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June 8, 2023

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The Second Sunday After Pentecost 10 am Bulletin June 11, 2023

Fr. Ryan and family are on vacation and will be back for this Sunday's service.

Fr. Ryan's Summer Reading List

Pick one of these books to read (in six categories: Memoir, Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Christian Fiction, and Young Readers) and then on August 30, at Suppe, Song, and Prayer, sit at the table for your the book you read and enjoy discussing it over dinner with new friends!

Click here for the summer reading list

Note from Mother Anne

I'd like to encourage you to attend the potluck dinner at St. Bart's on Tuesday, June 13 at 6:30. Fr. Alex Andujar, the rector at St. Vincent's and new Dean of the St. Petersburg Deanery (all Episcopal Churches in St. Pete) proposed the potlucks to help us get to know each other. It also offers a chance to get to know our Bishop better. Main entrée is provided. Let Grace know which side dish you will bring ( If you want to ride together, let me know.

My daughter Madeleine and I will be traveling up to my parents' home in Massachusetts June 15-30. Madeleine graduated from School of the Art Institute in Chicago on May 21st and will do a year-long residency in ceramics at Mudflat Studios in Somerville, MA. Please pray for us and also for this year's St. Thomas' high school graduates (see below). Four years in college passes in the blink of an eye. Enjoy every moment!

This Week at St. Thomas'

40th Ave NE Bridge closure

The GOOD NEWS is the 40th Avenue NE Bridge is nearing completion! The NOT-SO-GOOD NEWS is that the 40th Avenue Bridge will be totally closed to ALL TRAFFIC from Monday, June 5th, at 6AM and is not scheduled to re-open until Monday July 3rd at 5PM. Complete details and detour maps are below along with the specifics of the work to be done. While the bridge will be in its final configuration, Engineering will be conducting a final inspection to address any remaining “punch list” items, so there may be intermittent or minor lane closures in the future to do any necessary corrective work.  

The Men’s Club will be meeting at Sunrise Lanes, on Friday June 9th at 6:00pm. Sunrise Lanes are located at 6393 9th street north.


Come out and join the fun for a couple of games and some cold beer.


I hope to see you there.




The Burning of the Doves

Looking for the Prayers of the People prayer list? See Pastoral Care below

The list of names in the Prayers of the People will be published in the bulletin every week and in the Pastoral Care section of The Draft. Did you know you can view the weekly bulletins by clicking on the blue link at the top of The Draft to access the file?

Music Ministries

The Second Sunday of Pentecost June 11, 2023


Prelude  Fairest Lord Jesus” - Hermann Schroeder

Processional Hymn "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty" -390


Hymn of Praise Canticle 13 "A Song of Praise" - S236

Psalm 50: 7-15

Gospel Acclamation “Heal Me Hands of Jesus” –WLP 773 SHARPE

Offertory Anthem  “Day by Day”-Martin How

Presentation Hymn  "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow" –


Sanctus  -WLP 858

Fracture Anthem  "The Disciples Knew the Lord Jesus" - WLP 877

Communion Hymn "Dona Nobis Pacem" - 712 DONA NOBIS PACEM

Processional Hymn "Gracious Spirit, Give Your Servants" –WLP 782 ABBOT'S LEIGH

Postlude   "Little Preludes and Intermezzi, No. 1" - Hermann Schroeder

What? You expect us to sing?

Dear people:

When we all come together for worship, you, the congregation have some responsibilities. Don’t you just hate that? Can’t a person just come to Church and God will inspire and nurture them? But maybe, we’ve got things turned around. We don’t come together in worship for God to do something for us. We come together to worship God; to give God our praise and thanksgiving; to be in God’s holy presence. And in that, we are inspired and nurtured.

Our responsibilities in worship include active participation. Musically, that means to sing! Now, don’t give me that; don’t tell me you can’t sing; don’t tell me you don’t know that crazy music. I have heard every excuse imaginable. Our responsibility is not to sing perfectly…or even to sing well. Even though God has perfect pitch, his grace abounds! Our responsibility is simply to participate; to give it all a try.

Part of our music each week is what we call, “service music.” That’s music that doesn’t change very often, music that we sing week after week. This includes the “Hymn of Praise” aka the “Gloria”, the “Presentation Hymn”, the “Sanctus” aka “Holy, Holy, Holy”, and the “Fraction Anthem”. We usually sing these for months, giving you plenty of time to learn them and to sing out. When choosing hymns, I try to be sure that at least one hymn each week will be “well-known”. Then of course, there is the hymn at Communion, many times having a refrain that is easy to pick up. Yes, the psalm is a challenge; I get that. However, the biblical Book of Psalms was essentially the hymnal of the Temple in Jerusalem. God even expects us to give them a try.

