Thank you checking out this edition as I continue to share images from the Extended Galleries on Andy Levine Art. I am immensely proud of the images that fill up the 6 main galleries (Parks, Structure, Water, Land, City, Abstract), but the Extended section allows me to share other images I feel are strong captures in my portfolio.

At my core I consider myself a Bostonian. Beyond that, a proud New Englander. Just outside my beloved home region lives many incredible cities and areas of the Northeast United States. Bustling metropolises of New York, Philadelphia, DC and Pittsburgh present endless photo opportunities by simply walking around any neighborhood. I love the varied architecture of transit and civic buildings as well as the public art and skyscrapers. I think the allure of any city is woven into its fabric of possibilities. This is true for anyone who finds themselves in this part of the country with some time to explore.

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