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Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

We hope that you all were able to enjoy EVEN MORE family time together over the past weekend. If you're anything like us, you probably just can't get enough of it. But, in all seriousness, if there is anything we could have learned from this past weekend, it is how fortunate we truly are. And don't take that for granted! We have all earned our good fortune, and it is up to us to share it with our loved ones, our neighbors, and our communities, as best as we can.

To stay on the message of sharing good fortune, we wanted to share some beautiful photos of us and our families, with you, our extended family. I have no idea how sharing photos of us has anything to do with sharing good fortune, but I liked the idea of letting you all know that we are still here, we are still kicking ass, and we are patiently waiting to kick yours (with love) when this is all over.
Send us your photos! We miss you here at the gym, and we would love to see what you are up to during your time away from us.

Send us some family photos, fun things you're doing at home, and (obviously) photos of your training sessions!

Who knows...maybe one of you will be featured all over our social media pages and in the next newsletter.
Updates from the Bunker
The first two weeks of April absolutely kicked our asses. But, hopefully, we are closer to the finish than we are to the start. It is my hope that this potential end in sight will be some added motivation to get everyone back in gear. This will not go on forever, and the sooner we start getting ready for the end, the easier it will be to get our lives back!

Regardless, we wanted to sincerely thank you all. Without our amazing PEX community, I am not sure our gym would have survived. To put it simply, the amount of generosity we have received has been incredible.

To the clients who have stayed engaged with virtual sessions and home programs on the PEX app, we appreciate you beyond words. You have allowed us to stay engaged and motivated, and also able to generate some income during the forced shut-down.
To the clients who have purchased gift cards and packages, who have donated sessions and have made special beer deliveries, we cannot thank you enough. Your friendship and thoughtfulness have carried us through some tough days and nights.

And to everyone else, who have reached out via phone calls, texts, and emails, to let us know that you are still thinking of us during these hard times, we only hope that we can somehow match how awesome you are. Perhaps an arm-wrestling tournament. Everyone douses their hands in Purell first, and then we have at it. We could have Walgreens sponsor it...

But I digress! That's all I got, for now. I am still at the gym every day. I am still cleaning everything all of the time. I am going to start filming PEX videos for the app so you can all stop watching shirtless Scott Herman videos. I am thinking of painting the chipped kettlebells black. Who knows. The possibilities are endless.

Please reach out to us and let us know what is going on in your world! And, as always, if there is anything we can do to help, let us know.

Peace and love,

Mike "The Janitor" Campanella
This Week's Trainer Spotlight: Nichole Wood
This week's edition of "Things I Think" brought to you by Nichole Wood,
Owner of Nichole Wood Fitness

There are so many people right now who are offering their advice on how to stay motivated during the current crisis. It can get a little overwhelming, and even a little off-putting.

Everyone has their own way to deal with an event like this, and there really isn't a right, or wrong, approach (as long as it is not self-destructive). I would love to say that I am getting up before sunrise every morning and living out a structured day, checking everything off my to do list. But, that just wouldn’t be the truth. (We don’t all have that Mike Campanella energy.)

When I find myself in the middle of a stressful situation, I opt for breathing room and allow some space for emotional flexibility. I try to be a little less rigid, and, instead, I give myself a few attainable goals that I can accomplish with regularity.

One of the goals I set for myself is time for dedicated movement each day. This doesn't have to be a 60-minute workout session, either. It could be a walk outside, or a good stretch while watching TV. Considering that you all train at PEX, y ou don’t need me to tell you all of the mental and physical benefits of exertion and exercise.

So, keeping with the context of my post, I want to share a fun workout with you all -- one that you can get the whole family involved in! All you need is your fur (or human) children and an exercise mat for 20 minutes.

Check out my video demonstration below!
Set a timer for 20 minutes and try to get through as many rounds as possible:

15 curls
15 squats
15 bridges
15 sit ups (kiss at the top is optional, but recommended)

**Pro tip: in order to get full compliance make sure to wake your dog (or toddler) up from a deep slumber so they’re not really sure what’s going on.**
In Other News...
Saturday Morning Interval Class
With Ashley Means, Owner of ANM Strength

Got plans Saturday morning(s)? Probably not. (Neither do we.) If you're up for a challenge, hop into Ashley's Saturday morning interval class! All you need is a bike, rower, or treadmill, and a telemedicine note from your doctor. (Just kidding. Kind of.)

When : 9 AM
Where : your own home!
How : Email Ashley to get your Zoom ID
** Donations welcome via Venmo @Ashley-Means **

Check out Ashley Means' blog on nutrition tips, and foods you should be eating, to stay healthy and fit during your extended "stay-cation."

To send cash and diamonds
1451 Highland Avenue,
Needham, MA 02492