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To worship online, join us at:

Meeting ID: 835 5063 4223
Passcode: 478749
Phone in at +1 312 626 6799

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Our next all parish meeting / conversation is Aug. 7 after Service. Please mark your calendars
and plan to join us. We will be discussing the Worship schedule, the boiler, our Land Acknowledgment.

Rev'd Cindi
Please join me for a virtual cup of coffee and conversation; reach me at
if you would like to meet by phone or by Zoom sometime soon. 
You are invited: SUNDAYS DOWN UNDER. Come for coffee in the Undercroft after Service on Sundays. We will have socially distanced time for fellowship, Iona work, and other projects. Questions? Reach out to Rev. Cindi (
Fellow Mankatoan, Lee Williams, brought in an article for us he found in his grandfather's belongings.
Upcoming Trainings

Safe Church for God’s Children

Safe Church for God’s People

To learn more about Safe Church, please visit
Prayer Book Compline and Chat
Wednesdays at 8 pm via Zoom. 
Please join us at:

Meeting ID: 817 8970 4512
Passcode: 125356
Join by phone  +1 312 626 6799
We will have two bouquets on our Holy Communion Sundays. If you wish to furnish flowers, the cost is $30.00 per Sunday for 2 bouquets. After worship, an altar guild member will present the flowers to a church member who cannot regularly join us. Please consider being a part of this important ministry. 
There is a sign-up sheet on the narthex bulletin board.
Questions? Call Ann M. 382-9426
8/03-Andy Anderson
8/03-Joe Hogan
8/06-Candace Black
8/12-Helen Hudson
8/14-Audrey Splinter
8/22-Steve Penkhus
8/27-Rick Robbins
8/29-Ray Splinter


8/06 - Andrew & Lisa Westberg
8/15 - Will & Barb Partridge
8/16 - Cliff & Ellie Canavin
8/19 - Lowell & Bobbi Hovren
8/24 - Al & Mary Berner

If we don't have you listed, we don't have your date! Stop in the office to let us know.
St. John’s Prayer List
Please pray for Gay, Andy, Bill, Ricci, Barbara, Marcia, Mary, Mara, Jordin, Pat, Elsie, Elizabeth, Kate, Mary, Wendy, Ann, Wayne, Swede, Jim, Libby, Don, Anne, Mary, Judy, Joan, Amy, Alex, John, Donna, Cassandra, Cliff, Ellie and Erika.
Pastoral Care
If you are in need or know someone in need of pastoral care, please reach out to our Companion Priest, The Rev. Cindi Brickson at 612-998-5136 or
Vestry Members:
Cindi Brickson, Companion Priest, 612-998-5136,
Ann Clark 507-201-4438,
Pam Bartholomew 507-380-4497,
Mike Kearney 507-381-1435,
Tim Secott, Warden 507-995-7825,
Angi Hiller, Parish Administrator 507-388-1969,