Humnmm? I wonder why I don’t hear more singing from the pews on Sundays. Well, summer is here. Our Summer Choir is a small ensemble. Church attendance can vary greatly. There are lots of reasons. But I ask you, when you come on Sundays, be all in. Pick up your cross! Accept the responsibility of active participation in worship! Sing! You may find yourself in God’s holy presence.



About Summer Choir

Sunday, June 11 begins our Summer Choir program. The choir is a “pick-up” group that meets on Sunday mornings before worship at 9:15. We prepare the music for the following service at 10:00. We do not robe or process with the Altar party. We do our best to facilitate worship but without the benefit of regular weeknight rehearsals. The group is open to anyone with choral experience, and with the summer traveling schedule we are never quite sure who will be here. Therefore, I ask participants to please contact me each week to let me know you are coming. But of course, “drop-ins” are always welcome and prepared for. I hope you will join us.

Here is the Summer Choir schedule:

·        Sundays with Summer Choir (First Session) = 6/11, 6/18

·        Sundays of choir summer break = 7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23

·        Sundays with Summer Choir (Second Session) = 7/30, 8/6, 8/13, 8/20

Contact Rick Smith at , and/or 727-641-6903

Contact Grace Smith in the church office or at

Chancel Choir resumes with Thursday rehearsal, August 24 and Sunday worship, August 27.

Please let the office know if you are interested in going and what side dish you would like to bring:

Youth Activities

St. Thomas’ Church offers traditional formation (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, lectionary-based classes for Grades 1-6), guild apprenticeship (this year, focusing on altar server training), and fun activities during the school year. The nursery is staffed at both Sunday services during the school year (resuming 2nd week of September). For an overview of our youth program, check out the website. Go to Formation > Youth Programs & Events or click the button below.

Learn more about St. Thomas' Youth Program

Sunday School is on summer break. Check back here for more information about our fall plans to expand youth programming. Heartfelt thanks to Jenny Brouillet, Pat McKibben, Gina, Mike & Matthew White, and Elise Whitley for teaching this year!

Congratulations to this year's high school graduates!

Carson Coop

Graduated from Shorecrest Preparatory School

Carson is currently traveling in Japan and will start St. Pete College in the fall. He plans to study computer science and hopes to earn his AA degree at SPC, then transfer to UF for a bachelors in Computer Science.

Blake Disler

Graduated from St. Petersburg High School International Baccalaureate Program

Blake is headed to the University of Florida where he will major in Finance.

Morea Hallas

Graduated from St. Petersburg High school IB program 

She will be attending FSU in the fall with a double major in history and political science and a minor in Spanish.

Matthew White

Graduated from Shorecrest Preparatory School

Matthew is headed to Davidson College, North Carolina, in the fall.

Special thanks to Matthew for his help with the technology guild and with Sunday School.

It's not too late to send us information about your high school graduate. We'll publish more in next week's Draft.

Pastoral Care

The list of names in the Prayers of the People will be published in the bulletin every week and in this section of The Draft.

If you would like to have someone's name mentioned in the prayers during a Sunday service, before the service, write the name(s) into the notebook on the lectern (the podium) on the Prayers of the People's page. These names will only be read at that service. To add someone to the long-term prayer list, contact Grace.

Long-term list: Mark, Dona, Geoff, Sharon Joanne, Tara, Anne, Marsha, Madison, Ed, Yvonne, Christie, Howard, Ann, Jean, Jan, Brooke, Greg, Deborah, Kathy, Tina, Tony, Pat, David, Janet, Kim, Dorothy, Billy, Carolyn, Toni, Brenda, Marissa, Katrina, Amelia, Joe, Cindy, Charlie, John, Jane, Logan, and Leah.

Laura, Mike and Jack Labbee are expecting their baby girl to arrive any day now. Brad and Clara Macciocchi's first baby is expected in a few weeks, too. Please keep both families in your prayers.

Do you have time this summer to pay a visit to someone who may be feeling isolated at home or in an assisted living center? If yes, please reach out to Mthr. Anne at 954-253-4414 or after one the Sunday services, May 28 through early June.

You're invited to offer healing prayers during Communion at the 8 and 10am services. You may start with a prayer partner before you try it on your own. If you are willing to give this ministry a try, please contact Russ Ball at 727-667-5471.


