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St. Thomas' Episcopal Church

May 10, 2023

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The Sixth Sunday of Easter 10 am Bulletin May 14, 2023

Father Ryan is attending the National Workshop on Christian Unity, where he will represent our Diocese on behalf of the Bishop.

Fr. Ryan's summer Reading List

Link to summer reading list

This Week at St. Thomas'

Sandwich Sunday - This Sunday

NEW DATE (this month only): May 14

will be our next Sandwich Sunday. Parishioners make 200 sandwiches for the hungry in downtown St. Pete between the 8 and 10am services. A collaboration with Isaiah's Place.


Weekly children's lessons during the first part of the 10 a.m. service continue for kids in Grades 1-6. This coming Sunday, May 14, during the first part of the May 14th 10:00 service, flower guild members will show the kids how to make a flower arrangement as a Mother's Day gift. The kids will bring up their gifts with the offertory (before communion), set them around the altar, then take them home after the service.

Calling All Languages! Pentecost Readers Needed!


If you are able to read a language other than English, and would like to participate in our annual Pentecost reading during the services on Sunday, May 28, please email Fr. Ryan. We are looking for as many readers as we can get. The reading will be provided to you in your language, along with specific instructions on how everything will go on Pentecost.


Mercí! Gracias!


Fr. Ryan

St Thomas Mission Trip to Honduras, May 13-20

(Missing from the picture are Tracy Kelso, Judy Lewis, and Colin Burkhart)

Our mission team leaves for Honduras Saturday! The team will arrive in Honduras on Saturday. On Sunday, they will attend worship in one of the oldest cathedrals in the Americas, purchase last minute items in the capital, and make the three-hour road trip over the mountains to Clinica Esperanza in San Francisco de Orica. Monday through Thursday the group will provide “brigadas” of health care and screening in neighboring villages with the help of Dr. Cesar Davila. On Friday they travel to El Valle de Los Angeles, for an afternoon of R & R, and a festive final dinner. Then Saturday is their travel day to come home.

Please pray for the team each day. A list is provided here for you to pray for them by name. Thanks to all of you for your support of this mission trip.

Honduras Mission Team

Adrienne Ruga

Colin Burkhart

Geordie Stutzman

Grace Smith

Judith McAllister Lewis

Laura Reitan

Luis Quixtan

Marlene Dersch

Mary Clark

Rick Smith

Russ Martin

Tracy Kelso

Lisandro Flores (aka Chando)

Carolina Miden

Sergio Castro

Cesar Davila

And all others who are helping to make this trip possible.



Holy Communion Guidelines

To streamline the traffic flow during Communion, we are asking parishioners who sit on the left side of the congregation (the left side if you are facing the altar) to walk all the way to the left end of the altar rail before kneeling (or standing) to receive the host. The right side of the congregation already walks to the far right side before kneeling (or standing). If you follow this pattern, we won't have to ask you if you have already received bread.

The wine is optional, but even if you don't drink the wine, please stay in place (standing or kneeling, whichever is more comfortable) until the chalice passes. If you cross your arms over your chest, the chalice bearer will know to say the words of administration, but not offer the cup.

We prefer for people not to intinct ("dunk") their host in the chalice. This prevents splashes, spills, and fingers dipping into the wine. You may return to your seats down the closest side aisle. Thank you!

Music Ministries

Music for The Sixth Sunday of Easter May 14, 2023


Preludes  Canon in D Major” - Johann Pachelbel

Processional Hymn "O Love How Deep"" -448


Hymn of Praise "Gloria to God" - S278

Psalm 66: 7-18 - Hal Hopson

Gospel Acclamation “Alleluia and Verses” –848 GELOBT SEI GOTT

Offertory Anthem  “If Ye Love Me”- Thomas Tallis

Presentation Hymn  "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow" –


Sanctus  - S 128

Fracture Anthem  "The Disciples Knew the Lord Jesus" - WLP 877

Communion Anthem "As We Gather at Your Table" - WLP 763

Processional Hymn "What Wondrous Love is This" –439


Postlude  “Fantasia” -Johann Pachelbel

Rick is in Honduras, Mike Davis will be Directing the Choir!

