January 11th - 13th, 2019
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Art & Museum Exhibits
Thru Jan 13 | 10:00 am - 6 pm | Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum | Gen. Adm.
One of the most interactive and inspiring exhibitions exploring flight is coming to Denver!
ABOVE AND BEYOND celebrates the power of innovation to make dreams take flight. This traveling aerospace exhibition features: immersive simulations, interactive design challenges, iconic historical touchstones, visionary concepts for the future, and inspiring stories from game-changing innovators, past and present.
Design—and test-fly—your own supersonic jet. Pilot a drone into the eye of a hurricane to measure nature's fury. Spread your wings and experience flight as a bird or a futuristic wing-flapping aircraft. Or take an elevator ride to the edge of space.

Thru Jan 13 | 10:00 am - 6 pm | Clyfford Still Museum | Gen. Adm.
Curated by the younger of Clyfford Still’s two daughters, Sandra Still Campbell, A Daughter’s Eye/A Daughter’s Voice presents a highly personal and original vision of Still’s art and ideas. Two-thirds of the featured works have never been exhibited, and many have been unrolled and stretched for the first time since Still painted them. Campbell’s reflections about her father, his art, and their life together accompany the paintings, and are presented both in wall texts and a podcast. Her audio commentary unfolds in four chapters, one for each of the exhibition’s galleries.
Born in 1942, Campbell became increasingly active in Still’s career beginning in the early 1960s, when the Still family began their inventory process and documentation of Still’s life’s work. Campbell lived in the Still household on and off between 1962 and 1971. Such deep immersion in Still’s ideas and practices allows Campbell to make uncanny connections between seemingly unrelated works, such as a 1949 canvas created in San Francisco, PH-385, and a 1973 painting created in Maryland, PH-1034.

Thru Jan 20 | 9 am - 5 pm| Denver Museum of Nature & Science | Gen. Adm.
¡CUBA! is a lively exhibition for all ages, where you’ll be immersed in the extraordinary biodiversity, cultural traditions, and daily life of this intriguing country.

Thru Jan 20 | Varies| Denver Museum of Nature & Science | Gen. Adm.
Experience a land of spectacular beauty that's home to people renowned for their passion in the film Cuba 2D. The island nation is preserved in time yet poised on the cusp of dramatic change.
Cuba's vibrant culture, distinctive colonial architecture, and unspoiled ecosystems all provide a vivid window into the past. You will be transported across breathtaking island landscapes, below the ocean surface to dazzling reefs, and into streets invigorated by music and dance in the heart of Havana.
This film is the perfect complement to the temporary exhibition, ¡CUBA!

Thru Feb 3 | 10:00 am - 6 pm | Denver Art Museum | Gen. Adm.
Eyes On: Julie Buffalohead will showcase new work by the Minnesota-based artist, who is a citizen of the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma. Buffalohead uses metaphors, iconography, and storytelling narratives in her artwork to describe emotional and subversive American Indian cultural experiences, and often analyzes the commercialization of American Indian cultures.
Buffalohead frequently includes animals as subjects, and her eclectic palette and whimsical subjects evoke a childlike innocence. While she works in a variety of mediums, including painting, printmaking, drawing, illustration, bookmaking, and sculpture, this exhibition will feature a new series of works on canvas that explore her own life experiences, as well as ancestral knowledge.

Thru May 19 | 10:00 am - 6 pm | Denver Art Museum | Gen. Adm.
See how animals have captivated artists throughout history in Stampede: Animals in Art. This cross-departmental exhibition brings together more than 300 objects from the Denver Art Museum’s collection to explore the presence of animals in art throughout centuries and across cultures.
Stampede creates an opportunity for visitors to discover and consider the role animals play through themes such as personal connections with animals, how animal materials have been used in art, how animals are used to tell stories or represent political ideas, and how artists use animals in imaginative ways. It includes visitor favorites such as a four-faced Hamat's Mask, Deborah Butterfield’s horse sculptures, artworks by Frederic Remington and Georgia O’Keeffe, as well as rarely seen works.

Thru Dec 9 | 10:00 am - 6 pm | Denver Museum of Nature & Science | Gen. Adm.
Volcanoes tower 80,000 feet above a barren surface. Monstrous hurricanes rage for 400 years. And multicolored rings sit suspended in air.
In Cosmic Journey: A Solar System Adventure, you'll travel through our solar system faster than the speed of light, taking in the wonders of the planets and their moons.

Thru Dec 31 | 10:00 am - 6 pm | Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center | Gen. Adm.
The art works presented in three galleries highlight some of the most celebrated work by indigenous and Latina/o artists in the FAC’s permanent collection. Within an overall chronological flow, the galleries focus on three periods of time spanning over 150 years: mid-19thcentury, 1930s, and late 20th century to the present. This exhibition explores individual stylistic movements, artists, and topics such as colonial encounters, art markets, and creative innovation, among other subjects. Art works in these galleries will be periodically rotated in an effort to feature a wide range of artworks from the FAC’s extensive collection.
Jan 11 | 7:30 pm & 9:45 pm | Denver Improv
Jan 12 | 7:30 pm & 9:45 pm | Denver Improv
Jan 13 | 7:30 pm | Denver Improv
Emmy nominated Actor and Comedian Deon Cole is one of the most in-demand talents in Hollywood. Simultaneously gracing our screens as Charlie on ABC’s Black-ish and ABC Family’s Grownish, Detective Daniel “DJ” Tanner on the TBS comedy Angie Tribeca and the host of BET’s game show Face Value, the world can’t get enough of Deon Cole. 
Deon began his career on the south side of Chicago and currently calls Los Angeles home. In addition to Deon’s cast member status on four TV shows, Deon appeared in the Whitney Cummings directed film The Female Brain, and will soon be seen in Friendsgiving, produced by Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films, and the Kim Bass directed film HeadShop. He is no stranger to the big screen with previous roles in the Ice Cube led Barbershop series. 

Jan 11 | 7:00 pm | VooDoo Comedy Playhouse
Barkley’s Friday Night Improv Jam is an open invitation for you (yes, you!) to COME PLAY on the Voodoo stage with some of Denver’s most supportive improvisers. Put your name in the hat by 6:50, and you’ll be cast on a one-time team for the 7:00 show that same night! Every week we also invite one of Denver’s best improvisers to play with all of the groups. It’s FREE to watch, FREE to play, and ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME, so come on and slam!

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm | VooDoo Comedy Playhouse
Colorado ‘s ORIGINAL unscripted  musical comedy  team! Based on the suggestion of a title from the audience, the performers of Hit and Run: Musical Improv create an unscripted hour-long Broadway-style comedy musical from scratch. HNR features live accompaniment, dancing, soaring ballads, and more emotional outbursts than  Rent  and The  Phantom Of The Opera  combined. Sondheim and Lloyd Webber take years to write a musical, but HNR creates a brand new one every week. You won’t want to miss it!

