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The E-Pistle of Wednesday

March 27th, 2024

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Sunday March 24th—Palm Sunday

7:30AM Liturgy of the Palms & Holy Eucharist (Emmanuel Chapel)

10:00AM Liturgy of the Palms & Holy Eucharist (nave & livestreamed)

Thursday March 28th—Maundy Thursday

7:00PM Holy Eucharist with Foot-Washing (nave & livestreamed)

Friday March 29th—Good Friday

12:00 noon Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday (nave & livestreamed)

1:30PM The Way of the Cross (Stations of the Cross) (nave)

7:00PM Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday (nave)

Saturday March 30th—Easter Eve

7:00PM Great Vigil and First Eucharist of Easter (nave & livestreamed)

Sunday March 31st—Easter

9:00AM Festal Eucharist with brass & timpani (nave & livestreamed)

10:30AM Easter egg hunt (Bishop’s Garden, rain location: Emmanuel Chapel)

11:00AM Festal Eucharist with brass & timpani (nave)


Holy Week E-pistle Publishing Schedule

For Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, The Great Vigil of Easter, and Easter Day services, we will send out separate E-pistles with bulletins, service participants, and announcements for each day.

With questions, please contact the parish office.

All Night Silent Vigil to Be Held in The Cathedral Nave at the Conclusion of Maundy Thursday Service

Following the conclusion of the Maundy Thursday service, we invite you to join participants holding an all night silent vigil beginning Thursday evening until Friday morning at 8:00AM in the Cathedral Nave.

With questions about participating, please email Stacy Obenhaus.

Bring Bells for the Easter Vigil & Easter Day Services

Please bring bells to ring at the Easter Acclamation and at other festive points during the liturgies this coming Saturday, March 30th (The Great Vigil of Easter) & Sunday, March 31st (Easter Day)

The Way of the Cross (Stations of the Cross)

Following Noon Service

On Good Friday, at 1:00 pm following the Proper Liturgy for Good Friday at which he will preach, The Rev’d Christopher Worthley invites you to join him in walking and praying the Way of the Cross, following the 14 Stations that hang year-round in Emmanuel Chapel.

The Way of the Cross is a contemplative devotion in remembrance of Christ's Passion, a series of events at the end of Jesus' life from his condemnation to his burial. The devotion imitates the practice of visiting the places of Jesus' Passion in the Holy Land by early pilgrims. The first stations outside the Holy Land were built in Bologna, Italy, in the 5th century. This particular devotion - traditionally conducted on Fridays in Lent - was encouraged by followers of St. Francis and became common in the 15th century. The version we will use for this simple, spoken liturgy that moves throughout the nave is taken from the “Book of Occasional Services” of the Episcopal Church. This is a unique opportunity to dwell intentionally in the in-between experience that is Good Friday, a time to be with and walk quietly with our Savior. Please join us!

Good Friday Offering

Since 1922, the Good Friday offering has been an effective way for Episcopalians to express their support for the ministries of the three dioceses of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. When Presiding Bishop Michael Curry met with the Rev. Canon Faiz Basheer Jerjes of St. George’s Anglican Episcopal Church in Baghdad—the only Anglican church in Iraq, last spring, Fr. Faiz asked one thing of our church: “Please don’t forget us.”

This year, our support is more vital than ever. "I assured him that we would not forget—and I need your help to honor that pledge, not only to him, but to the whole Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, which we have supported through the Good Friday Offering for over a century, through conflict, pandemic, and humanitarian disasters," writes Presiding Bishop Curry. Read the rest of his letter, learn about places impacted by our donations—such as Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City— here.

An Easter Letter

Shared by the St. Luke's Haiti-Maine Partnership

The St. Luke's Haiti-Maine Partnership shares a letter written by The Reverend Kesner Gracia, Coordinator of the Partnership Program for the Diocese of Haiti.

"Dear brothers and sisters,

Dear friends, partners, supporters,

Dear All,


We  greet  you in the holy and precious name of the risen Lord!

It is with great joy that we write during this Easter period, to show our deep gratitude to each of you. In this darkest moment in our history, without your support we would not have been able to hold on. Thank you very much for your generosity, your love, your friendship, and your compassion towards Haitian children in the different missions of the Diocese of Haiti."

To read the full letter, click here.

If you would like to learn more or support the St. Luke’s Haiti Partnership, you may use this link here, or write a check with "Haiti-Maine Partnership in the memo.

Community Announcements

Public Policy and Environmental Action Team Meeting

"The St. Luke's Public Policy and Environmental Action Team will 

meet Tuesday April 9 from 6-7 PM. All are welcome. Join us via Zoom. 

For more information email Ruth Roemer.


Eco Tips from the

Public Policy and Environmental

Action Team (PPEAT)

Did you know that environmentalists are among those least likely to vote? This year's elections will be crucial for the environment, especially climate change. You can help encourage environmentalists to vote by phone banking or writing postcards with the Environmental Voter Project. The EVP has a proven track record of turning people concerned about the environment into consistent voters. 

It is not too early to start! Visit here to learn more and to sign up for one or more sessions.

Looking For Individuals to serve as Treasurer and

Junior Warden

The cathedral is looking for individuals interested in serving in the positions of treasurer and junior warden.

If you are interested in serving as treasurer please contact The Rev. George Stevens or Tim Wilkins, with any questions.

If you have interest in either of these positions please email The Rev. George Stevens or Senior Warden Sam Allen.

Christian Education at the Cathedral

Interested in Christian Education? In the coming weeks the vestry will be beginning work on creating a fresh job description for the Interim Director of Religious Education at the Cathedral of St. Luke. 

