Be Aware of the Flu!

With the number of reported cases of influenza (seasonal flu) in our surrounding communities, now is a good time for some reminders of how we can keep ourselves and each other healthy. 
CLICK HERE  for some helpful information from the CDC and check out our school guidelines and tips below.
- Sleep! Getting good quality rest at night is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy immune system.
- Water! Drinking water helps your body fight off germs and stay healthy.
- Washing hands! Proper hand hygiene helps prevent the spread of germs.
- No sharing! Germs are easily shared on water bottles, cups, eating utensils, and even pencils/pens/markers. It is best to avoid sharing these items to help avoid also sharing the germs.
If your child does become ill, please remember our "Stay Home" guidelines:
- If your child has a fever (100 degrees F and above), vomiting, or diarrhea within 24hrs please keep them home
- If your child is diagnosed with an infection, especially Strep throat or influenza (the flu), please alert Nurse D
Together we can help keep our community healthy!
Lauren Donadio, RN BSN
School Nurse - Health Teacher
Marblehead Community Charter Public School
Being Good Neighbors - New Pick-Up Procedures

In order to improve student safety and traffic flow, we are making an adjustment to part of the end-of-day pick up.
We ask that parents no longer wait along the guard rail at the top of the hill, by the entrance to the condominium complex. 
Instead, please wait for your student(s) in the back lot.
This will eliminate students crossing the street in traffic as well as reduce the congestion in that area. Our neighbors up the hill are prevented from getting home if we clog up Lime Street. help us be good neighbors. THANK YOU!
Positive Sign Thursday
is everything!
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Saturday February 15 - Deadline for applications to the school - entry into lottery for admission

February 15-23 - February Vacation Week

Tuesday February 25 - Board of Trustees Meeting - 7PM

Wednesday February 26 - Enrollment Lottery conducted

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