Thank you checking out this edition as I continue to start to share some images from the Extended Galleries on Andy Levine Art. I am immensely proud of the images that fill up the 6 main galleries (Parks, Structure, Water, Land, City, Abstract), but the Extended section allows me to share other images I feel are strong captures in my portfolio.

If I am hiking in a national park or wandering in the expanse of a city, I do my best to capture what is there in that given light. In a studio environment, the challenge is to create images from nothing. It is a blessing and a curse to be able to control the subject, lighting and scene in a studio. Some of the more demanding sessions I have had as a hobbyist or professional were during a studio shoot with a human subject, food or product. I do enjoy the challenge, but there are really no excuses in this scenario. You usually have all the time you need and there is not the changing weather to work around. It is you, the camera, all the elements of the scene, your patience and attention to detail.

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