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Sundays at 9:30 am
To worship online, join us at:

Meeting ID: 892 3690 8727
Passcode: 552574
Phone in at +1 312 626 6799
St. John's Service of Services

Join our Book Club! Join Rev. Cindi and your friends from St John’s

This Fall, we are reading and discussing Native by Kaitlin Curtice. We will meet on Zoom, Wednesdays at 7 PM: Sept. 22/29. (Compline is at 8 PM.)

Meeting ID: 874 7394 0711
Passcode: 043830
OR Join by phone  +1 312 626 6799

The book is readily available at a number of booksellers, including these:

Faith Formation

All are welcome to join Rev. Cindi for virtual FaithFormation this Fall. We meet on Wednesdays, often on Zoom (a 7 PM, just before Compline.) If you let her know you are interested (by replying to this link Faith Formation Attendee) she will send you a reminder with the Zoom link.) Here is the updated schedule:

  • Sept. 15 - wrapping up "Love is the Way”
  • Sept. 22 - watch and discuss our collaborative project for Iona: St John’s History this session will be in person at St John's. stay tuned for the time

  • Sept. 26 - watch and discuss our collaborative project for Iona: St John’s History

  • Sept. 29 - watch and discuss our collaborative project for Iona: St John’s History

October: book Club “Native” by Kaitlin B. Curtice
  • Oct.6 - part 1
  • Oct.13 - part 2 
  • Oct. 20 - part 3
  • Oct. 27 - part 4

November: Spirituality Practice: Rule of Life
December: Bible Study (Luke)
Compline and Chat
Wednesdays at 8 pm via Zoom.

Please join us at:

Meeting ID: 874 7394 0711
Passcode: 043830 OR Join by phone  +1 312 626 6799
Warning: Email and text message scams targeting church members by impersonating clergy and other leaders

If you receive an email that appears to be from your clergy person or Vestry leadership, asking you to take some kind of unusual action – click a link or download an attachment you didn’t request, wire money to a specified account, purchase gift cards and reply with the serial numbers, or simply to reply quickly, watch out – it could be a form of email “phishing” known as “whaling.”

Whereas “phishing” involves sending a fraudulent email to a large group of people in the hope that a few will respond, “whaling” involves forging communications that look like they’re from the “big fish” in an organization, i.e. the “whale.” For us, this usually means the Bishop or a clergy person, although it could be someone else in authority.

The message will give some explanation of why the leader needs your help immediately. They may include some story about another person in dire circumstances whom the priest is trying to help. But instead of helping a needy person, if you respond you will actually be turning over money and possibly your identity information to a scammer.

Because these emails are usually crafted more carefully than your standard “phishing” email, they can be more difficult to detect.

At St. John’s members have received multiple emails claiming to be from Rev. Cindi. A few people have even received fake text messages purporting to be from her. 

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to stop these “whaling” attacks. The email accounts in question have not been hacked. Instead, they are being “spoofed” – that is, a fraudulent email account is cleverly configured to look at first glance like a legitimate one. Even if you block the fraudulent email, they’ll just use another. Same thing with text messages from fraudulent phone numbers. It’s like playing “whack-a-mole.”

You can’t stop the senders of “whaling” emails, but what you can do – which is entirely free – is educate yourself and other potential recipients. Here are two simple guidelines to help potential recipients avoid being tricked:

Verify the “from” email
The malicious actors behind “whaling” attacks are counting on people springing into action as soon as they see an important name on an email. You can outsmart them by looking beyond the name and checking the “from” email address to see if it matches what you know the alleged sender’s email to be.

If you only see a name, you can cause the “from” email address to be displayed by hovering the cursor over the name.

Rev. Cindi is always No other variation of his email address is official.

Confirm requests with a conversation
Even if the email or text seems legitimate, if a request seems even remotely “off,” don’t act on it until you confirm it with a phone call or face-to-face conversation.

(Thanks to the communications staff in the Diocese of Newark for composing a version of this email and allowing other dioceses to use it.)
Episcopal Church Women Retreat with the National ECW Board

This annual retreat is always great fellowship and inspiration! If you are interested in 
attending, call ECW MN President LaDonna Boyd 612-978-4613. 
Attention Ladies of Province VI ECW! We are holding a retreat in Rapid City, SD for the dates of October 1-3, 2021. Arrivals will come to Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Rapid City on Friday, October 1st. The address is: 717 Quincy Street. We will have dinner at 6pm, followed by introductions, and Compline. We have a block of rooms available, with double beds so you can room with others to cut down on costs. The rooms are at the Country Inns & Suites, located at 2321 N. La Crosse Street in Rapid City. Phone: 605-394-0017. They will be held until September 10th, after that, you can still reserve a room under Province VI ECW, but the rate will not be the $99.99 per night. On Saturday, October 2nd, we will again meet at Emmanuel Episcopal Church to visit with the National ECW Board. We will have refreshments, and lunch will be provided. We will have Eucharist Saturday afternoon. If you have any questions, please reach out to Heather Bauer, 402-890-3811 or email:  
Thank you all!!!
Heather Bauer
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
Shelter season is fast approaching! At the end of this note, you will find a link connecting you to everything you'd ever want to know about volunteering at the shelter and more! Pastor Erica, co-director of the Connections Shelter, put this all together for us. You will find volunteer job descriptions, donation suggestions, sign-up sheets, covid policy, and other updates.

Please let me know if you can't open the link or if you would like a printed copy. Also, feel free to call or email me with any questions at any time. We will be hosting the first week, October 4-10, partnering with St. John's Catholic Church. Please take a look at the information in the link and consider being a part of this ministry. Thanks so much!

Audrey Splinter, Shelter Coordinator for St. John's Episcopal Church or 507.720.8571

Sunday, September 19
This Sunday, September 19th, the altar flowers are given by Pam Bartholomew to the Glory of God and in loving the memory of her husband, Gerry Schneck.
We will have two bouquets on our Holy Communion Sundays. If you wish to furnish flowers, the cost is $30.00 per Sunday for 2 bouquets. After worship, an altar guild member will present the flowers to a church member who cannot regularly join us. Please consider being a part of this important ministry. There is a sign-up sheet on the narthex bulletin board.
Questions? Call Ann M. 382-9426

Missy Manderfeld (09/04)
Renn Corley (09/22)

Chris and Jolly Corley (09/01)
Candace Black and Rick Robbins (09/08)
Ray and Audrey Splinter (09/13)
Kevin and Amy Wiehr (09/19)
Nancy Zwickey and Bill Steil (09/25)
St. John’s Prayer List
Please pray for Gay, Andy, Bill, Ricci, Barbara, Marcia, Mary, Mara, Jordin, Elsie, Elizabeth, Kate, Mary, Wendy, Ann, Wayne, Swede, Jim, Libby, Don, Anne, Mary, Judy, Joan, Kylie, Amy, Alex, John, Donna, and Cassandra.
Pastoral Care
If you are in need or know someone in need of pastoral care, please reach out to our Companion Priest, The Rev. Cindi Brickson at 612-998-5136 or
Vestry Members:
Cindi Brickson, Companion Priest, 612-998-5136,
Ann Clark 507-201-4438,
Jen Drganc, co-warden, 507-514-2418,
Steve Druschel 978-766-5252,
Mike Kearney 507-381-1435,
Tim Secott, co-warden 507-995-7825,
Parish Administrator: | 507-388-1969