Thank you checking out this edition as I continue to share images from the Extended Galleries on Andy Levine Art. I am immensely proud of the images that fill up the 6 main galleries (Parks, Structure, Water, Land, City, Abstract), but the Extended section allows me to share other images I feel are strong captures in my portfolio.

Waterfalls seem to be a favorite subject to seek out and capture for landscape photographers and I am firmly in that crowd. For me, it is less about the actual falling water, but what surrounds these wonderful locations. Similar to creating images of an ocean or a lake, finding an interesting component of a scene to include in a frame with a waterfall is essential. This could be a color, an architectural element or simply the natural border that huddles around these rushing forces of nature. Seeing powerful spills like Niagara Falls or even a more intimate one on a trail is always a treat to observe and try and do justice by with my camera.

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