Art Ministry


A big thank you to all of our many volunteers that helped with Pack-a-Snack for the 2022 - 2023 school year at North Shore Elementary. Thanks to your efforts, our students were able to secure weekend nutrition throughout the school year. We look forward to fulfilling this type of nourishment next school year.


Looking ahead, if you wish to volunteer for this fulfilling ministry, or wish to donate to sustain St. Thomas' Pack-a-Snack program, please text Teri Andrés-Coryell/Lee Coryell at 727.492.7208. Please include your name and any questions that you may have. Thank you for your consideration to make a difference, using very little personal time.

Thank you to last week's sandwich makers extraordinaire! Do you have a little time to pick up sandwich bread at the Flowers Baking Company (8989 66th St N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782) and/or some sandwich meat and cheese at Gordon Food Service on 4th Ave N. before our next Sandwich Sunday on July 2nd? I would love some help. Thanks!

  • Mthr. Anne 954-253-4414

St Thomas Mission Trip to Honduras

The team arrived in Honduras on Saturday, May 13. On Sunday, May 14th they made the three-hour road trip over the mountains to Clinica Esperanza in San Francisco de Orica. From Monday to Thursday, the group has provided “brigadas” of health care and screening in neighboring villages with the help of Dr. Cesar Davila. Over the course of those 4 days the team saw:

Over 400 Children for games, music and stories. Over 150 women for women's exams, and almost 600 people came through the clinic for height and weight, blood sugar tests, blood pressure, reading glasses and a visit with the Dr. Wonderfully successful week!

Click here for mission trip pictures and video
Contact Benison Farm

Village of Hope Haiti

As you will read below, Haiti is in a dire situation with no elected President or other leadership in place. Yet by the Grace of God, the Village of Hope has remained open with an operating school and clinic. However, they struggle for operating funds to serve the Haitian people. As there will be no mission trips in the near future, the remaining monies in the Haiti Fund will be sent to VOH as a gift from St Thomas. There is always an opportunity for individual congregants to send donations directly to Village of Hope.  


Rene Clark and Richard Davis sincerely thank the congregation for giving us the opportunities of a lifetime to lead mission trips to Haiti over a ten-year period.  

Article from Village of Hope 
Donate to Village of Hope

FAST Update

The communication below is from the Faith and Action for Strength Together (FAST) Joshua Assembly which took place on May 8th. A great turnout from St. Augustine’s and a couple from St. Thomas’. Would you please read and consider how God might be calling you to respond? Questions? Please contact Bill Barns, 757.646.5146 /

Fast Press Release

Adult Formation

Women of the Word meet on Thursday mornings at 9:30 in the Founders Room.

WOW will recess in August and resume on September 14.

Please contact Julie Songster for information, 737-420-6839. 

Men's Bible Study - Wednesdays 7:30am Summer Schedule

June 14 - Longman Ch 15

June 21 - Longman Ch 16

June 28 - NO CLASS

July 5 - NO CLASS

July 12 - NO CLASS

July 19 - Longman Ch 17

July 26 - Longman Ch 18 & 19

August 2 - NO CLASS

August 9 - Longman Ch 20

August 16 - Longman Ch 21

August 22 - Longman Ch 22

August 30 - Longman Ch 23


Virtual Happy Hour

Please join us on Thursdays from 6 - 7:15 pm. Connect through Zoom:

Meeting ID: 969 2031 5905

Password: 06182020

virtual happy hour.jpg
birthday anniversaries 2.jpg

Happy Birthday Blessings this week go out to: Kanika Tomalin, Kathy Elston, Colin Burkhart, Tyler Burkhart, Jon Ward, Laura Webber, Karen Barmmer, and Curtis Miller.

Happy Anniversary blessings this week go out to:

Becky and Jon Wilson, and Diane and Chris Ewing.

Lay Minister Schedule.jpg

Trinity Sunday

Lay Minister Schedule

Acolytes: David Gould, Joni James, Luke Evanoff

Altar Guild: Susan McMullen, Joanna Ritch

Camera Operator 10am: Everett Jennings

Coffee Host 10am: Liz Stiles

Flower Guild: Marilyn Lanctot

EM 10 am: Mark Howerton, Dudley Savage

Lector 8am: Beth Gould

Lectors 10am: Lloyd Chapin, Nancy Day

Musicians: Summer Choir

Oblations: Steve and Susan McMullen

Prayers of the People 10am: Mark Howerton

Ushers 10am: Tom Shevlin, Dick Nelson

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