Jan 4 | 8:30 pm | VooDoo Comedy Playhouse
Makeshift Shakespeare pays homage to the Bard himself! The absurdity of Shakespeare’s comedies, the misfortune of his tragedies, and the yesteryears of his histories are all performed in a nightly original production by these brainy improvisers. Denver has never seen anything quite like it! “All-male, all-Shakespeare, all the time,” says director Shannon Wood Rothenberg. Theater-goers will find their intellects heartily entertained and their wit vigorously stimulated by the unlimited possibilities of improvisation coupled with the richness of William Shakespeare’s legacy.

Jan 11 | 10:00 pm | VooDoo Comedy Playhouse
Voodoo’s resident short-form improv show!

Jan 11 | 11:00 pm | VooDoo Comedy Playhouse
The megachill Denver talkshow
Tonight Tonight is laid back, free flowing talk show where the audience can shout out and participate in whatever is happening on stage. Hosts Mike Schwanke and TJ Clancy guide the folks through an evening of embarrassing stories and weird happenings around Denver in an interactive, multimedia experience. Ever thrown up at work? What's up with the gal who flashed everyone at Taco Bell? (she was just tryna get some free tacos) Where are the most megachill spots to smoke weed in Denver? Sometimes there’s a guest, sometimes the guys eat hot dogs dunked in beer. Either way, each show is guaranteed to be unexpected and unforgettable. So leave your conscience at home and come hang with the gang

Jan 11 | 7:15 pm & 9:45 pm | Comedy Works South
Jan 12 | 7:15 pm & 9:45 pm | Comedy Works South
Comedian Bobby Collins has an ability to truthfully translate the human condition. Audiences across the country relate to his comedic characterizations as he exposes the humor of day-to-day situations as well as serving up resplendent rants on world events.
A native New Yorker, Collins possesses a confidence and genuine everyman likeability that can only be earned. As a professional stand-up comedian, he's worked alongside friends, Chris Rock, Ray Romano and Drew Carey, as well as toured with titans of entertainment like Frank Sinatra, Cher, Julio Iglesias and Dolly Parton. Rosie O'Donnell specifically requested that Bobby take over as host for Stand-Up Spotlight. 
Through his personal appearances at Comedy Clubs, Theaters, Corporate and Charity events, coupled with innumerable television appearances on legendary shows like Letterman, The Tonight Show with both Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno, Collins continues to add new fans of all ages to his loyal base of die hard followers.  

Jan 4 | 7:30 pm & 9:45 pm & 11:59 pm | Comedy Works 
Jan 5 | 7:30 pm & 9:45 pm & 11:59 pm | Comedy Works 
Steve Simeone has been a regular at Hollywood's most prestigious comedy clubs since making his Comedy Central debut on Gabriel Iglesias' Stand Up Revolution in 2014. Steve’s first album, Remember This, went to the top of the charts on both Billboard and iTunes. Steve will return to Comedy Central on Ari Shaffir's This Is Not Happening" storytelling show. Tune into Steve’s popular podcast Good Times or catch him on Joey Diaz’s The Church of What’s Happening Now and become one of his buddies.

Jan 12 | 7:00 pm | VooDoo Comedy Playhouse
The show guaranteed to delight any human with skin!
A hilarious comedy adventure ride full of dangerous stunts, deep philosophy, and free cake (but not actually any of those things), Third Kind will make you laugh aloud, and our family-friendly content is guaranteed to keep you out of trouble. A little bit Whose Line is it Anyway, a little bit SNL, Third Kind Improv uses the best of both worlds to deliver fresh, hilarious scenes that will be gone as fast as free Chick-Fil-A nuggets at a work meeting. Every scene and improv game is based entirely off of audience suggestions, so the power is entirely in the people’s (hopefully washed) hands!

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm | VooDoo Comedy Playhouse
Yokay lives to do stupid, ridiculous comedy for the enjoyment of all audience members alike. Founded by Nate Baumgart, Yokay has no rules, no plans, and no remote clue of what they’re doing next. The only guarantee is that they will make you laugh. Yokay is joined every show by one of their favorite guest teams filled with some of the most talented and hilarious improvisors you’ll see in Denver.

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm | VooDoo Comedy Playhouse
Professor Phelyx, From the Vest  is a 60 minute experience that possesses all of the intimate charms of a Victorian-era parlour show. Professor Phelyx even performs a lot right in the audience, offering every attendee the opportunity to witness incredible feats up-close! During this highly interactive show, participants will experience unique performances of mental magic and comedy. Just imagine mind-reading, psycho-kinetic metal bending, predictions and even what can only be explained as superbly undetectable sleight-of-hand that is all presented within inches of the audience. Truly unforgettable and baffling demonstrations await every guest!

Jan 5 | 10:00 pm | VooDoo Comedy Playhouse
Presenting Denver’s ONLY improv cagematch! Hosted by Hot Nap, this weekly competition pits two improv teams against each other for fame and glory. Based on audience votes, the winning team will receive a shot at our GRAND PRIZE of $500 IN CASH!

Jan 13 | 7:00 pm | Comedy Works 
John Tole is a Denver based comedian, writer, voice actor, philosopher and metal head.
Tole has been featured on Howard TV, Vann TV, Sirius XM, Howard 100, Howard 101, Hits 1, and was a contributor to The Howard Stern Show. John was profiled by Vice for the triumphant return of his band, Pitboss 2000 as they celebrated song releases.
Tole has comedically rocked the stages at Oddball, SXSW Interactive, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Limestone, and multiple Moontower Festival appearances. He is a regular on The Tin Foil Hat Podcast on All Things Comedy and hosts his own podcast called Moving Weight Live. Most recently, his fifth comedy album, Pre-Existing Condition, was released by 4256 Productions. Tole is finishing up his first book, Now You Know, Now What.
Concerts & Music
Friday, January 11, 2019

Jan 11 | 5:00 pm |  Little Bear

Jan 11 | 6:00 pm |  Perry's Steakhouse

Jan 11 | 6:30 pm |  Tandoori Grill

Jan 11 | 6:30 pm |  International Wine & Spirits Guild

Jan 11 | 7:00 pm |  Herman's Hideaway

Jan 11 | 7:00 pm |  Officers Club

Jan 11 | 7:00 pm |  Bittersweet Café & Confections

Jan 11 | 7:00 pm |  Syntax Physic Opera

Jan 11 | 7:30 pm | Pepsi Center

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm |  Improper City

Jan 11 | 7:00 pm |  Blue Spruce Brewing

Jan 11 | 7:30 pm |  Marquis Theater

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm |  Sheabeen

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm |  Skylark Lounge

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm |  El Chapultepec Jazz Club

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm | Arvada Tavern

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm |  Takoda Tavern

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm |  Floodstage Ale Works

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm |  Swallow Hill Music - Tuft Theatre

