Here is weekly drop of the hottest news from sports, gaming, media, fitness, and technology. Sports betting gets another big IPO with Betway going public via SPAC. The gaming market sees continued investment with raises by One More Multiverse, Pragma, and more. Lastly, congrats to our portfolio company Physimax who announced a sale to Australia's Advanced Human Imaging.

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GS Warriors Launch NFT Series
The Golden State Warriors are the first NBA team to drop a NFT series. They have created digital art commemorating their NBA championships, with auctions live now.
Is VR Ready for Primetime?
Brian Zwerner shares his thoughts on the current state of virtual reality. Is the market ready to produce a $100MM hit game? Learn more about this emerging tech here.
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Tech news, capital raises, and more
🎰 Betway goes public via SPAC with $4.75Bn valuation read
🏀 Overtime closes $80MM raise to launch high school league here
👾 One More Multiverse closes $17.5MM funding more
đŸ“ē Creator + gets $12MM to grow digital film studio read
🎮 Pragma brings in $12MM for gaming services details
🎙ī¸ Podcast platform grabs $9.5MM more
🏃 Impact Biosystems hauls in $4.5MM for athlete recovery here
🤩 Stars join Zigazoo $4MM seed round for kid friendly social read
🏋ī¸â€â™€ī¸ ​Jay-Z invests in fitness platform LIT Method details
👕 ​Nextiles closes seed round for smart fabric here
🕹ī¸ F2K partners with Community Gaming on tournaments more
🏋ī¸ ​Advanced Human Imaging buys Physimax details

Athletes in the News
đŸĨƒ Conor McGregor sells whiskey brand for $600MM read
🏀 Steph Curry and others invest $100MM in teen banking startup Step here
👩‍đŸĢ Tom Brady and more back $12MM for EdTech startup Class details
👟 CryptoKickers and NBA's Chandler launch digital sneaker NFTs more
đŸ–ŧī¸ SportsIcon is launching digital art platform for athletes details
🏈 Clubhouse partners with NFL on draft coverage here

Highlighting Diversity in Tech
🏀 Charlotte Hornets crown innovation contest winner details
đŸ”Ļ Spotlight on AfrolandTV supporting Black content creators read
🗓ī¸ Sign up for Square One Startup Showcase event more
👨‍đŸ’ŧ Zwerner on believing in yourself as a founder read
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Job Postings
Cerberus Interactive (Game Dev): Jr UI Artist and Cloud Architect
Eight Sleep (Fitness): Engineer and Growth roles more
Artie (Game Dev): Senior Program and Engineer roles more