Morning Prayer at Benison Farm

Come visit Benison Farm on the third Thursday of the month for Morning Prayer. We will meet for the initial gathering on May 18th at 8:00 a.m. This is a wonderful opportunity to be present with the Creator in a lovely setting to begin the day. Feel free to bring a Book of Common Prayer, either electronic or hard copy, along with your morning beverage. Benison Farm is located at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church (2920 26th Ave. S. St. Petersburg, FL). Please contact Bill Barns with questions: 757.646.5146 /"

Former St. Petersburg deputy mayor to lead Foundation for a Healthy St. Pete

Kanika Tomalin named as new CEO and president of the nonprofit created out of the sale of Bayfront Medical Center.

The nonprofit, which focuses on improving health equity in Pinellas County, hired a consultant to conduct a national search for a new leader after Randall Russell resigned in November. He had been placed on administrative leave during a five-month investigation into his leadership.

Tomalin’s background in health administration likely played a role in her appointment. She previously served as Bayfront Health System’s vice president of strategic planning and public affairs and played a role in the formation of the foundation from the city’s sale of its nonprofit hospital, Bayfront Medical Center, now known as Bayfront Health St. Petersburg.

“I’m very excited about this role and the chance to reconnect to the community,” she said on Monday.

The foundation oversees $164 million in assets dedicated to tackling racial, social and structural barriers to health in Pinellas County. It currently employs 19 people.

Youth Activities

St. Thomas’ Church offers traditional formation (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, lectionary-based classes for Grades 1-6), guild apprenticeship (this year, focusing on altar server training), and fun activities during the school year. The nursery is staffed at both Sunday services during the school year (resuming 2nd week of September).

For an overview of our youth program, check out the website. Go to Formation > Youth Programs & Events or click the button below:

Visit our Website

From Gina White: Today we talked about our pets, specifically the dogs in our lives. For most dogs, food is a high priority - they usually know when it’s time to eat & where their food is kept in the house. That’s about where their knowledge of it ends, however, and they have no conception of grocery stores, money, dog food manufacturing plants, etc. It’s kind of like how we are, when it comes to those “big questions” - like what happens to us when we die, how did the universe come to exist, etc. In the passage from John 14:1-14, Jesus uses parables when he talks to His disciples about some hard to understand things & He tells us we need to trust Him and know that He has our best interest in mind. We ended with a reading from 1 Corinthians 13:12-13, which says that right now we don’t see things clearly, but eventually we will know God as well as He knows us. In the meantime, we need to trust Him, hope & love as much as we can.

To illustrate the mysterious and hard to understand truths of God, we explored the high level world of topological mathematics - specifically Mobius strips! We tore twisted circles of paper, which turned into unexpected shapes and configurations. Even though these mathematical truths are hard to understand & explain, we can trust that they will happen every time, just like we can trust in our Creator. 

There will be no formal Bible lesson on May 14. See announcement above about Mother's Day flower arrangements.

Thanks to the families who came out for the Encanto movie night and brought friends. These events are designed for nursery and younger elementary school kids. All middle and high school students are eligible to receive community service hours for helping with games, crafts, and food. Thanks to the Quixtans, Labbees, Hines, and Macciocchis for helping to prepare food and clean up.

Art Ministry

Doves, doves, and more doves! . Heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers who are helping with this project. We could not do this without you! 


Gina White and Mary Jane Park, St. Thomas' Art Project co-chairs


Thanks to all for your help with Pack-a-Snack at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church and special thanks to Grace Smith, Jon Ward and Lee Coryell for their special efforts this past week...


Pack-a-Snack Volunteers for the Week of May 7th:

Delivery: Cathy Ball, Thursday, 05/11/2023


Pack-a-Snack Volunteers for the Week of May 14th:

Double order due to end of the school year...

Purchasing: Ann Leavine, Laura Vrooman

Staging: Marilyn Smith, Linda Davis

Packing: Music Ministry, 05/17/2023

Delivery: Lee Coryell, Thursday, 05/18/2023

FAST Update

The communication below is from the Faith and Action for Strength Together (FAST) Joshua Assembly which took place on May 8th. A great turnout from St. Augustine’s and a couple from St. Thomas’. Would you please read and consider how God might be calling you to respond? Questions? Please contact Bill Barns, 757.646.5146 /

Good morning justice seekers!

It was great to see everyone at the Joshua Assembly last night! We hope you were as inspired as we were to remember the great things we've done over the years. As of last night, we have about $75,000 turned in of our goal of $154,000 in individuals investments for this year! If you haven't completed your investment yet, you can make a card payment using or you can mail cash or check made out to FAST to P.O. Box 10421, St. Petersburg, FL 33733. 