Jan 11 | 9:00 pm | The Laughing Goat Coffee House

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm | Sweetwater Pub and Grill

Jun 11 | 8:00 pm |  Meadowlark Bar

Jun 11 | 8:00 pm |  The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues Grill & Brew

Jan 11 | 8:00 pm |  The Bluebird Theater

Jan 11 | 8:30 pm | Boulder Theater

Jan 11 | 8:30 pm | Grizzly Rose Saloon and Dance Emporium

Jun 11 | 9:00 pm |  Gothic Theatre

Jun 11 | 9:00 pm |  Denver’s Dangerous Theatre

Jun 11 | 9:00 pm | Q's Pub & Grille

Jan 11 | 9:00 pm |  Ophelia's Electric Soapbox

Jan 11 | 9:00 pm |  Temple

Jan 11 | 9:00 pm | Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Jan 11 | 9:00 pm |  The Black Box LLC

Jan 11 | 10:00 pm |  Temple Denver

Jan 11 | 11:00 pm | TBA

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Jan 12 |12:00 pm | The Gold Hill General Store

Jan 12 | 2:00 pm | Global Goods & Coffee Shop

Jan 12 | 6:00 pm | 38 State Brewing Company

Jan 12 | 6:00 pm |  The Bluegrass Coffee & Bourbon Lounge

Jan 12 | 7:00 pm |  Lost Lake Lounge
Jan 12 | 7:30 pm | Ellie Caulkins Opera House

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm |   Sweetwater Pub and Grill

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm |  Aurora Reservoir

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm | The Oriental Theatre

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm |  Swallow Hill Music Hall

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm | Ubisububi Room (below Thin Man Tavern)

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm |  The Toad Tavern

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm | The Black Buzzard

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm | Tennyson's Tap

Jan 12| 8:00 pm |  Marquis Theater

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm |  The Soiled Dove Underground

Jan 12 | 8:30 pm | The Fox Theatre

Jan 12 | 8:30 pm | Grizzly Rose Saloon and Dance Emporium

Jan 12 | 8:45 pm |  Ogden Theatre

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Summit Music Hall

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Stampede Mesquite Grill & Dance Emporium

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  The Bluebird Theater

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Boulder Theater

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Q's Pub & Grille

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  The Black Box - Denver

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Q's Pub & Grille

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Temple Nightclub

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm |  Ophelia's Electric Soapbox

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm | Zio Romolo's Alley Bar

Jan 12 | 9:00 pm | Greenfields Pool & Sports Bar

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Jan 13 | 10:00 am |  New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living

Jan 13 | 12:01 pm |  Dirty Dogs Roadhouse

Jan 13 | 6:00 pm |  The Bluegrass Coffee & Bourbon Lounge

Jan 13 | 7:00 pm |  McKinners Pizza Bar

Jan 13 | 8:00 pm |  Your Mom's House

Jan 13 | 8:00 pm |  Larimer Lounge Denver

Jan 13 | 8:00 pm |  The Soiled Dove Underground

Jan 13 | 9:00 pm |  Meadowlark Bar

Jan 13 | 9:00 pm |  Q's Pub & Grille

Jan 13 | 9:00 pm |  Goosetown Tavern
Theatre & Performances
Jan 12 | 7:30 pm | Ellie Caulkins Opera House

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm |  Swallow Hill Music Hall
Miguel Espinoza: Flamenco guitar Lynn Baker: Jazz Saxophone Randy Hoepker: Fretless Bass Guitar Andy Skellenger: Indian Tablas Dianne Betkowski: Cello Flamenco World Fusion, including Indian Tablas, Cello, Jazz Sax, and Fretless Jazz Bass, is a unique musical blend that will leave listeners spellbound and entranced. Flamenco guitarist Miguel Espinoza is bringing together virtuoso musicians of disparate backgrounds for a fun evening of passion, intensity and heart. His music weaves together a variety of influences, his own as well as his colleagues, from Gitano to Indian to Classical to Jazz, and beyond. Miguel Espinoza has had a lifelong love affair with flamenco. A child prodigy who started honing his technique since the age of four—and performed his first recital at age nine on PBS—Espinoza is hailed as one of the best flamenco guitarists in the world. Described by Guitar Player Magazine as "mesmerizing," Espinoza is much more than a virtuosic technician. Whether his lightning-fast fingers are skittering across the fretboard, fluttering over the sound hole like percussive hummingbird wings or skillfully drawing achingly beautiful melodies out of the strings, Espinoza's award-winning compositions create an exotic, intoxicating musical elixir of flamenco fusion–one that is as sonically exciting as it is emotionally moving.

Jan 12 | 8:00 pm |  Denver’s Dangerous Theatre
Audiences LOVED Blue Dime Cabaret when they took over the Dangerous Theatre stage in September 2018 so they are making a return in January 2019! Get your tickets early, before they sell out! Seating is limited! BLUE DIME is a pop-up cabaret troupe producing a lowbrow, avant-garde variety sideshow intended to cause laughter with ludicrous acts and bawdy characters. Shows are quirky, funny, zany, old-timey, and provocative. The troupe includes burlesque performers, actors, magicians, dancers, contortionists, comedians, clowns, singers, musicians, drag kings / queens, and jugglers. Every show is a different combination of acts. Patrons 21+ welcome to bring beer/wine to enjoy during the show. Food and non-alcoholic beverages included in the ticket price.

Jan 12 | 1:30 pm - 9:30 pm | Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center
Stories on Stage collaborates once again with Buntport Theater Company in "A Typewriter Revolution" on Saturday, January 12 at 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
The members of Buntport Theater challenge the digital paradigm with poems and stories written on, for and about our good old friend… the Typewriter! Brian Colonna, Hannah Duggan, Erik Edborg, Erin Rollman and Samantha Schmitz join us for another funny and thought-provoking partnership! 

Jan 13 | 10:00 am |  New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living

Jan 13 | 11:30 am |  Boulder Theater

Jan 13 | 11:30 am |  The Denver Coliseum

Thru Jan 13 | 9:15 pm | Bohemian Biergarten
Join us every Sunday night for the best comedy show in Boulder. Voted "Best Comedy Show in Boulder" by the Denver Westword and the Boulder Weekly, the Boulder Comedy Show brings the some of the best working comedians in the industry right to your backyard. Don't be fooled by imitators, our show is the longest running comedy show in Boulder, and every week we bring you comedians seen on Comedy Central, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Last Comic Standing, Fallon, Colbert, Kimmel, Ferguson, Letterman, Conan, and so many more. Why drive to Denver to see the best comedians when you can catch them every Sunday, right here in Boulder, CO. 

Thru Jan 18 | 8:00 pm | Grafenberg Theater
Each quarter, Genre-ly Speaking will present a different genre improv show. This quarter catch an improvised hospital drama with a new story every week.

