Here is weekly drop of the hottest news from sports, gaming, media, fitness, and technology. Two of the hottest consumer companies raised new funding at 3X their prior valuations, Dapper Labs did it in only 3 weeks and Clubhouse in 3 months. Esports organizations grabbed new capital with raises from OverActive Media and GenE. Athletes continue to buy into pro teams, with DWade and Beast Mode the latest participants.

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Dapper Labs Raises at $7.5Bn
Dapper Labs, the makers of NBA Top Shot, have capitalized on their red hot product with a new capital raise at $7.5BN valuation. This comes only three weeks after the company raised $305MM at a valuation of $2.6Bn.
Clubhouse Closes Series C
Only three months after their last capital raise, Clubhouse closed a Series C at a $4Bn valuation. This 3X increase comes amid a large number of knockoffs from big social media platforms.
The Future of Tracking Devices
Brian Zwerner reports on the future of tracking devices. He thinks that evolving offerings in this space will change the future of health and fitness in a meaningful positive way.
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