Last night we also announced that we'll be having a press conference outside city hall on May 18th to call the city to increase their affordable housing goals! Attached is a handout with details about the problem and specifics of what we're asking for. The press conference will be 10am on May 18th on the steps of city hall. We are asking each congregation to get 10 people to this press conference! Please start inviting people ASAP! There is limited parking around city hall, so we are encouraging everyone to carpool if possible. Here's another news clip that was made last night and highlights our push for more housing

We need everyone to show up to the press conference so that we can push the city to create 5000 units of housing for families making $65,000 or less! How do we stand?


With Peace,

FAST Staff

Faith & Action for Strength Together (FAST)

Please Click below for additional information!

Fast Press Release

Pastoral Care

The list of names in the Prayers of the People will be published in the bulletin every week and in The Draft. We encourage you to pray at home for Mark, Dona, Geoff, Sharon Joanne, Tara, Anne, Marsha, Madison, Ed, Yvonne, Christie, Howard, Ann, Jean, Jan, Brooke, Greg, Deborah, Kathy, Tina, Tony, Pat, David, Janet, Kim, Joe, Dorothy, Billy, Carolyn, Toni, Brenda, Marissa, and Katrina.

We are looking for parishioners who might be willing to offer individual prayers for healing during Communion at the 8 and 10am services. You may start with a prayer partner before you try it on your own. If you are willing to give this ministry a try, please contact Russ Ball at 727-667-5471.


Would you like to help us reach out to parishioners who can't come to church? Eucharistic Visitors visit parishioners in their homes, hospitals, rehab centers, and assisted living facilities. They visit, listen to, offer to pray with and give communion to fellow parishioners. Eucharistic Ministers serve as chalice bearers during worship services. Text or call Mthr. Anne at 954-253-4414 if you're interested.

If you live alone or need rides or have to go into the hospital, please let the church know so we can pray for you, visit you, bring you communion, and/or arrange for rides or meals. Call Grace Smith in the mornings at 727-896-9641 and call Mthr. Anne anytime at 954-253-4414.

Adult Formation

Women of the Word meet on Thursday mornings at 9:30 in the Founders Room.

Please contact Julie Songster for information, 737-420-6839. 

Men's Bible Study

It's a great time to join this Bible Study led by Fr. Ryan! using the commentary "The Story of God: Genesis" by Tremper Longman III. 


Virtual Happy Hour

Please join us on Thursdays from 6 - 7:15 pm. Connect through Zoom:

Meeting ID: 969 2031 5905

Password: 06182020

virtual happy hour.jpg
birthday anniversaries 2.jpg


Happy Birthday Blessings this week go out to: Mary Ellen Shevlin, Jennifer Brady, Channing Jung, Gina White, Curtis Songster, Julie DiOrio, Lauren White, and Savanna Ewing.

Happy Anniversary blessings this week go out to: Rene Clark and Richard Davis.

Lay Minister Schedule.jpg

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Lay Minister Schedule

Acolytes: David Gould, Joni James, Daniel Nicolas, Dominic Nicolas.

Altar Guild: Pat Bernfeld, Beth and David Gould, Laura Labbee

Camera Operator 10am: Joy Howerton

Coffee Host 10am: Liz Stiles

Flower Guild: Pam Holley, Elizabeth Alison

Healing 10am: Liz Stiles

LEM 10 am: Mark Howerton, Dudley Savage

Lector 8am: Beth Gould

Lectors 10am: Michael Mahoney, Jaime Elstun

Musicians: Chancel Choir, Mike Davis, Director

Oblations: Susan and Steve McMullen

Prayers of the People 10am: Joe DiOrio

Ushers 10am: Tom Shevlin, Dick Nelson

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Parish Calendar

Friday, May 12

Saturday, May 13

5:30 am -Honduras Mission Trip Leaves

Sunday, May 14-The Sixth Sunday of Easter

8:00 am - Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Spoken

10:00 am - Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Sung 

Monday, May 15

9:00 am- Morning Prayer

Tuesday, May 16

9:00 am- Morning Prayer

Wednesday, May 17

7:30 am - Men's Bible Study

9:00 am- Morning Prayer

5:15 pm - Chapel Eucharist

6:00 pm - Supper, Song, and Prayer

6:30 pm - Handbells

6:45 pm - Compline

7:00 pm - No Adult Formation this week

Thursday, May 18

8:00 am - Benison Farm Morning Prayer

9:00 am- Morning Prayer

9:15 am - Women of the Word

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