Thru Jan 18 | 9:00 pm | Grafenberg Theater
The Grafenberg Players will improvise sketch premises developed only 2 HOURS before the show. You will see new ideas and scenes every week. All ages are welcome, but content is uncensored. Come enjoy the hilarity that will undoubtedly ensue!

Thru Jan 20 | 7:00 pm |  Buell Theatre
Broadway’s hit crowd-pleaser takes you to the stoops of the Bronx in the 1960s — where a young man is caught between the father he loves and the mob boss he’d love to be.
Bursting with high-energy dance numbers and original doo-wop tunes from the songwriter of Beauty and the Beast — Alan Menken — A Bronx Tale is an unforgettable story of loyalty and family. Academy Award winner Robert De Niro and Tony® winner Jerry Zaks direct this streetwise musical based on Academy Award nominee Chazz Palminteri’s story that The New York Times hails as “A Critics’ Pick. The kind of tale that makes you laugh and cry.” “A combination of Jersey Boys and West Side Story” (amNewYork).

Thru Jan 20 | Varies| Lakewood Cultural Center
Amalia and Georg are two shop clerks who aren’t quite best of friends. After both respond to a "lonely hearts advertisement" they now live for the letters from their anonymous romantic pen pals, not suspecting that their respective correspondents are none other than each other!
Set in a 1930s European perfumery, “She Loves Me” is a warm romantic comedy with an endearing innocence and a touch of old world elegance. 

Thru Feb 3 | Varies| The John Hand Theater
Early Classic One-acts by the Nobel Laureate
Did they or didn't they at the Westbury Hotel and who's the strange man in the basement?

Thru Feb 3 | 7:30 pm| Town Hall Arts Center
Nestled in the Catskills—1962’s land of dirty dancing and Borscht Belt comedy—an inconspicuous bungalow colony catered to a very special clientele: heterosexual men who delighted in dressing and acting as women. These white-collar professionals would discreetly escape their families to spend the weekends safely inhabiting their chosen female alter-egos. But given the opportunity to share their secret lives with the world, the members of this sorority had to decide whether the freedom gained by openness was worth the risk of personal ruin. Based on real events and infused with Fierstein’s (La Cage aux Folles, Newsies and Kinky Boots) trademark wit, this moving, insightful, and delightfully entertaining work offers a glimpse into the lives of a group of “self-made women” as they search for acceptance and happiness in their very own Garden of Eden.

Thru Feb 16 |Varies | Curious Theatre Company
The squabbling editorial assistants at one of New York’s most prestigious magazines are all chasing the same dream: a starry life of letters and a book deal before they turn 30. When an ordinary day at the office suddenly becomes a living nightmare, two survivors transform the experience into career-making stories.
Which one of them will get to own the truth? In this “whip-smart satire of fear and loathing” (New York Times)—a 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist—MacArthur “Genius” Branden Jacobs-Jenkins skewers the cutthroat, opportunistic culture of modern media.

Thru Feb 17 |Varies | Vintage Theatre
A sharp look into the nature of romantic relationships, Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal” starts in 1977 when long time lovers Jerry and Emma meet after her marriage to her husband Robert dissolves, and then backtracks all the way to 1968 when their affair first began.
As the years spin backwards, a complex web of secrets about the trio emerges and calls into question the nature of their intimacy -- as friends, as partners, as spouses. 

Thru Feb 17 |Varies | Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Downtown Convention Center
Could you be dining with a killer? Named "Best Dinner Show" in Los Angeles and Denver for four years running, The Dinner Detective serves up a tasty whodunit along with a four-course dinner at the Embassy Suites. And since this comedic murder mystery is set in the present day, you'll have no way of knowing whether someone at your table is just another guest or one of the talented cast of improvisers. In fact, everyone's a suspect ... including you! The event starts out with a reception featuring passed hors d'oeuvres, followed by the meal, which includes salad, choice of entree and dessert. Between courses you can expect plenty of murder, mayhem and hidden clues coming to light as you puzzle through the crime. The top sleuth even wins a prize package at the end of the evening -- not to mention serious bragging rights.

Thru Mar 3 | Varies| Candlelight Dinner Playhouse
The Little Sisters of Hoboken are in dire need of funds and decide to put on a variety show. Here we meet Reverend Mother Regina, a former circus performer; Sister Mary Hubert, the Mistress of Novices; a streetwise nun from Brooklyn named Sister Robert Anne; Sister Mary Leo, a novice who is a wannabe ballerina; and the delightfully wacky Sister Mary Amnesia, the nun who lost her memory when a crucifix fell on her head.

Thru Apr 28 | Varies |Garner Galleria Theatre & Bar
Xanadu  follows the journey of a magical and beautiful Greek muse, Kira, who descends from the heavens of Mount Olympus to Venice Beach, California in 1980 ...

Thru Apr 28 | Varies |Bug Theatre Company
Denver dances with the Amazing Acro-cats! 
The Amazing Acro-cats Featuring Tuna and the Rock Cats are a troupe of touring performing house cats. This one-of-a-kind, two hour long purrformance features talented domesticated house cats roll on balls, ride skateboards, jump through hoops, and more! 
The finale is the only all-cat band in the entire world - Tuna and the Rock Cats! The current band lineup features Nola on guitar, Asti on drums, Nue on keyboard, and NOW some brand new members: Ahi on woodblocks and Albacore on cowbell, Buggles on trumpet, and Oz on Saxophone. There is even a chicken - Cluck Norris - rockin’ the tambourine! 

Find more weekend activities at    www.denver.org
Dining & Nightlife
Jan 11| 11:00 am | Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge
Join us at Dazzle @ Baur's every Friday from 11:30am -1:30pm for a stellar lunchtime performance with the preeminent ladies of the Denver jazz community performing in the piano duo format. Enjoy Dazzle's fantastic lunch menu while celebrating the individual, unique voices of the women in jazz and the masterful musical ideas and perspectives they share.
No Cover
Jan 11 – Annie Booth Trio
Jan 18 – Annie Booth Trio
Jan 25 – Carmen Sandim Trio

Jan 11 | 6:30 pm & 9:00 pm | Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge
Jan 12 | 6:30 pm & 9:00 pm | Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge
Born and raised in Turin, Italy, to music-loving parents (who had actually first met at a jazz concert), Roberta Gambarini grew up listening to her father’s record collection constantly. Her first vocal inspiration was Louis Armstrong, but she soon discovered Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, and Billie Holiday, as well as blues artists like Mahalia Jackson and Bessie Smith. At age 12 she began playing the clarinet, but realizing the versatility and talents of her clear alto, she moved to voice, singing and performing in clubs by the time she was 17. The next year she decided to move to Milan to pursue her career more seriously, and a third-place finish at a national jazz radio competition brought her enough exposure to jump-start her career, sending her around Europe performing at festivals and with other artists, including Hammond organist Emmanuel Bex in 1997.

Jan 12 |9:00 am | Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge
Breakfast reservations can be made here https://dazzledenver.com/saturday-breakfast/ or by clicking the Resy link above.

