniques to build your own Dried Autumn Wreath. We’ll even be using some foliage harvested right here on the grounds of For Garden’s Sake! We’re ready for fall, y’all!

Fee is $50/person; includes all necessary materials and supplies, a mimosa, and light snacks.

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach

Weekends from Sep 16 - Oct 30

Raise your hand if you’re ready for fall! The leaves changing colors, pulling out cozy sweaters and blankets, lighting candles, decorating or carving pumpkins, delicious seasonal food and drinks – what’s not to love?

You’ll find everything you need for fall gardening, decorating with pumpkins, and planting fall flowers (pansies, mums, and more!) right here at the Garden Center! We’ll have MORE extended-hour Fridays so you have even more time to shop and enjoy a drink or Sunset Slush while you’re at it.

That’s not all: this year we are fully embracing the fun, the vibes, and the season of change. We’ll have a wide variety of events, classes, workshops, and more so you can enjoy autumn at For Garden’s Sake!
We're Hiring!
For Garden's Sake is looking for new team members! If you like to work hard and have fun at the same time, these positions could be for you!

Open Positions:

  • Garden Center Department Leads
  • Landscaper - Installation Crew Member/Driver

These are full-time, year-round positions that include the following benefits: paid holidays, matching 401k, discounts at the Garden Center, PTO, and health, dental, vision, and life insurance.

CLICK HERE to see the full job descriptions and apply!
Landscape Design and Installation
Whether you are a new homeowner, updating your outdoor living space, or need to solve a drainage issue, our landscape team would love to help you reach your goals! Our designers love to solve problems, curate perfect usable outdoor living spaces, and pair up all the plants that will make your new landscaping POP!

Ready to get started on your new project? We have available appointments in late October!

Tip of the Week: MY CABBAGES!
Do your cabbages, kale, or chard look holey? You could have cabbage worms! Turn those leaves over and look for little worms or caterpillars. Cabbage White Butterflies lay their eggs on plants the newly hatched caterpillars can eat, which is great for them but not so great for you.

Those hungry culprits can be detered with an organic gardening spray, Monterey Bt, which we carry here at the Garden Center! You can also use Dipel Dust if you prefer not to use a spray. A few holes in your veggies won't necessarily kill the plant, but you'll definitely want to discourage pests from eating your food or they may do damage beyond repair.

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