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PEX Health and Fitness Newsletter
To our PEX Family,

We miss you. We hope you miss us, too. For some of you, this is the longest we have gone without seeing you in 10 freakin' years. How crazy is that?

As most of you know, we will not be open again until May 4th (the earliest). In the interim, we have taken all of the necessary steps to keep functioning at our highest allowable capacity.

As a company, we have applied for all of the loans available to us, and have been able to get our operating costs down to a manageable level. All good news for our success and longevity!

More importantly, we have fixed the showers! They get hot. Really hot.

But enough about us, let's talk about you! We know how hard it can be to stay motivated and disciplined during such tumultuous times, so we are here to help! Whether you just need someone to talk to, or someone to provide encouragement and motivation, please feel free to reach out to any of us.

And, it goes without saying, we are still working! All of our coaches are offering Virtual Training Sessions and At-Home Training Programs (which are accessible through your coach) on the PEX Training App .

Send us a message to get started today!

Lastly, we know how easy and convenient it is to hop on the Peleton or jump into a free workout class on Instagram. While we maintain that there is a marked difference between working out and training, we don't blame you for working out on your own for awhile. Life is crazy -- for some, 60-minute personalized training programs, in between home-schooling sessions and work from home conference calls, just aren't realistic at the moment. We just want you all to know that, no matter what you are doing, we are here for you in whatever capacity you need.


The PEX Health and Fitness Team
Will we be open by May 4th?
God help us all if we aren't.
Saturday Morning Virtual Class!
PEX Trainer Ashley Means is holding 45 minute interval classes on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am.

If you have a stationary bike, rower, or treadmill available to you, you have everything you need to participate.

All fitness levels, family members, and friends are welcome. Spread the word!

Email Ashley to get your Zoom meeting ID. Sign into your free account 5 minutes before class and you're ready to go!
Check out our NEW BLOG!!!
Quarantine life got you down? Have you been eating away your sorrows? Is the COVID-19 (pounds) creeping up on you? Then check out Ashley's new blog on Nutrition Tips and foods you should be eating to stay healthy and fit during your extended "stay-cation."

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