Jan 12 |9:45 am | Cherokee Ranch and Castle
Please join us for the 3rd in our 'Good Morning Beautiful', Sunday Brunch series. The castle at Cherokee Ranch is known for its Sunday brunches with seating in the magnificent Great Hall. We decided to add another sensation to satisfy your palate.... music. On January 13th, we welcome The Lone Tree Symphony's trio, Gossamer Winds performing live while you and your friends or family gather for a savory and sweet brunch. A cash bar will have signature coffee drinks and traditional champagne Mimosas. We hope to see you for a beautiful morning at Cherokee Ranch & Castle! No tipping please, your presence is true gratitude!  
Castle Tour Included!
Doors, Bar, and buffet begins at 9:30 a.m.
Performance Begins at approximately 9:45-10:00 after all are through brunch line 
Castle Tours Follow Brunch 
Children 8 or over welcome

Jan 13 |9:00 am - 2:00 pm| Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge
Best Brunch – Readers Choice, Westword
The freshest ingredients are featured each week in a buffet of home-style comfort food. Sip on a Mimosa or Bloody Mary and enjoy the eats while chilling to the sound of the Adam Bodine Trio.

Thru Jul 28 | 9:00 pm - 1:30 am | Mercury Cafe'
Tango Colorado is a Registered Non-Profit Organization founded to promote the culture, dance and music of the Argentine Tango social dance. Weekly Classes, Practica and Milongas at numerous venues throughout Denver, Boulder and beyond. Denver Turnverein based: 1570 Clarkson Street, Denver.
Festivals, Fairs, & Expos
Jan 11 l 5 pm - 9 pm l Loveland
Jan 12 l 9 am - 4 pm l Loveland
Event will be held on January 11-12, 2019. This upscale market will feature all things antique, vintage, salvage, upcycled and handmade items.

Jan 11 l 8:30 am - 6 pm l Denver Mart
Jan 12 l 8:30 am - 6 pm l Denver Mart
Jan 13 l 8:30 am - 3 pm l Denver Mart
Event will be held on January 11-14, 2019. There will be more than 750 exhibitors displaying new and innovative product lines. You'll find western apparel and accessories, leather goods, tack, animal health, English apparel and equipment, equestrian related home decor, gifts and jewelry and much more. It'll also include educational seminars and horse demonstrations. This largest Western/English Market in the Industry occupies four buildings at the Denver Mart complex.

Jan 11 l 10 am - 6 pm l First Unitarian Church
Jan 12 l 9 am - 5:30 pm l First Unitarian Church
Jan 13l 9 am - 4:30 pm l First Unitarian Church
Capitol Hill Concerts is a new concert series hosted by First Unitarian Society of Denver. The concert series includes three phenomenal concerts: Katie Glassman & Snapshot with special guest Celeste Johnson! Old time, Western swing, Americana Friday November 16th Sphere Ensemble Eclectic, innovative string ensemble Saturday January 12th Anima Chamber Ensemble Choral music from the Renaissance to the 21st Century Saturday April 27th All concerts will begin at 7 pm. The cost of the concert series is $40 ($30 students). You may also purchase individual concert tickets for $15 in advance or $20 at the door ($10 for students, free for youth 12 and under). Please visit https://katieglassman.brownpapertickets.com/ to purchase individual tickets for the Katie Glassman concert. Individual tickets for Sphere Ensemble and Anima Chamber Ensemble are not yet available. Support live music, local non-profits, and First Unitarian Denver!

Jan 11 l 12 pm - 8 pm l Colorado Convention Center
Jan 12 l 10 am - 7 pm l Colorado Convention Center
Jan 13 l 10 am - 5 pm l Colorado Convention Center
ISE has produced America's premier sportsman's and outdoor shows in the western United States since 1975. ISE's four expos kick-off each new year spotlighting thousands of products and services from 1,300 companies and offering more than 100,000 sportsman attendees the largest, finest face-to-face outdoor marketplace available. Each show is loaded with free seminars,  contests  and hands-on show features to educate and inspire outdoor enthusiasts--newcomer to expert, youth to senior, man and woman--to begin their next outdoor adventure. Join us at the 2019 ISE sportsman and outdoor shows in Arizona, California, Colorado and Utah.

Jan 11 l 8:30 am - 11:59 pm l Breckenridge
Jan 12 l 9:00 am - 2:00 pm l Breckenridge
A World-Class Beer Festival
The perfect combination for a Winter Wonderland getaway: A world-class beer festival in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Meet renowned brewmasters and brewery owners, taste hundreds of big, Belgian style, and experimental beers, explore beer & food pairings, and learn from an impressive array of brewmasters and industry experts over an action-packed three day weekend.
As a novice, an aficionado, or an advanced homebrewer, you can enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to discuss beer with the amazing people who make it happen. Dig in further to learn more about this little festival in the mountains that the beer industry holds in such high esteem.

Jan 11 l 8:30 am - 11:59 pm l Colorado Convention Center
Jan 12 l 9:00 am - 2:00 pm l Colorado Convention Center
An RV Show For RV Enthusiasts!
Many Makes and Models to Choose From!
Featuring the very latest makes and models of recreational vehicles from all the nation’s top manufacturers.
Special factory rebates, financing, and on the spot loan approval makes this show a cannot miss for the serious RV enthusiasts!
Seminars, features, and entertainment will set this show apart from all others in the state.
There is something for everyone at the

Jan 11 I 2 pm - 8 pm I Breckenridge
Jan 12 I 2 pm - 8 pm I Breckenridge
Ullr Fest will celebrate 56 years January 9-12, 2019, and the Town of Breckenridge invites snow lovers of all ages to join the party. During Ullr Fest in Breckenridge, don’t be surprised to see horned Viking hats adorning the heads of skiers and snowboarders, the biggest bonfire in town, and more than 12,000 Ullr enthusiasts filling the streets for the Ullr Parade with crazy float participants skiing off jumps on Main Street or gliding along town in a hot tub. Join us to rejoice with Ullr himself… he’s ready for a good party.

Jan 12 I 9 am - 1 pm I Opera Galleria
The Winter Farmers Market will be held on January 12, 2019. Local vendors and producers will sell a variety of locally-grown produce, artisan food products and handcrafted goods. You'll find locally made soaps, wine, chocolate, cheese, jewelry, unique gifts, local vegetables, meats and much more.

Jan 12 I 9 am - 5 pm I Island Grove Park
Jan 13 I 10 am - 4 pm I Island Grove Park
The Greeley Winter Gun Show will be held on January 12-13, 2019. Shop a diverse collection of ammo, handguns, rifles, knives, military, self defense, CCW, women's defense items, and survival gear.