If you’re interested in helping shape this new position, please contact Interim Dean the Rev. George Stevens.

The Biblical Study Group

This week, Session 127: What do Christians know, or think they know, about God’s being? What roles do faith and/or belief play in this system? What role does thinking or reason play? What role does feeling or emotion play? What Biblical references are essential to coming to conclusions about who or what God is? Biblical references open doors to new understandings by tracing the major prophets, the Pauline letters, and the Gospels. These many voices sing God’s praises as they trace the evolution of God’s character over time. An essential clue to God’s being is given to us by tracing the 25 names God is assigned by the prophets and apostles. Join us to discover what God has told us about who he is, and therefore who we are. Bring your questions and your hopes. There are handouts and suggested readings for each session. Contact: Dr. Bob Hanson (207) 405-8250.

Diocesan Climate Justice Council Publishes Article With Contributions from St. Luke's Parishioner

The Diocesan Justice Council recently published an article titled "Advancing Creation Care and Climate Justice with Earth Keepers". This article featured contributions from St. Luke's parishioner, Sarah Braik.

To read the full article, click here.

A Highlight from Last Week

St. Luke's Community Gathers for the First Ever Chili Cook Off!

Last Friday evening, members of the St. Luke's community joined together for the first ever chili cook off. The event was a wonderful night of fellowship, prayer, delicious food, and raising support for 3 ministries who help so many neighbors each week in our wider community.

Thanks are given to the extensive team of volunteers who served in many different areas, 14 talented chili makers, and all attendees who helped to make the evening run smoothly. We could not have done it without you!

Congratulations are given to St. Luke's parishioner Liz Griffin who was voted as the first place recipient for her chili!

Thank you to the Rev. Suzanne Roberts & Avery Levesque-Schott for the pictures.

Last Week's Service

Click the attached link to view last week's Palm Sunday bulletin

To watch the livestream of last Sunday's Palm Sunday service, click here.

To View past services visit our Youtube Page or visit the archive page on our website to read past bulletins, sermons, and newsletters.

Events and Resources in the Wider Community

Resources Shared from the Maine Gun Safety Coalition

In the wake of the Lewiston shooting last October, there’s been an outpouring of public support for action on gun safety. And now, priority bills have been introduced with a real chance of passing into law, including a true Extreme Risk Protection Order, bump stock ban, background checks, and 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases.

However, with the state legislature’s target adjournment date less than six weeks away, there is little time left to get these bills onto the governor’s desk. The team at the Maine Gun Safety Coalition has put together a campaign plan that they think can get these bills over the finish line, but to greenlight this entire budget, they need to raise at least $235,000 in the next 5 days. 

To learn more about how to support this cause, click here

Ongoing Opportunities &

Community Resources

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour - Please join us after the service for a time of fellowship in the upper hall through the doors to the left of the altar. All are welcome.

Interested in hosting? It is an important part of our parish life and provides us with a time for connection. Hosting is fun and easy, it requires bringing in a baked good and brewing coffee the Sunday of your choosing. Please consider signing up, a lot of gratitude comes with the job. Thank you!

Check the hosting schedule by visiting the link here.  

Please email Meredith Cough with your date.

Painted Rocks

and Prayers for Peace

in the Holy Land

Linda Carleton is painting rocks as prayers for peace in the Holy Land. She would like to paint one for you in exchange for a donation of any amount to the Dean’s Discretionary Fund.

Contact Linda if you would like one.

Access Your Realm Profile

The Cathedral’s new online database, Realm, is a useful tool for parishioners to manage their contact and pledging information.

Realm helps our community by improving our record keeping in a more streamlined fashion. 

When joining Realm you can sign-up to be a part of the online directory in the database.

To activate your Realm profile please contact our financial administrator Nina Andersen.

Nina will assist you with the few steps necessary to access your profile.

We look forward to sharing this exciting new technology with you!

Join the Young and The Restless

We are St. Luke’s 20s-30s-year-old ministry. We are an active group at the cathedral which also gets together outside of the church.

Join us as we go hiking, ice skating, play trivia, or just enjoy each other’s company! If you are new to us, welcome! We meet each Tuesday at Maine Beer Company in Freeport, 6-8 PM for Trivia.

Other events happen sporadically throughout the month, however trivia is a wonderful opportunity to meet us if you’re joining us for the first time. Contact Shana Rose to stay up to date with group activities and information.

Join Luke's Garden


Luke's Garden is the cathedral's LGBTQIA+ group which meets every 2nd Sunday of the month following coffee hour.

All are welcome!

For additional information contact Orion Williams

The Kneeler Guild and

Prayer Shawl Knitters



The Upper Hall.

For additional information contact Jeri Edgar 207-303-8447 or Nancy MaWhinney 207-775-7500

Everyone is welcome, whether you are curious or want to begin. Kneeler kits cost $75, which include directions, yarn, needles & canvas. Novices are welcome; we will teach you as needed. Prayer Shawls: 26-29” by 60”; select your yarn & needles. Coffee & Tea available.

Weekly Ministries

  • The Food Pantry is open from 8 am to 11 am every Thursday.

  • The Tuesday 12:10 Eucharist is offered every week in Emmanuel Chapel in-person and on Zoom.

  • Noon prayer is offered every Wednesday via Zoom.

  • Compline is offered weekly on Friday from 8-8:30pm on Zoom.

Click on the Episcopal Maine Logo above to learn about all that is happening in the wider Diocese.




Physical Address:

143 State Street, Portland, ME 04101

Parking Available at:

134 Park Street, Portland, ME 04101

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 4141, Portland, ME 04101

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