Jan 12 I 9 am - 5 pm I 7800 E. Tufts Ave.
The Bridal Show will be held on January 13, 2019. ItÆll feature local wedding professionals, local and mountain wedding reception and ceremony sites, DJ's, photographers, videographers, tuxedos, florists, limousine, invitations, decor specialties, bridal fashions, honeymoon and destination wedding info, and more. Come sample the caterers and cakes. Get to know about photo booth rentals, ballroom dancing lessons, party favors, cool sculpting/body wraps and facial rejuvenation, skincare and makeup, and much more.

Thru Jan 28 I 8 am - 8 pm I National Western Complex
The National Western Stock Show, established in 1906, is the premier livestock, rodeo, and horse show in the nation, serving agricultural producers and consumers throughout the world. A 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing education in agriculture, including college and graduate level scholarships in agriculture and veterinary medicine for practice in rural areas.
The National Western Stock Show, one of Colorado’s preeminent tourist destinations, held every January for 16 days. A nationally recognized western heritage and entertainment event, the stock show hosts one of the world’s richest regular season professional rodeos, one of the country’s largest horse shows and Colorado’s largest western trade show, attracting attendance numbers over 650,000 visitors each year.
Throughout this historic event, the National Western strives to strengthen American agriculture through enrichment programs and youth education in livestock, equestrian, farming, ranching, animal awareness and appreciation. We celebrate western lifestyles, our communities, provide life-long memories and family traditions.
Movie Releases
A Dog's Way Home
PG | 1 Hour 37 Minutes|Action / Adventure / Drama
As a puppy, Bella finds her way into the arms of Lucas, a young man who gives her a good home. When Bella becomes separated from Lucas, she soon finds herself on an epic 400-mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner. Along the way, the lost but spirited dog touches the lives of an orphaned mountain lion, a down-on-his-luck veteran and some friendly strangers who happen to cross her path. ~ Provided by Rovi

PG-13 | 1 Hour 47 Minutes|Suspense / Thriller
William Foster is a brilliant neuroscientist who loses his wife, son and two daughters in a tragic car accident. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, William comes up with a daring and unprecedented plan to download their memories and clone their bodies. As the experiment begins to spiral out of control, Foster soon finds himself at odds with his dubious boss, a reluctant accomplice, a police task force and the physical laws of science. ~ Provided by Rovi

The Upside
PG-13 | 2 Hour 6 Minutes|Comedy / Drama
Phillip is a wealthy quadriplegic who needs a caretaker to help him with his day-to-day routine in his New York penthouse. He decides to hire Dell, a struggling parolee who's trying to reconnect with his ex and his young son. Despite coming from two different worlds, an unlikely friendship starts to blossom as Dell and Phillip rediscover the joy of living life to the fullest. ~ Provided by Rovi

If Beale Street Could Talk
R | 1 Hour 59 Minutes|Romance
In early 1970s Harlem, daughter and wife-to-be Tish vividly recalls the passion, respect and trust that have connected her and her artist fiancé Alonzo Hunt, who goes by the nickname Fonny. Friends since childhood, the devoted couple dream of a future together, but their plans are derailed when Fonny is arrested for a crime he did not commit . . ~ Provided by Rovi

On The Basis Of Sex
PG-13 | 2 Hour 0 Minutes|Drama
The film tells an inspiring and spirited true story that follows young lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she teams with her husband Marty to bring a groundbreaking case before the U.S. Court of Appeals and overturn a century of gender discrimination. The feature will premiere in 2018 in line with Justice Ginsburg’s 25th anniversary on the Supreme Court. ~ Provided by Rovi

Perfectos Desconocidos
R | 1 Hour 44 Minutes|Comedy
When a group of best friends get together during a lunar eclipse to share an intimate dinner in the tasteful house of Eva (Cecilia Suarez) and Antonio (Bruno Bichir), they suspect it's just another typical night until the hostess proposes a game. All guests must lay their cell phones on the table and read aloud all incoming messages and answer all incoming phone calls in front of the entire group. What begins as a provocative party game quickly becomes a wild ride full of twists and "textual tension" in this electrifying over the top comedy about the secrets we all carry in our pockets. ~ Provided by Rovi

Professional Development
Jan 14 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Holiday Inn Cherry Creek
In this Seminar
You’ll learn ...
  • How to handle the toughest questions with finesse and polish
  • Techniques for maintaining your composure when you feel like losing your cool
  • How to think on your feet in meetings, interviews and impromptu presentations ... no more regrets over what you wish you´d said!
  • Diplomatic ways to deliver bad news without creating bad feelings
  • And much more!
Are you tired of being intimidated by high-pressure situations and difficult people? Learn how to handle touchy topics, problem people and sticky situations with finesse and skill in this two-day workshop. You´ll feel on top of challenging situations with new confidence in yourself and your abilities once you put this extensive collection of tips, secrets and skills to work.

Jan 16 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Hilton Garden Inn/Cherry Creek
In one intensive, fast-paced day, you’ll learn …
  • How to assess your front desk area and eliminate potential security breaches, dangerous situations and safety hazards
  • The best ways to respond when emergency strikes (both natural disasters and human threats)
  • “An ounce of prevention” … how to ensure emergency policies and procedures are up to par with law enforcement recommendations
  • Dialing 9-1-1 — What to do if you are suddenly required to make that call
  • Techniques for defusing escalating tempers, handling emotional outbursts, and dealing with unreasonable demands
  • How to stay on top of visitors, packages, phones, and e-mail, when everyone’s pulling you in different directions simultaneously
  • Spot the warning signs for identifying people who may pose a threat to you, your organization, or its employees

Jan 19 - 20 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown
You’ll learn ...
  • The "pre-writing" technique that´ll have the words flowing effortlessly!
  • How to know if your paragraphs are in a confusing, illogical order ... and the best way to fix the problem
  • How to avoid the trap of wordy opening paragraphs that leave the readers wondering "Huh?"
  • The 12 most damaging blunders in business writing–-sidestep these at all costs
  • And much more!
Gain dozens of field-tested strategies relied on by today´s most effective business writers. Learn how to present your ideas clearly and persuasively ... select words that fit your meaning ... spot misused verbs ... pronouns and punctuation ... avoid communication misfires ... and much, much more.
Sporting Events
Jan 11 | 7:37 pm | Hamilton Gym - University of Denver

Jan 12 | 10:00 am | Jax Outdoor Gear
This concealed carry class fulfills the training requirements set forth in section 18-12-203 of the Colorado State firearms statute to qualify for a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Class eligibility is determined at the state level and our class is state-approved, therefore all Colorado county sheriffs will honor our course curriculum.

Jan 12 | 7:07 pm |  Hamilton Gym - University of Denver

Jan 12 | 7:00 pm | Pepsi Center

Jan 13 | 6:00 pm | Pepsi Center

Jan 12 | 10:00 am | Jax Outdoor Gear
This concealed carry class fulfills the training requirements set forth in section 18-12-203 of the Colorado State firearms statute to qualify for a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Class eligibility is determined at the state level and our class is state-approved, therefore all Colorado county sheriffs will honor our course curriculum.

Thru Jun 11 | 6 pm - 9 pm |    Volleyball Internacional
Drop In is the perfect opportunity for you to play three straight hours of volleyball! Come by yourself, invite a friend or bring your entire team to practice. We have multiple volleyball courts and each offers a different level of play so you’ll find the perfect fit for you. All skill levels are welcome.
Things To Do Outdoors
Jan 12 I 7:30 am I ArvadaI 1 Mile, 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon
From the heart of the West Metro area and the Stenger Soccer Complex, All-Out brings you our 6th annual Polar Prowl! Along with its Endless Series sidekick in June… Summer Breeze, these 1M, 5K, 10K and Half Marathon courses will follow Van Bibber Creek Trail west through Arvada’s open spaces. With spectacular views of the countryside and Table Mountain, plus a fairly level grade, (so yup… get ready for a PR), and THREE opportunities for friends & family to easily cheer on our half marathoners, this is the race to kick off your new year!

Jan 12 I 9:00 am I Westminster I 1 Mile or 5K
The first event in the series is a 1 mile run and at each event we increase the distance by a mile! Every event date also features a 5k distance option. We’ve designed this series specifically with the non-runner in mind, but there are still challenging courses and great venues for seasoned runners as well! 
Participate in the event dates of your choice, or register for the entire package of 6 for a discounted rate!
Each event date is at least 2 weeks apart, so you'll have plenty of time to rest and train between increasing distances!
At each event date, you'll have the option of running the progressive distance (1 mile, 2 mile, etc) or competing in the 5k distance. 

Jan 12 I 9:00 am I Highland's Ranch I 1 Mile or 5K
The first event in the series is a 1 mile run and at each event we increase the distance by a mile! Every event date also features a 5k distance option. We’ve designed this series specifically with the non-runner in mind, but there are still challenging courses and great venues for seasoned runners as well! 
Participate in the event dates of your choice, or register for the entire package of 6 for a discounted rate!
Each event date is at least 2 weeks apart, so you'll have plenty of time to rest and train between increasing distances!
At each event date, you'll have the option of running the progressive distance (1 mile, 2 mile, etc) or competing in the 5k distance. 

Jan 12 I 9:30 am I Lafayette

Jan 12 I 10 am I Arvada
The Chilly Cheeks Duathlon Series is composed of 3 events - each with a different format. Each race is comprised of approximately 4 miles of running on paved roads, bike paths, and dirt trails. There will also be approximately 10 miles of paved cycling in each race.

Jan 12 I 9:30 am I C entennial
January is when we set big goals like being more active, losing weight and eating healthier. 
It can be challenging to find the motivation during the darkest, coldest months of the year to get outside and run however committing to an event can help provide the accountability we need to keep it going.
They say the average New Year’s resolution lasts less than 2 weeks, let’s prove the statistics wrong and earn our beer!

Thru Jan 6 I Varies I Belmar
Belmar kicks off its 14th season of ice skating at the coolest place in town: The Rink at Belmar. Whether it's a family tradition or a first date, the 7000-square foot outdoor ice rink located on the Belmar Plaza is the place for good times this winter.

Thru Jan 6 I Varies I Skyline
Now in it’s 9th season, the Downtown Denver Rink offers free ice skating seven days a week from November 20th, 2018 until February 3rd, 2019. Plus, check out the amazing programming. From Snowga to Broomball – we got your winter plans set!
Entry is free! Skate rentals are $6 for kids 12 & under and $8 for adults 13 & older. Purchase your season pass at the Rink for $35 for kids 12 and under and $50 for adults. Skaters are welcome to bring their own skates.

Thru Jan 6 I Varies I DIA
Returning in 2018 for it's 3rd year, the FREE Ice skating on the DEN Plaza. There truly is Snow Place Like DEN for the Holidays! Check back for special performances and appearances on the ice. *Weather Permitting.

Thru Jan 6 I Varies I Evergreen
Entering the park and lake area is at your own risk. Ice and lake conditions are subject to nature and changing constantly. Stay alert and be aware of park rules and regulations. If you have any questions please call Lake House at 720-880-1300. Leash laws extend to animals on all vessels/water craft, as well. Must have a leash on at ALL times on land and on vessels. Absolutely no soliciting of any kind and no charcoal grills are allowed on the park or lake property.

Thru Jan 6 I Varies I Beaver Creek Village
Located in the center of Beaver Creek Village, the Beaver Creek Ice Rink offers endless family-friendly fun. Teach the little ones to skate, take a spin around the rink with your sweetie, or sit back on one of the plush couches that line the rink and kick your feet up. Beaver Creek ice skating provides endless fun for kids young and old and is a great activity for families and groups.

Thru Feb 3 I Varies I Southlands
A highlight of winter is the Southlands skating rink Enjoy ice skating with friends and family on The Pond daily.

Thru Jan 21 I Varies I Colo Springs
Thousands of special events and activities take place Downtown every year, most produced by a wide variety of civic and cultural organizations. Downtown Partnership, through its charitable arm Downtown Ventures, produces several of its own programs specifically designed to lure more people Downtown for arts, culture, learning and exploring.

Thru Mar 1 I Varies I Steamboat Springs
Colorado sleigh rides mean warm, snuggly blankets, crisp, winter air and the gentle jingle of bells tinkling to the rhythmic stride of strapping horses. They also mean elegant dinners, lush local Colorado wines, convivial conversation, roaring fires and decadent desserts. Sleigh rides in Colorado are much more than circling around a track, they’re fodder for vacation-defining moments and stories to share back home.

Thru Mar 31 I Varies I Denver Union Station
Plan a ski day, weekend, or week and take the Amtrak Winter Park Express from Denver Union Station to the base of Winter Park Resort from January 4 - March 31, 2019. The Winter Park Express runs Saturdays and Sundays only, plus the first two Fridays of each month (January 4 and 11, February 1 and 8, and March 1 and 8).
Book your travel on this historic train trip, which originated in 1912, at the early bird price of $29/one way on select departures. Book early before the one way $29 discount tickets are sold out. All other tickets are priced at $39, $49 and then $59 respectively. Pricing is subject to availability and only a limited number of seats are available for each train and each price level.
Discounted tickets are sold on a first come first served basis.
With one-way tickets and service on Saturday and Sunday you can make it a day trip, a weekend-long trip or an extended vacation. Customize your length of stay at Winter Park Resort and get as much skiing/riding in as you'd like. Buy your tickets early.
Instead of enduring delays and back-ups on I-70, you can now relax and enjoy the scenery while we do the driving.
Jan 11 | Varies |  Conifer
Jan 12| Varies | Conifer
Jan 13 Varies |  Conifer
Experience the thrill of soaring through a Rocky Mountain landscape on some of the longest ziplines in Colorado! Whiz through the fresh alpine air and admire the scenic landscape below on a series of cables totaling more than 6,000 feet (1,828 m) in length. Soak up some of Colorado’s famous sunshine while you hike between the tracks.

Jan 11 | Varies |  Tivoli Brewing Company
Jan 12 | Varies | Tivoli Brewing Company
Jan 13 | Varies |  Tivoli Brewing Company
Uncover the secrets and scandals of downtown Denver on a haunted history tour. Go behind the scenes at Denver's oldest brewery, stop by a hotel where long-departed guests refuse to check out, and hear tales of vigilante justice from the city’s wild west days. A costumed guide helps bring the chilling tales to life, while provided ghost-hunting equipment lets you look for lingering spirits at the Mile-High City's paranormal hotspots.

Jan 11 |Varies | Denver Union Station
Jan 12 |Varies | Denver Union Station
Jan 13 |Varies | Denver Union Station
Discover the highlights and history of the Mile-High City on this 3-hour sightseeing tour of Denver. A knowledgeable guide will whisk you around to see top urban attractions, including the State Capital, the United States Mint, the Denver Art Museum, 16th Street Mall, and Larimer Square. Scope out historic Victorian homes on Capitol Hill as you learn how Denver grew from a miner’s camp during the silver boom to Colorado’s modern cultural capital.

Jan 11 | Varies |  Marco's Coal Fired Pizzeria
Jan 12 | Varies | Marco's Coal Fired Pizzeria
Jan 13 | Varies |  Marco's Coal Fired Pizzeria
Eat your way through downtown Denver's ever-changing dining scene on a walking food tour that lets you sample six of the best restaurants in town, all in one afternoon. Discover award-winning eateries plus farm-to-table meats, authentic Neapolitan pizza, and a specialty product featured on ‘Top Chef.’ In between bites, learn about Denver's Wild West history and pass landmarks like the city’s oldest jazz club.

Jan 11 | 3:15 pm | Rock Bottom Brewery
Jan 12 |12:00 pm | Rock Bottom Brewery
Jan 12 | 3:15 pm | Wynkoop Brewery
Jan 13 | 3:15 pm | Wynkoop Brewery
Discover why Denver is nicknamed the ‘Napa Valley of Craft Beer’ on a fun and social beer tour and pub crawl through the historic Lower Downtown (LoDo) district. Pop in to four local breweries to taste more than 10 samples of Colorado craft beer with an expert hops-, ale-, and lager-loving guide. Find out how Denver became the center of the craft brewing movement in the West, and walk off all those tastings with a jaunt through the city’s oldest and most dynamic neighborhood.

Jan 11 |9:00 am - 5:00 pm | Denver
Breckenridge is a picturesque winter wonderland with numerous activities from downtown Breckenridge including tubing, shopping, sledding, gondola rides and more. Join us on a this incredible full day tour up to the mountains. The day starts at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado’s stunning music venue, followed by Georgetown, CO, also known as the “Silver Queen of Colorado,” due to its rich silver mining history. Next you’ll make your way up to beautiful Breckenridge, which sits at the base of the Rockies. The town’s Main St. is lined with Victorian shops and a river which provides a for peaceful walk. The perfect mini vacation to a local favorite ski town!

Jan 11 |9:00 am - 1:00 pm | Denver Union Station
The Denver foothills are packed with some of Colorado's best sights, from Red Rocks Amphitheater to Lookout Mountain and scenic Lariat Loop. Over the course of this 4 hour tour from Denver that explores the scenic foothills, get panoramic views of the mountain surroundings and stroll through small, historic towns before stopping in Evergreen for drinks. It's a quick escape from the big city buzz and a taste of life in the mountains, and one you can easily fit in a day when touring the "Mile High" City.

Jan 11 |9:00 am - 5:00 pm | From Denver's Union Station
Jan 11 |9:45 am - 4:30 pm | From Boulder's Peet's Coffee @ 29th Street Mall
Climb from the streets of the "Mile High City" to Rocky Mountain National Park, on a day trip that showcases the rugged beauty of Colorado's mountains. Weave through small, historic towns and drive over alpine passes, as you scan the horizon for mountain wildlife like elk, black bears, or moose. Take a breath of fresh mountain air while hiking out on the trails, and feel like you're standing on top of the world up here on America's backbone.

Jan 11 |7:30 pm or 8:30 pm | Celtic on Market
Jan 12 |7:30 pm or 8:30 pm | Celtic on Market
Uncover Denver’s weird and wild Old West past on an evening pub tour and ghost hunt that takes you to some of the city’s oldest watering holes. Grab a drink from the bar and listen as a costumed saloon madam or sheriff guide relates tales of untimely tragedy and strange happenings from the city’s days as a silver boom town. Visit four historic pubs as you wind through downtown Denver, discovering hidden clues that tell of the strange and paranormal side of the Mile High City.

Jan 12 | 9:30 am or 12:00 pm | Cherokee Ranch & Castle
Cherokee Castle’s unique architecture combines aspects of the Western United States and a 1450’s Scottish-style castle built in the 1920’s. The Castle is home to historic collections of fine art, furnishings and memorabilia from around the world.
A guided Tour of the Castle offers an intimate look upon one of Colorado’s finest hidden gems and all of the treasures housed inside. The history of Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation and the legacy of founder, Tweet Kimball, leaves guests with a great appreciation for education, conservation, the arts and wildlife. 
Public Castle Tours are 90 minutes long 

Thru Jan 11 |8:15 am & 12:15 pm | Denver Union Station
Thru Jan 12 |8:15 am & 12:15 pm | Denver Union Station
Thru Jan 13 |8:15 am & 12:15 pm | Denver Union Station
Explore Colorado’s natural playgrounds just a short drive from downtown Denver. Escape the city and head for the Rockies with a guide and driver to handle the road, so you can focus on the stunning scenery of Mt. Evans, Bear Creek Canyon, and Squaw Pass. Get a taste of mountain culture in the charming town of Evergreen, check out the dramatic formations of Red Rocks, and hike around serene Echo Lake on on this half-day mountain sampler.

Thru Jan 19 | 11:00 am - 4:00 pm | Mile High Wine Tours
Thru Jan 19 | 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm | Mile High Wine Tours
Come see why Zagat just ranked Denver the 4th Hottest Food City in America. Explore the city's best dining and learn fun and unique history from the Mile High City on this downtown walking food tour. 
You’ll taste a gourmet hot dog from one of Forbes’ Magazine's top 10 hot dog joints in the U.S., enjoy a slice of authentic Neapolitan pizza from the only pizzeria in Colorado certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana in Italy, visit a nose-to-tail butcher that sources meat from local Colorado ranchers, taste delicious sheep's milk cheese featured on the show Top Chef on Bravo, sample unique Southwestern cuisine and visit a restaurant run by the James Beard Award winner for Best Chef in the Southwest.*
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